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Friday Comic! (And Cat Ears)

Since people were wondering about KC’s cat ears in a previous comic

We’re off!

To the Flash Gaming Summit in San Francisco! We’re leaving SUPER early tomorrow morning (but fear not, a Friday comic is ready and will be released as usual). We’ll be meeting up with our friends at Armor Games as well as a bunch of other cool people in the industry before the summit itself on Sunday. Jared will even be on a panel at the summit! When we return we’ll probably have another entry with some pictures from our trip.

Next week we will also be announcing a new title, so stay tuned for that! :D

Announcing Checkpoint!

Today we’re announcing a new title- Checkpoint! It’s a quirky platformer that’s never the same game twice! The rooms between the checkpoints are randomized, so you won’t see all the rooms on your first playthrough, and they won’t be in the same order, either! Your goal is to get through the game, reaching the checkpoints along the way. You will probably die in a comedic fashion, but that’s okay, because the checkpoint’s never too far behind.

Hmm... This might not end well.

Your avatar also has some cool moves of his own. Besides the basic running and jumping, he can crouch, slide, and kick off walls. All of this featuring cool animations by KC! There are also going to be a lot of different obstacles between the checkpoints – monsters, sawblades, suspicious hamburgers, and spikes just to name a few. Some of the levels will require you to die, like a hungry monster that cannot be passed until it gets a snack. (Hint: You are the snack.) The game will track your deaths and how long it takes you to beat the game. How fast will you get through it? And how many unnecessary (see above image) deaths can you avoid?

Another hint: The hamburger is not for you.

Coming Soon: Retired Wizard Defense!

We’ve gotten a lot of questions in the past few months asking about what happened to Retired Wizard Defense- the quirky little mini-game made by our then-summer interns Lisa and Brent this past season.  After pretty much finishing it we decided to hold on to it for awhile and have largely been sitting on it in the hopes of coinciding its release with another big undisclosed project.

Well it looks like our big undisclosed project still has a while before it sees the light of day, so we are planning on pushing this one out sometime soon, likely in March.  Although it’s not a huge title for us and will be released under our Mini Arcade brand, I still think it will be a short and fun distraction for everyone.  It’s pretty quirky and we worked some fun jokes in there.

For those who are not familiar with the game, from the initial announcement months ago:

Small but fun, this little game features our wizard hero’s nap constantly under the threat of all kinds of horrible creatures who are apparently still bitter about past battles and such.  To cut off the hordes of incoming goblins and other creatures, you the player can summon and drop all sorts of ridiculous objects on them: toilets, school buses, sharks… whatever.

Be on the lookout for Retired Wizard Defense- coming soon!

Flash Mind Meld

Flash Mind Meld

Just last week on Feb 15th, the Flash Mind Meld went live. It features the top 60 people in the Flash Game industry (*cough* including yours truly ;) ) speaking about what makes or breaks a great flash game.

From the site:

What Makes or Breaks a Great Flash Game?

That’s the question we’ve asked to 60 of the greatest minds behind flash games. Common mistakes made in development, how to stand out and what key points separate a good game from a great one are just some of the topics covered by these gurus.

If you already are or are thinking about making Flash games of your own, this is definitely a great resource to check out.  In fact, I think a lot of the tips apply to game developers of any platform.  Even if you don’t make games and are just a big fan of them, I think this is something many of you will find interesting as you get to hear the best of the best and get an idea of who these people are and their personalities.

You can also click to hear just specific people if you don’t want to hear the whole thing.  What did you think about my tip?  Was it helpful?

Friday Comic! (And No More Darts)

Sometimes we need to put Jared’s toys where he can’t reach them.

Coming Soon: The Scoop

Well everyone, I know it’s been quite a while since we’ve had anything on here.  Sorry about that.  The truth is we have a LOT going on right now and post-Bubble Tanks 3 we’ve been in a really weird place- a good place, but a weird one.   As we are trying to re-arrange projects and get some stuff we’ve long put off wrapped up we ended up neglecting the blog.

But we haven’t completely fell off the face of the planet.  In fact, we actually have a ton of stuff in development and getting ready to get pushed out.  We are getting updates on projects from our partners (Shifty, Pixel 2) and are looking forward to getting Retired Wizard Defense out sometime soon.  Jared (that’s me!) will be speaking at this year’s Flash Gaming Summit in San Francisco and can also be found in the Flash Mind Meld (a post on that coming Monday).

We also have a very top secret project that should be announced in the coming weeks.  I can’t go into it now unfortunately, but it’s been in development for a very long time, far before we even started Bubble Tanks 3.  In fact, it’s the single biggest project we’ve worked on to date.

So stay tuned, started next week we are going to start putting up a lot of news, announcements, and other good stuff on the blog and get this finely tuned machine running again!

Friday Comic! (And Screenshots)

Whenever you see an action-shot of a BT3 weapon, remember this comic.

Friday Comic! (And a New Toy)

Apparently, we needed more weapons.

And it never runs out of ammo, either. Unless the HI office is inexplicably pulled into the vacuum of space, but that only happens once every couple weeks…

BT3 Goes Viral!

Bubble Tanks 3

BT3 has gone viral today, and you can now find it on Kongregate and Newgrounds. Additionally, the release package is available to anyone who would like to host BT3. Go here to download a version of the game that you can upload to a website you own.

Many of you are familiar with the story of Jason’s accident only days before the release of BT3. We’ve gotten a lot of well-wishes and support for Jason, and we’re quite grateful for that. But, like any story that gets posted online, there are some doubters. So we thought we’d show you just what his truck looked like after the accident:

So yes. This did happen. Fortunately, he was able to get it repaired and it’s now back to working order! With a couple dents, but at least it runs. :)

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