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Bashing Grounds RELEASED!

Bashing Grounds!


If you’ve forgotten the basics of how the game works, here’s a refresher:

Bashing Grounds is a tower offense game which pits you against enemy forces in intense battle, continuing until only a single victor remains! Place and control ally structures to produce waves of various unit types to battle oncoming enemy armies, ultimately destroying all enemy presence on the map!

Level up your structures to produce stronger, more efficient units, all while building your overall experience. Obtain usable items with experience, allowing for further ways to assist you in vanquishing your enemy, including napalm attacks, factory turrets, and more!

Head on over to the site and get bashing!


[ POST EDIT - 09.25.13 ]


  • Close Quarters
  • Target Focusing
  • Long-Range Advantage
  • Large Waves


  • Unit Production #1
  • Unit Production #2
  • Sending Units
  • Factory Levels & XP
  • Fortifying Units
  • Unit Ground Control
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    Hope you guys are enjoying the new site!

    As I said previously, we’ve got a lot of things planned for it, so get excited! There are lot of little things still being adjusted, fixed up, and added with what’s already visible on the site, so hang in there while we finalize a few things regarding the basics of the site.

    Speaking of which, I just spent about a half hour tracking down every Friday Comic I could find on the blog and threw a page together on the site so that you can find them easier than doing what I just did. I also started an “Other Pages” section on the right sidebar of the site for pages such as this. I threw FAQs over there, too. If we ever start Friday Comics back up again on a weekly basis, this new page will be updated as well. Enjoy!

  • Friday Comic Index

    Keep checking back, we’ve got another big update next week!

    (HINT:  Rhymes with “Splashing Clowns“)

    New Hero Interactive Website!

    New Website!

    Or should I just go ahead and change the title of this post to EPIC DAY?

    Hero Interactive Day?


    Alright alright, back to business.. Today we bring you a special treat. You’ve been good pups and you deserve it, so sink your teeth into a brand spanking NEW Hero Interactive Website!

    I know we haven’t really mentioned it all that much on the blog, but… Yea. It’s live now.

    As some of you may have noticed, over the eight or so years we’ve been in business we’ve been in need of a site-revamp, pretty much right from the first day we launched the original.. Our focus right from the beginning has generally always just been to make awesome games, sadly pushing that need to the back-burner.

    Well, we’ve decided that enough is enough. We’ve got a lot of cool ideas we want to start pushing forward with which require a much spiffier site than we previously had. A lot of awesome stuff is on the way, so get excited.

    For the most part we’ll leave it up to you to check out what all is on the new site, but there is one bigger addition which at least deserves a quick mention..


    Introducing the “Hero Picks Mini Portal”

    Hero Picks Mini Portal!

    The Hero Picks Mini Portal is an early stage of a new area of the site where we can host games by partners, friends, and just straight-up amazing developers we admire and draw a lot of our inspiration from.

    The ultimate plan is to eventually integrate this section of the site with a system we’re currently developing for our games hosted on our site.

    If you’re confused by any of this, have patience. Answers are coming. For now, feel free to enjoy playing some of our favorite games without having to leave Hero’s “backyard”.


    There are a ton of other exciting things I want to explode your brains with, but I’m going to restrict myself from doing so in order to let you guys absorb all of this awesomeness without dying of Hero overload.

    Expect another big post next week ;)

    Thanks for being so awesome!


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