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Friday Comic! (And a Sock)

Happy New Year’s! And new comic! Jared wanted me to make it clear that this comic is based on real events that unfolded before our very eyes just yesterday.

All About BT3 Enemies

BT3 Enemies

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about how enemies work in Bubble Tanks 3 and I’ve finally gotten around to writing a post about the subject.  If it interests you, go read it at!

Shifty Update


Yay!  It’s an update on Shifty!  Remember this game?  In case you don’t, I’ll re-post this from the initial announcement:

Players are given colored stones they need to shift around in order to group all matching colors together (adjacent, no diagonal).  Your baby brother could do that,  but throw in the fact that stones are limited to a handful of moves indicated above and the game gets a lot harder.  Swap two stones, and the numbers for each go down by 1.  Stones with 0 are un-movable and a show stopper.

Once you get all the colors grouped with matching colors (meaning all reds next to reds, and all blues next to blues) you win the level!  Again, sounds simple, but as the game progresses it gets more and more challenging. Early boards will start out as 3×3 squares with two colors, and will eventually grow to a mind melting 6×6 and five colors.

The game will feature thirty levels and several unique backgrounds done by our own artist, KC.  We are also planning on having a survival mode where the game generates random puzzles for you to solve.  Beat each one in a matter of minutes to continue to the next and see how long you can last!

The game isn’t quite done yet but it’s starting to feel like we could almost be getting there.  One of the hardest challenges was generating some decent quality random puzzles.  In the end though, I think you’ll be quite pleased.  Plus, with standard game full of 30 puzzles, there is a lot to keep you busy.

It’s a simple game, so there isn’t a whole lot to go into here, but the best puzzle games often have simple mechanics that are easy to pick up and difficult to master.  I think players of all ages will enjoy this latest project as it has a lot to offer.  Hopefully I’ll have more news in a few weeks!

Shifty Screenshot

Happy Holidays!

Whelp, everyone here is getting ready for the Christmas holidays and are heading out. Hopefully, we should have another decent sized update for Bubble Tanks 3 next week. In this next update we are planning on addressing some of the bugs and lag issues. Additionally, we are looking to make the game auto-save every time you change your tank. Instead of the “Continue from last won game” option at the start, you’ll have the option of continuing with the tanks from your last game regardless of where you were.

We will still be uploading new tanks over this holiday break.

We are also looking to the future with Parts Pack #2! I’d say the theme of PP1 was “Locking”, this new Parts Pack will center around chargeable weapons: the longer you charge the weapon the more devastation it will cause when unleashed. We also have a lot of really cool enemy weapons planned (Electric bubbles and so on). Stay tuned.

Next week I should also have some screenshots and more information on Shifty! Remember that game?

Happy Holidays everyone!

Big Update – Version 1.02.3 is LIVE!

Alright everyone, version 1.02.3 is now LIVE on! You can see the version number of the game you are playing in the top right corner of the menu screen. If it’s not right, just do a full refresh.

This new version lets you continue from a game where you have beat the final boss (won), edit your tank at any time, and it allows you to toggle “All Tanks” at startup which will GREATLY increase the amount of user created enemies you will see.

You have to beat the game with this update in order to continue the game next time. Sorry, but we can’t go back in time to see what tanks you used when you last won. :)

Big BT3 Update Pushed to Monday

Alright everyone, the update we were going to push out today is being pushed back to Monday.  Here’s why: we are making it bigger and it’s including more.

Version 1.02.1 will come out on the 20th.  Included:

If you beat the game, it saves your tank tree.  You can leave, come back, and load up your tank tree starting at the max tier with your biggest tank.  You are still placed at the center bubblefield.

Whenever you are in a bubblefield that has no enemies in it, you can edit your tank.  In other words, you can level up at any time.  Doing so though makes you restart that tier, so if you were halfway to upgrading you have to earn that again with your new tank.

There will be a new checkbox at the start of the game called “All Tanks”.  This will make it MUCH more likely to get user created content, but the game will be slightly less balanced and you won’t be as sure what you’ll get.

