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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!   I don’t know what costumes you all are rocking, but my 14 month old son is going as the Hero guy this Halloween (see below).  My wife Steph made him the costume and it turned out really well.   So Owen has been crawling around the house in Hero getup and generally saving the day everywhere he goes.

We’re still trucking away on our projects.  Shifty is nearly ready to be released, ArmorGames has generously decided to pick it up.  We also have found a sponsor for Pixel 2, so I think that will be out soon.  Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 is still under development, Eric has been working every day on it.  It really is a HUGE project- with 20 levels and 15 modes available for each map, you can play 300 unique games of BTTD 2- that’s a whole hell of a lot and you realize it when you’re painstakingly trying to put it together.  We have the level select screen nearly completed, so I should be able to post some screenshots soon and get your reactions.

As a side note, just because we’re less active on the blog doesn’t mean posts now are open to the ongoing blog war.  We still have a post for that, so try to keep blog posts semi-relevant.

Also, sorry I’ve been less than good about moderating posts and accepting the pending ones, I’ll try to step it up and get comments out sooner.

Finally, thanks every for your support shown in the last post, it means a lot to us!

Owen is the Hero Guy

The Future of Hero Interactive

Hero Interactive

Some of you may have noticed (*COUGH*everyone*COUGH*) that it’s been quite a while since we’ve last posted.   Sometimes that doesn’t really mean anything, we could have been in a month long game of Team Fortress 2.   But alas, this time it reflects the massive changes we’ve been undergoing at Hero and just how little time we’ve had for communicating to you all and sharing what we’ve been going through.

Here Interactive recently has been undergoing a MASSIVE scale back, bringing us back almost 4 or so years ago.  Unfortunately we’ve had had to let nearly all the staff go, only Eric and myself (Jared) are left.  We’ve also moved out of our office and have set ourselves up so that we can’t work on projects with developers in different locations.

This is primarily a result of Zoo-Opolis’ poor performance.  We severely underestimated how much work it would take, it ended up costing twice as much as planned to get it out the door, and once that was done we had no resources left for updates, patches, new content, and especially marketing.  This put us in a tough spot financially which left us with very little time to spend on each project, and when other challenges came up, we had no resources left over to help us overcome them.  It’s tough, but you live, you learn, and you keep moving forward.

We are still trying to figure out what the future of Hero Interactive will be, but we plan on sticking around.  We are still moving forward with Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2 and it’s really starting to come together.  We also plan on releasing Shifty and Pixel 2 in the future, both of which are in their final stages.  We are also looking for opportunities to bring on our friends and past coworkers on projects where possible.

Despite our struggles, I’m still incredibly proud of the work we’ve done this past year.  Zoo-Opolis was MASSIVE and just completing such a huge and feature rich project was a huge achievement.  We also put out more games this year than any year previous.  Although not all of them are as big as hits as say, Bubble Tanks, I was really proud of the quality we brought to the table and I loved each and every one.

Our fans have been extremely supportive, and it is because of you all that we have been such as success.  Hopefully we can continue that with Bubble Tanks TD 2 in the coming months!  Thank you everyone!

- Jared

P.S. – Now that we are wrapping up our scaleback, I hope to be posting more on here.  Not as much as before (it’s hard to do weekly comics without an artist as awesome as KC), but hopefully enough to keep you all updated on where we are at!

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