Alright everyone, I know we’ve really brought out the FAIL on this blog / newsletter thing.  The truth is, we are massively busy, and some crazy internal re-organizing with the staff here is only making this a bit more confusing.  We’re working on sorting everything out and getting back to providing a lot more information- so please bear with us and be patient.

To make things a little right, I’ve decided to release the Bubble Tanks Arenas Cheat Code right here and now!  Check it out:

On the main title menu of BTA hosted on, type “~hero”.

You won’t see anything while typing, but once completed a window will pop up with check boxes you can click on to cheat (I click them all :) ).  If the window doesn’t come up the first time, typing “~hero” again slowly will sometimes fix that.

You can’t submit tanks to the server with some cheats, and beating Arenas while cheating will not unlock parts or affect your saved profile.

I realize a lot of you who have signed up for the newsletter to get this information might be disappointed.  Don’t fret- We are still committed to making the next newsletter the biggest, most awesome one ever. I’m hoping to announce several new games in development and boatloads of other huge announcements we’ve been piling up here.  In conclusion, the newsletter is still going to be huge, so sign up.  Hopefully we’ll be able to release it within 2 weeks (I want to get as much info in there as possible).