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Another Hero is Born!

Four hours ago the Hero family gained a new member! Everyone say hello to Jared and Steph’s second son, Liam!

Left to right: Steph, Liam & Owen
Steph, Liam, Owen

Indie Game: The Movie

Indie Game: The Movie

I just watched a really good documentary that I thought you guys might be interested in. It’s called Indie Game: The Movie and can be found in a number of different locations, including Netflix (Watch Instantly).

I should also mention that it is Not-Rated (contains adult language), so watch at your own discretion. Hero Interactive is in no way involved with the film other than the fact that we also make games, though I have met a few people in it.

Anyway, just thought I’d pass along the love. Cheers ;)

BTTD 2 on Kongregate

Bubble Tanks TD 2

Hey all!

Wanted to let you know quick that BTTD 2 is live on Kong now, just in case you hadn’t already noticed! A lot of people have been bugging me about this for a while so sorry for the delay!



Anyone notice the new .ICO image I made for the site?? No? I figured not. I get excited about dumb stuff.



Hero Interactive

Hey guys, Eric here, back from the dead!!

Kidding. Apparently I need to stop even jokingly talking like that though, as the blog has turned into one big Debbie-downer fest as of late. You guys need to cheer up. Go make a blanket-fort or throw a Nerf football at your brother or something! Smile :D

Hero’s still alive and kicking, so don’t jump ship on us yet! BTTD 2 was a huge task to complete after the downsize simply due to the fact that it was designed and planned out under the assumption that there’d be a staff of five or more people working on it full-time. This instead turned out to be just yours truly, barely part-time. (Whoops!)

In short Hero had to push past BTTD 2 in order to survive. We did. It was rough, and a tad choppy. Now we’re picking up the pieces and attempting to get rolling again as best we can. I can’t promise you things will roll quickly yet. I’m no wizard. Alright I’m a wizard, but I’m still not promising you squat. How about this: We’re doing our best. Hang in there with us, cool?

Guess what else? We’re still making games! Yeah. Crazy, right?? In fact, here’s the Main Menu background art of the game we’re working on right now:

Things shooting at things!!


Really, besides the general lack of free time we have these days, the only real reason I haven’t made a post announcing the game yet is due to the fact that I refuse to do so until I can commit to a title for it. Want a hint? Tower. Offense. ;)

Guess what else! Plans are in motion for a brand new Hero Interactive website to go live in 2013!

So honestly all that needs to happen is for me to simply update and inform you guys more often about what’s going on. And, if I run out of things to tell you, maybe just post anyway. Otherwise everyone seems to immediately assume we’ve been executed :P So far this has not been the case.

Alright, that’s enough for now. Play hard, keep being awesome, and I’ll have more for you soon!

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