That’s right, all you Bubble Tanks fans!  Hero Interactive is back again with an all new Bubble Tanks game.  This isn’t the Bubble Tanks 3 that some people have been looking for, but instead, it’s a slight variation on the Bubble Tanks series.  Rather than searching through an endless field of bubbles for enemies, you will be able to choose from a series of Arenas – Arenas are sequences of bubblefields, but in order to move into the next field you will have to clear the one that you’re in of all enemies.

So for example, you may have to clear out 10 progressively  more difficult bubblefields to complete an arena.  Once you do, you get a score based on how far you got ’till you died, your time to complete, and so forth.  Scores are submitted to high score boards and can earn you bubble tokens!

A very exciting feature of BTArenas is that players will be able to design their very own Bubble Tank!  Using Bubble Tokens, you can purchase bubbles and better parts and then use your tank to fight in the arenas.  We are also toying with the idea of designing your own enemies to submit to our server so millions of other people can fight them in the arenas.

We have gotten a TON of BT feedback from players on LOTS of sites and we are trying to take a lot of that into account to make yet another AWESOME Bubble Tanks game.

So those are Hero Interactive’s next three games!  Are you excited?!  We are…