Soooooooo…………… about Roaming Fortress.  We’ve had it up on our site for a long time as under development and for a long time we were making progress with our partners YETi who were doing the bulk of the development on the game.   After a few scheduling hick-ups though we’ve been extremely short on news, mostly because we didn’t have any, we’ve been too busy.

So here’s the scoop- recently we’ve sold the rights to Roaming Fortress in full to YETi, they’ll be taking over the game from here on out!

I think this is going to be a good thing for everyone involved.  YETi has done nearly all the work on the project and with this they can continue moving forward on the game.  I don’t know what all their plans are for the series, but I believe they have some really cool stuff ahead, some of which will include better use of those Roaming Fortress collectable cards we were showing off.

For future RF updates, check out YETi’s RF page. and their main site at From what we’ve seen, it’s shaping out to be a pretty sweet game. The new enemies are looking sweet, and YETi has a bit more art available on there. Last we saw, it had a great upgrade system, cool game mechanics, and of course, SWEET graphics! We’re really excited to see how it turns out!