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Checkpoint Screenshot

Hey guys, just thought I’d give a quick update and show you a screenshot from one of the earlier levels in Checkpoint.

Hey, who are those guys laying on the spikes? Why do they look so fami- oh. This could get messy.

Friday Comic (And A Bird)

So this week, our office had an unexpected guest. A bird somehow got in through the attic, and was walking around on the ceiling tiles right above our heads. We could even see it as it walked over the plastic covering the lights!

Just to clarify, I am NOT scared of birds. I just like to stay vigilant around them. You never know when they’ll use their super bird-strength to break through the ceiling and eat your eyes. That’s not fear, that’s basic caution and common sense. >.>

Announcing… Zoo-Opolis!


We’ve been holding off on our super big game announcement for a few weeks now, but wait no longer!  Announcing Zoo-Opolis!  Our very first foray into Facebook games!

Set to be released in Beta in early April 2011 (only a few weeks away!), Zoo-Opolis will go farther than any other Facebook game in allowing you to collect creatures and showcase them.  Gameplay will revolve around your creature collection and its growth- work to get the largest number of species possible.  Creatures will vary from your standard Elephant to all other sorts- Dragons, Monsters, Dinosaurs, and so on!  And unlike other Facebook games out there, how well you take care of your creatures will have a big effect on how fast they level up, breed, and make you money!

Creatures will be able to be attained through a variety of ways- the store of course, breeding, trading, gifting, capturing, and crafting (combine creatures to make new ones such as Griffins, Minotaurs, etc…).  In fact, one of our biggest updates soon after the game is released will be the Exploration feature where you will be able to go to exotic places, set up traps, and try to catch rare creatures.

It is our biggest game yet, we’ve been working on it for a long time now, and so it’s hard to fit all the features in a list without forgetting some.  But some bullets:

  • Build your own zoo and fill it with all the creatures you collect throughout the game!
  • Visit your friend’s zoos!
  • Creatures also have special cards that represent every creature you own.  You can view your collection and even view the collections of your friends!
  • How you treat your creatures matters!  Enclosure size, special items inside the enclosures, hunger, crowding, pen-mates, and items you can give to your creatures all make a difference!
  • Breed Creatures and keep them or sell them to make money.
  • Trade creatures with your friends to expand the number of species in your collection!
  • Customize every aspect of your zoo: edit the terrain, place objects, easily build enclosures, and more!  Build your standard zoo, or go with something more extreme or themed.
  • Create your own character and buy items for them as you play the game.
  • View your friend’s characters!
  • Send your friends gifts to help them with their zoo!
  • You can even purchase USABLE buildings that you can enter and set up enclosures in!

We also have some big updates planned for after the initial release:

  • Explore the Zoo-Opolis world!
  • Build/buy and set up traps to capture rare creatures!
  • Visit towns and talk to NPC’s to discover new creatures and buy items.
  • Crafting!  Combine items to create not just objects but creatures as well!

Needless to say, we are very excited about being able to release Zoo-Opolis soon and we will have a lot more information as we move forward!

Zoo-Opolis Screenshot #1

Zoomed out a little bit. Wow, that's a nice zoo I've got. Please note: I made sure my rabbits are secure in their electrified fence.

Zoo-Opolis Screenshot #2

There is NO WAY that raptor could escape.

Zoo-Opolis Screenshot #3

Even in Zoo-op, Big Foot is a little camera shy...

Zoo-Opolis Screenshot #4

Cards represent all of your creatures and are used throughout Zoo-Opolis!

Zoo-Opolis Screenshot #5

Zoom in on cards to check them out! Flip them over to get detailed information on that creature.

Zoo-Opolis Screenshot #6

Although it won't be available immediately at release time, Exploration will be the first BIG feature to come out soon after.

Zoo-Opolis Screenshot #7

The Avatar Editor has a lot of settings allowing you many options in character customization!

Zoo-Opolis Screenshot #8

You have a LOT of options when it comes to character customization.

Friday Comic! (And Spider Webs)

Sometimes, during our Nerf fights, stray darts end up behind the desk. Retrieving them can be dangerous.

