Welp, long time no post!

Some of you may have caught the comment I posted a few weeks back regarding some upcoming news, and my not wanting to make a formal post about it until things were a bit more finalized. Well, we’re still working on finalizing things, but regardless, THIS is that post!

Before I get started on updates, I should go ahead and do my usual “sorry for never updating the blog” thing, so:


Both Jared and myself have moved on to/started various other projects, so it has at times been difficult to balance the distribution of energy between commitments. For this, we apologize. As has also been previously mentioned, there are a few things around the site that are broken due to a recent server migration. We are aware of this and are in the process of [slowly] fixing things. Patience.

Moving on…

Alright, there are two biggish things happening over here at Hero, but unfortunately we can only really talk about the first until the second has been 100% confirmed. So, without further delay….


See that banner up there? Look familiar?!? That’s because it’s essentially the same logo and font from STAR FORGE! Confused yet..? Well, you should be… because I sure am taking my time explaining what’s going on:

We are FINALLY  taking some of the necessary steps toward bringing our games to mobile, and to get our toes wet we’re partnering with our good friends over at Super2Games to port Star Forge (Which will now be called Chrono Space, due to a naming conflict with another game) over to iOS and Android!

Star Forge was developed right from the start with hopes of being brought to mobile, so we’re super pumped for this to happen!

I don’t have a whole lot to show you guys yet, but what I CAN say is that we’re only a few weeks out from launch and that it’s looking GREAT! We’re right smack in the middle of testing, creating trailers, creating a website for the game, etc. so I will have a LOT more for you very soon! :D

I’m going to hold off with mentioning anything else at the moment, as this is already quite a wall of text, but MORE is coming!

Thanks for always being so awesome!

- Eric


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