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BTTD 2 – Best Defense Strategy Game Nomination

Best Defense Strategy browser game of 2012

It was just brought to my attention that BTTD 2 (review) has been nominated for Best Defense Strategy browser game of 2012 over at our good friends!

If you’d like to vote on this category you can do so here!

Here’s how it works:

“From now until January 23rd, you can vote once each day in each category on what game you think should stand above its peers, as well as once daily on the game you truly felt was the creme de la creme and deserves to be crowned the single best game of 2012! For Game of the Year 2012 voting, and just like last year, simply check the box at the top of the page above all nominations before voting in that category.”

To see the full line-up of all games across all categories for both browser and mobile games, head here.

BTTD 2 Badges on Kong!

Bubble Tanks TD 2

Hey guys, just wanted to give you a quick heads up that BTTD 2 now has badges on Kongregate. Play hard!

Random Hero Updates

Hero Interactive

Hey guys and gals! I hope everyone had a great holiday! I wanted to get a post up today, though it unfortunately is going to be mostly a “keep being patient” list.

A lot has been going on, most of which wouldn’t be all too interesting to you guys, but remember that game we still haven’t officially announced yet? Well that is still being worked on and WILL be announced soon. KC (Remember that gal?) and I are working on a complete re-vamp of all of the art of the game this next week or so, which also requires a lot of changes to the game itself. This is delaying my willingness to give too much away about it yet, as I don’t want to hype things that may or may not be changed completely. Sooo hooray fairly last-minute changes… And, thanks in advance for your understanding.

Also, I touched on this extremely briefly in a previous post, but we’re planning a completely new Hero Interactive website which will likely begin development somewhere around the same time as this next game release. I’m excited. You should be too. Once things are a little bit more out of the “planning stages” I will release a lot more information about this, as we’ll likely be looking for a lot of feedback as well.

I’ve also been backing-up & updating the blog in a number of ways recently, as it has been majorly out of date for far too long. I apologize if random changes have been throwing anyone off here and there if you’ve somehow managed to catch them AS they were being worked on. If so, they should be mostly small things, with the exception of me accidentally breaking the blog for two hours yesterday afternoon… WHOOPS! :P

Anyway, I’ve got more to tell you guys, but this is already getting long and I’ve got lots to do, so I’ll wait until later in the week. Thanks for being awesome!

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