Awhile back, (Jared’s birthday) our office had a wonderful gift bestowed upon it. A pair of Nerf swords. With Jared having been on the MSU fencing team, sword fights have become a daily occurrence here. The most vicious of these being between Jared and Brent. Welts have appeared, bruises have lasted weeks, and blood has been drawn. Sometimes Brent wins. Sometimes Jared wins. And sometimes this happens:

Which makes for a perfect segue to my next point…

We’ve decided to do weekly comics for your viewing pleasure! These will be quick comics drawn by KC. Some will be jokes about our games, others will depict (with GREAT accuracy) aspects of our daily lives here at HI. 

And, for comparison, here they are sword fighting in real life. (With Nerf swords.)

As you can see, it gets intense. I’m not going to lie- We’ve had some casualties.