And other bug fixes.

Today we added some new tanks to the game!

Seeeee you Monday!

Friday Comic! (And Bubble Fashion)

Hey, even bubble tanks need to look good. ;)

Game Update 1.01.1

We have just made an update to the game!

This version includes bug fixes, a new animated Hero Interactive logo, and more.

Also today we added 10 new enemies and 5 new avatars.

Tomorrow will be another update including the ability to edit your tank in between upgrades!

Bubble Tanks 3 is RELEASED!

Bubble Tanks 3 is RELEASED!

Bubble Tanks 3 is finally out on ArmorGames!   GO PLAY BUBBLE TANKS 3!

Bubble Tanks 1 was designed around some simple concepts: make a game that 1) allowed you to grow, 2) explore and constantly experience new things, and 3) choose your difficulty as you play by deciding how far out you want to go.  Bubble Tanks 3 is the completion of that vision- New tanks will stream into your game seamlessly in the background creating a new experience and adventure each and every game.

I can’t begin to tell you how much blood and sweat went into this game, but I can sum it up best with a story about our team member Jason.  This past Sunday Jason was driving 2 hours from his girlfriend’s place to come in to work. Michigan is very cold, and his truck hit a patch of ice and he rolled the truck over.  He was upside down for 10 minutes until the police and medics could cut him out of his truck.  He was alright, no scratches or bruises somehow, so when the medic asked him where to drop him off, instead of the hospital he said “Hero Interactive so I can work on Bubble Tanks!”  I tell you this for two reasons: 1) God saved Jason so he could bring you this game.  2) That’s how hard we ALL worked on it.

Every month we are creating a brand new Parts Pack that can be purchased.  These packs include 20 or more brand new parts, new enemies, avatars, and other features.  Our goal is to release a new pack each month, that means a year from now the game could have a jaw dropping additional 240 new parts and features!  Combine that with what’s in there now, and you’ll have more Bubble Tanks than you could ever hope for.

Bubble Tanks 3 is infinite experiences.

We hope you all enjoy it!

Alrighty People…

First off, thanks everyone for checking out!  We’ve had a few hiccups with the site but with your help and feedback we are working through them.  A few points:

1) Some people have mentioned that after they created their new account it showed they had purchased the Parts Pack #1 twice though they hadn’t, and then it went away after they came back later.  This should now be FIXED.  If you see this again please report it and what you did to get it.

2) Okay people, I know says Bubble Tanks 3 is out and it really isn’t.  Please give us a break here, you guys are seeing the site before anyone else!  We are trying to get it ready for the real release tomorrow and we don’t want to make more work for ourselves by changing everything at the last second.  Tomorrow it will actually be released and then the site will make more sense. :)

3) Thanks to those who have already purchased a Parts Pack!  You should see the purchase credited in your account history and come release the pack should be immediately available to you.

Thanks everyone! is now LIVE!

Bubble Tanks 3 Banner

Great news everyone! is now LIVE!  This means you can check out the site and read up a little more about Parts Pack 1.  You can also create accounts.  Creating accounts is not necessary to play Bubble Tanks 3, but is required to purchase a Parts Pack or (later once we add the ability) search for tanks created while logged in.

The site will have a lot more information once Bubble Tanks 3 goes live.  It will include posts on game updates/patches, bugs and fixes, how-to’s, and more.

Does the site look a little familiar?  It should if you’re reading this post… :)

Tower of Parts

Over the next months, the various Parts Packs should give you plenty to play with...

Parts Pack #1 Video

Alrighty everyone, I’ve got some good news and bad news:

Bad News: The release date of Bubble Tanks 3 is getting pushed back 2 days.  The new date is Wednesday, December 15th 2010.

Good News: Above is a video promoting the first Parts Pack for Bubble Tanks 3.  And it looks awesome.

I realize everyone is stoked about BT3 and I’m sorry we have to push back the release, but we’ve hit a few snags that need to be resolved before we can push this out.  Please bear with us, we want to get it out as badly as you want to play it!

- Jared

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