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Some of you may remember a time when we would regularly release comics on our blog each and every Friday afternoon. These comics were an attempt to bring you guys all into the wacky fun world of Hero Interactive and various antics which arose in and out of the workplace.

Whereas we've moved away from this weekly obligation at the moment, we wanted to make sure that these gems didn't get forgotten as they fell deeper and deeper into the abyss that is the archive of past blog posts.

Here's an index of direct links to every Friday Comic we could find, from newest (top) to oldest (bottom). Enjoy!

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Chrono Space has LAUNCHED!
Posted on Friday September 04, 2015

‘SUP! Alright, so I know that we only first announced this project’s existence mere weeks ago (and that this post makes a total of only two posts on here about it..), but…..  IT’S HERE!! We had a great time working with the fellas over at Super2Games and we’re incredibly stoked by how well the original ...

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