Announcing Bubble Tanks TD 2!

Bubble Tanks TD 2

We’ve been promising some big announcements these past few weeks while teasing with smaller posts.  While we still have a lot of updates to dish out for awhile yet on our other projects, we do have some big and brand new games to announce.  Our first big game announcement is that of Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 2!

With BTTD #2 we want to clean up the game and stick to the core of what is awesome about Tower Defense while still introducing some new features to Bubble Tanks TD.  Here are some of the key bullets:

  • Sleek, new, and cleaner looking interface.
  • Two styles of play: Not only can you do the free place style of game as the standard BTTD but we will also feature a lot of Fixed Path maps to play for those who prefer that style.
  • Maps will allow you select different difficulties and modes to play in.  You can play a map on Normal mode then try it again on Ghosts only and so on.
  • Earn achievements for completing maps as well as other milestones in the game!  Each achievement gives you Experience Points!
  • Experience Points are carried over as you complete maps and can be spent in the store to buy permanent upgrades for your towers as well as new towers and abilities!
  • While we will be cutting out some of the enemies and towers from BTTD 1.5 (only the lame ones), we will be adding some new and refined towers and enemies with unique properties to keep you on your toes.

More features will be announced as we continue development of the game.  No release date is set yet, but yes, we’re working on it!

BT3 Parts Packs Delayed

Bubble Tanks 3

As mentioned, I have a LOT of really good stuff to share with you all over the next 2 weeks.  But I also have bad news.  I want to start with that:

Hero Interactive has put on hold all development of future Bubble Tanks 3 Parts Packs.

This doesn’t mean we won’t make another one.  It doesn’t mean we are done with Bubble Tanks.  But it does mean that there won’t be any Parts Packs coming out soon and we are not sure when the next update will come out or what our plans are regarding it.

We’ve sold a few BT3 parts packs, many of you guys bought them!  Thank you for your support!  And although we’ve broken even on the development of the first two packs, the numbers right now don’t really justify making future ones.  In addition, we have a lot of other very big projects coming up and we’d rather focus on what we think will do AWESOME rather than just a Parts Pack we think will do Okay.

Personally, I think this is a shame as we had some really awesome plans for future packs, and I felt the idea of having 240 new parts in the game would have been amazing.  That said, I’m really happy with what we did with Bubble Tanks 3.  Despite lag issues, the game offered something no other Flash game has- seamless downloading of user content directly into your game continuously as you play.  It featured an astounding number of user made creations (hundreds of thousands) and combined with the two Parts Packs it had over 100 different weapons.  Whoa.  Ratings and plays wise the game has done extremely well and I’m happy with what we put out there.

This announcement will not affect anyone who purchased Parts Packs, they will continue to work for years to come.  No we do not ever plan on making the Parts Packs free.  Yes, we will have a sale coming up, but only for a brief time!

Friday Comic! (And What’s Yours is Jared’s)

Sharing is fun!

More Coming

Hey everyone, I know it was kind of a sparse week post wise, sorry about that.  We’ve been MEGA busy since our return from the Flash Gaming Summit in San Francisco.

Coming Up on the Blog:

  • Scoop on Bubble Tanks 3 Parts Packs
  • Update on Pixel 2
  • Big Game Announcement
  • Extremely Big Game Announcement

So stay in touch, we’ve got more to share.  Also, I’ve been thinking about doing some posts related to game development.  What a day is like, how we go about something and so on.  Is this something that would interest you guys?  If so, any questions or topics you’d like to hear about?

Back from FGS!

Hey all! We’re back from the Flash Gaming Summit in San Francisco! We had a blast meeting up with all the awesome people attending. As I mentioned last week, Jared spoke on a panel at FGS. The panel was about polishing up your Flash games – how to do it, why to do it, and the difference it’ll make in your game’s reception. The livestream from that event was recorded and is available here to anyone who wants to see it and wasn’t able to on Sunday.

We’re still working on gathering the pictures that were taken, but we should have them up later in the week. And don’t forget, we still another game to be announced this week too! ;)

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