BTTD 1.5 Banner

I know it’s been so long in between posts here, so I decided to make this one count:  I’m pleased to announce Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5!

Not only is BTTD 1.5 in development, it’s near completion!  Set for an early to mid July release, it won’t be long before you’ll be able to test your BTTD skills further and challenge some tough new enemies and maps.

New features include:

  • 4 New Tower Types: Beam, Poison, Self-Destruct, and Confusion.  Each of these towers can be included to make Mega Towers, including a new Mega Beam Tower (see screenshot below)!
  • 4 New Enemy Types: EMP, Stealth, Swarm, and Cursed!
  • 15 New Maps!
  • All the original ~50 maps have been updated to include the new enemy types!
  • A new Dark Mode (think FML mode) where you can only see a small area around the mouse!

I personally have been enjoying the new maps a lot, the EMP units in particular are a real challenge.  Upon death, they emit a small shockwave that incapacitates nearby towers for a second.  Should be fun!

BTTD 1.5 Screenshot 1

BTTD 1.5 Screenshot 2