Alright, so I know that we only first announced this project’s existence mere weeks ago (and that this post makes a total of only two posts on here about it..), but…..  IT’S HERE!!

We had a great time working with the fellas over at Super2Games and we’re incredibly stoked by how well the original game (Star Forge) translated over to mobile! The game is available for both iOS AND Android!

Chrono Space details:

Defend your rugged space outpost against an onslaught of alien attackers! Watch their seemingly endless numbers fall to your mighty defenses, fully customized and bristling with destruction, in this fast paced, action packed, single player game where time is your only resource!

  • Unique game mechanic whereby time is your only resource! Will you spend a pause before the next wave building new towers or producing some explosive new add-on components for your existing towers?
  • Tower components allow you to fully customize each tower by upgrading, unlocking devastating abilities, and changing the look of each individual tower based on the mixture of components added!
  • What you focus on building, how you stockpile resources, and where you freely place towers gives you limitless strategy options for constructing the ultimate defense!
  • Multiple game modes including an infinite survival and an accelerated progression gameplay mode bring with them an endless variety of challenges for you to test your skills!
  • Compete in the Leaderboards to prove you are the best!

Head on over to the game’s Official Website for further information!


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