Welp, you guys have likely noticed a few new things showing up here and there ;)

We’ll be doing a number of soft-launches moving forward, so keep checking back for ‘em! Hero accounts are currently in early beta and are a work in progress. You’ll notice some features are currently faded-out, indicating that they are not yet implemented. As time goes forward, you will see more and more account features integrated into the site. We’re launching Hero accounts and its features in this manner in order to make sure things are working as intended, and so that we can get features out to you guys quicker than if we were to wait to do it all at once.

So sign up for an account, look around, read the account information in your inbox, and let us know how stuff is looking so far! We’re excited to get these features pushed out!


And, here’s a sweet tank:

Today’s Featured Tank is the Strong Sharpie by Highfire!!!

Name:  Strong Sharpie
By:  Highfire
Tank ID:  E10096071

(Know of some awesome tanks you want me to show off? Post the code in the comments!)


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