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Find Us on Facebook!

Find Us on Facebook!

Many of you may or may not know about this, but we’ve been on Facebook for awhile now.  It is only recently however that we’ve really begun to start pushing content to the page and really keep it updated.  From here on out, that’s the plan!

As we are growing we are finding that Facebook can be a much better way to keep in touch with people.  And we are finding the newsletter to be less so.  In the future we may simply be doing all of our notifications via Facebook and dropping our newsletter altogether- because frankly it’s hard to update and it has been little less than “monthly.” :)   We also plan on taking better advantage of Twitter which we’ve been less than religious on updating.

If you haven’t yet, go check out our page and give us your “like”!  This will keep you updated with our latest and freshest news!

Feedback Post: “StormWinds 2: What would you want in it?”

So right now we have absolutely NO plans to make a StormWinds 2, it is NOT in development.  That said, we’ve been toying with the idea as it is definitely one of our most popular games.  But we would want to do more than just new levels, we’d want to change the interface and the game itself.

If we did make a StormWinds 2, what would you want changed from the original games such as StormWinds 1.5 and SW: The Lost Campaigns?  What do you think would make the game a lot better?

And don’t just say “more levels” or “more guns.”  :)

Announcing: Conjure!


We’re proud to announce the development of yet another game!  Announcing Conjure!

Your goal is to survive waves of rampaging elementals and destroy enemy castle. It’s very much in the spirit of games like Bowmaster Prelude, a favorite Flash game of ours, where the player must pull back and aim their spells at the enemies. Conjure has a twist on that concept though: ELEMENTS! Your foes, allies, and spells are all element based. Meaning, if you throw a water spell at a fire enemy, it will do extra damage, while throwing a fire spell at a fire enemy will make it stronger. Good news if you hit your allies with the spells, bad news if you hit the enemies. Different elementals can also group up together, meaning you’ll have to choose your spell carefully to do maximum damage while trying not to accidentally heal your opponent.

Each element has its own upgrade tree, so for example you can upgrade from fireballs, to ground fire, to explosions, all the way up to actually lowering the SUN ITSELF to roast your enemies!

Expect only a very short wait as we are hoping to wrap up development on the game by next week!

Zoo-Opolis is Live!


Check out Zoo-Opolis now!

At long last, Zoo-Opolis is now live! You can now go forth and pick your starting creatures and begin building an epic zoo like no other!

Here’s a quick recap of the features:

  • Build your own zoo and fill it with all the creatures you collect throughout the game!
  • Visit your friend’s zoos!
  • Creatures also have special cards that represent every creature you own.  You can view your collection and even view the collections of your friends!
  • How you treat your creatures matters!  Enclosure size, special items inside the enclosures, hunger, crowding, pen-mates, and items you can give to your creatures all make a difference!
  • Breed Creatures and keep them or sell them to make money.
  • Trade creatures with your friends to expand the number of species in your collection!
  • Customize every aspect of your zoo: edit the terrain, place objects, easily build enclosures, and more!  Build your standard zoo, or go with something more extreme or themed.
  • Create your own character and buy items for them as you play the game.
  • View your friend’s characters!
  • Send your friends gifts to help them with their zoo!

And some of our future updates:

  • Explore the Zoo-Opolis world!
  • Purcase USABLE buildings that you can enter and set up enclosures in.
  • Build/buy and set up traps to capture rare creatures!
  • Visit towns and talk to NPC’s to discover new creatures and buy items.
  • Crafting!  Combine items to create not just objects but creatures as well!

We’ve also set up an FAQ/Starter guide that can be found here.

Checkpoint is Released!

Play Checkpoint now!

All you have to do is reach the check point at the other side. That’s not too hard, right? Just try to do it in the fewest number of lives possible if you can please.

Some of our testers have said: “is this another one of those games where you’re a test subject and the computer is talking to you?” The answer is no. You are not a test subject, there is no computer.

We just wanted to taunt the hell out of you while you die over and over again. :)

Friday Comic! (And Bullets)

Zoo-Opolis Update #1


It’s been awhile since we’ve posted any news on Zoo-Opolis, the upcoming Facebook game we are developing.  We’ve been working insanely hard on the game, and it won’t be very long till we finally get it pushed out the door for everyone to play!

Zoo-Opolis is by far (many times over) the largest project we’ve ever done.  As with most Facebook games you’re given a plot of land to develop.  As you build up your zoo you are constantly growing your collection of creatures (and their creature cards) and expanding out.  You can visit your friends, make trades, feed creatures, breed creatures and so on.  In future updates we plan on adding a lot of big stuff including crafting, exploring, and capturing creatures.

The game features just a staggering amount of art and objects.  On release we will have hundreds of objects available and a decent amount of creatures to start collecting.

Anyways, we are on the tail end of getting the game ready for Beta.  It’s been a learning process I can tell you, and a LOT of work, but it’s starting to feel good as we see some light at the end of the tunnel.  Stay tuned!

Zoo-Opolis Screenshot

Coming Soon!

Friday(Monday) Comic! (And Leadership)

Since we released Star Forge on Friday, we decided to hold off on the Friday comic. Didn’t want to bump the release announcement off the top of the page after only a few hours. ;)

Have we mentioned we play Team Fortress 2 sometimes? :D

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