Ok, so I’ve recently realized that although I’ve announced StormWinds 1.5 has cheats, I haven’t really posted them anywhere, so pretty much everyone has no idea what they are.  Well, no more! Below is everything you wanted to know about the StormWinds 1.5 cheats!

Cheat Codes:

Note: Cheats are only available to extra content purchasers. Don’t go wasting your time trying if you don’t have the extra content activated, because it won’t work you silly heads.  Instead, go buy the extra content and then try! (See how I did that sales pitch thing?)

Step 1) First, on the title screen, you must get all the title buttons to have their meters pointing downward. Just hover over the button till the meter points down, then go to the next button until all are pointing down. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but close. Combined with the extra content unlocked, this will make all cheat codes available.

Title Cheats

Step 2) Now, from the break screen inbetween waves, you can use the below codes:

Ctrl + Shift + C = All guns now cost only 100g
Ctrl + Shift + L = All guns are available regardless of what campaign you are in (may need to exit campaign and come right back in).
Ctrl + Shift + U = All your guns on the screen get 2 upgrade points
Ctrl + Shift + S = Skip a level.
Ctrl + Shift + M = Mark a campaign as completed. (must beat a level to save or this won’t stick).

Other notes: If you use cheats, no scores or other information will be submitted to sites that have high score boards, badges, etc… Once you enable cheats and then go into a game and that game is saved, you can never disable the flag- so it won’t help to use a cheat, restart the game and load it up and now play again- that’s still flagged as cheats enabled.

Cheats also won’t work on challenge missions.  But this means you can always submit those scores!

If you have questions or comments, leave below!