Bubble Tanks TD 2

Hey guys! We ARE still alive, don’t worry, just very busy busy. This did make me laugh though.. I will try my hardest to keep you guys updated more frequently :) (That smiley face means we’re all cool now, right? Forgiven? Good…) Just try to remember that the less you see me here, the more I’m getting done of BTTD 2!

Speaking of which, BTTD 2 is rolling along here, we are definitely on the tail end of things now. But, having said that, keep in mind that this beast has a massive tail. Lots of balancing, fine tuning, and last minute additions and changes are still continuously happening. I can already sense the amount of homework this game is going to cause not to get done once released, not that we condone that…

Here’s some screenshots to hold you over:

Main Menu

The super sexy Main Menu. You're trying to click those buttons right now, aren't you..?

Level Select Screen

The Level Select Screen.