Bubble Tanks TD 2

Hey guys!

Firstly, it’s been waaaay too long between posts and new Hero information, and I apologize. There’s been an awful lot of that lately, but I wanted to let you guys know that things will be picking up quite a bit in just a few weeks :D

We’ve had a number of setbacks and complications all across the Hero-board due to a great many things, but guess what’s in the testing/bug-fixing stage?? B DOUBLE-T D 2!

We should have the game out for you guys to rock really soon here! I apologize for all of the things that have contributed toward the insanely long development time-span of this game, and assure you that I’m just as excited to have this game finished as you guys. We’ve got lots of games we’re stoked to move forward with following this release!

Secondly, some of you might have noticed that the Bubble Tanks 3 server was down for maintenance recently. We took care of the issues that needed to be fixed and wanted to officially inform you that it is back up and running!

Keep checking back for updates, and thanks once again for your continued patience and Hero allegiance! You guys rock!