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Parts Pack Email Notifications

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We now have a new email list created that will send out notifications whenever a new Parts Pack is released.  If this is something that interests you, sign up!  If you already get our (semi) monthly newsletter, you’ll still need to add yourself to the Parts Pack list to get the instant notification.

Friday Comic (And Collecting Bubbles)

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Enemy bubble tanks have nothing to be thankful for. :(

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Hero Interactive!

BT3 Release Date (and Other Questions)

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As promised:

Q: When is the BT3 release date?
A: December 13th, 2010!

Q: How is the purchasing of the parts going to work? Is it going to be based on a cookie or something, or will there be accounts stored on a HI server?
A: It will be account based and you will need to be logged in to the BT3 server.  We considered doing what we did with StormWinds but it would just be too much of a hassle copying pasting multiple unlock codes over.  Accounts will make the game more secure while also allowing us to provide the players with more features down the road such as linking tanks you made to your account.

Q: Is the Apocalypse Cannon from the video part of a Parts Pack or is it in the standard game?
A: Every single weapon or screen you’ve seen so far, including the Apocalypse Cannon, is part of the standard free game.  I cannot say this enough, we are committed to making the standalone portion of BT3 a full 100% complete and awesome experience in and of itself.  Parts Packs will be more like expansion packs.

Q: Will you be using Mochi Coins?  Will you buy parts separately?
A: No, we will not be using Mochi Coins.  We will be using our own custom system that will integrate with Paypal.   You will not be able to buy parts separately.

Q: How much will a Parts Pack cost?
A: Each Parts Pack will cost $4.99 USD.

Q: Will Parts Packs be free on Armor Games?
A: No, they will not.  Although we’ve partnered with AG in the past to deliver Extra Content, these Parts Packs go FAR beyond that.  Although the money from EC licensing might be able to cover the development of half or maybe one full Parts Pack, we are planning on releasing one each month as well as constantly creating new content each day.

Q: What will be included in a Parts Pack?
A: Each Parts Pack will include 20 brand spanking new parts (12 Avatar, 8 Enemy).  They will include new avatar tanks you can be, LOTS of new enemies to fight (created daily).  It will also include a number of consumable items that let you jump to max size and so on.  We are also looking into adding new songs that will download and play in the game.   Just think, if you were to buy 6 parts packs, you’d have 120 new parts!  <- That is insane in case you were not aware. :D

Q: I presume there will be multiple parts in each pack, hence the name pack.  So what if you really, really, really like one part in a pack but think all the other ones are fairly uncool?  Can you build a custom pack and then buy it for more than you would a normal pack?
A: Unfortunately you will not be able to create your own custom packs.  You have to purchase a whole pack.  This is more like an expansion pack game purchase than a microtransaction item purchase.  We didn’t want to create our own “hero” currency.

Q: How often will BT3 be updated?
A: BT3 will be updated DAILY.  Every single day will be creating new Avatar and Enemy tanks that will be streaming immediately into the game.  You could play one day, come back a week later, and see all new Enemies created by Hero Interactive.  Additionally, we will constantly be doing bug fixes and balance changes.

Q: Why oh why are you making Parts Packs cost money instead of being free?!
A: What I’m going to do is make a whole separate blog post on this subject and run down all the reasons.  Suffice to say: we thought of and considered EVERYTHING.  Say we made a year’s worth of Parts Packs, 12 packs means 240 brand new parts.  That is an absolutely crazy number of parts and features (far more than console games can even provide), but that’s what we want to do- Every time you play BT3 you will see something new and exciting.  No other business model will fund that level of mind-exploding awesomeness.

Q: What if I don’t have a PayPal account?
A: You don’t need one.  PayPal accepts standard credit cards and payments without creating an account.  However, creating an account is fast and easy.

Q: What if I don’t have a credit card?
A: If you don’t have a credit card, you can buy PayPal MoneyPaks in many stores to fund a PayPal account.  If you have a PayPal account, it can also link directly to your bank account without a credit card if you enable that feature.

Q: What if I live outside the U.S. with a different currency?
A: You will still be able to purchase Parts Packs.  PayPal can convert currencies.

Q: Will there be cheat codes that unlock stuff such as the Parts Packs?
A: No, no cheat codes will unlock Parts Packs.

Q: I can’t wait till someone hacks this game! (just kidding) <- No, you’re not.  Lol.
A: Because we are using accounts and our own custom system, we are prepared to stop hacking better than any other system.  Most systems have variables inside the game, essentially switches that say whether Parts Packs are unlocked or not.  Hackers just set the switches to say they are unlocked.  This will not be possible as there will not be a switch inside the game, it will all be linked to your account.  The data for the packs will not be in the same file as the standard game, you will need an account for it to stream to your game and work.  Add to that the fact the game will be updated daily, meaning that would be hackers will also need to hack the game daily in order for it to continue working with our server.

Q: Will Parts Packs eventually become free?
A: There are no plans to make the packs free later.

Q: Have you changed the Tank Creator at all?  Are big tanks worth making now?
A: Although the Tank Creator will be familiar to anyone who worked with it in BTA and much of it is the same, we’ve made a lot of changes.   Bubble Points have been replaced with a complexity meter (think Spore, this prevents people from creating tanks that crash your computer).  There are no rings to determine class now, class size is determined by how much space is covered by your base bubbles (non weapons).  Additionally, not only will the bigger tanks have some new fun weapons reserved for them (such as auto flak cannons that target incoming seekers), but the larger the tank you make, the more Gun Points it will have.

Q: Will the game save?
A: We were very torn about this.  BT3 will be a lot like its predecessor, Bubble Tanks 2.  BT2 did not take a very long time to beat.  Maybe 20-30 minutes.  What was fun was seeing your tank progress and get awesome, and discovering new enemies and features along the way.  We want to keep that feeling, and so although your tanks will be saved, you will not save your progress halfway through.  Later we may add features to view how many games you’ve played, etc…

BT3 Parts Packs are CHEAP!

BT3 Parts Packs are not expensive.

Coming Tomorrow: BT3 Release Date!

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First off, I’m sorry everyone for the extremely lame blog action last week.  I myself was sick for a few day the previous week and everything added up to playing a LOT of catch up at work here.   Add to that the fact that we are MEGA busy here working on Bubble Tanks 3 and we didn’t have much time left to post.

But I want to make it up to you. :)

Tomorrow I’m going to release a very big blog post on BT3.  It’ll mostly be Questions and Answers style and I’ll try to respond to some of the bigger questions you all have.  Also tomorrow, I will finally give you the long held release date, so stay tuned!  Later this week, I’d like to give you all the full parts lists that will be included in BT3 as well as a full breakdown of what will be in Parts Pack #1.

Friday Comic! (And They Always Come Back)

This week, we take a look at some of the AI in Bubble Tanks. (Not really.)

Friday Comic (And Jared Yells)

Happy Friday! Enjoy the comic. :D

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Friday Comic! (And Demon Soldiers Are Silly)

This week, we take a look at the thoughts of some of the Demon soldiers Mary Reed fought during her chronicles.

Bubble Tanks 3 News (and Video)

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We are making a LOT of progress on Bubble Tanks 3 and as we get farther into development and closer to the release date, I wanted to share with you a lot more information about the game…

Our vision for BT3 is a shooter game where you can play every day and always find something new, something exciting that you haven’t seen before.  That’s the goal we’ve been working towards and it’s a massive one.  To do this, we are doing two things:

1) Enemy tanks and suggested tanks will stream from our server in the background.  This means that literally every day, we at Hero Interactive can be creating new enemies for you to fight and new pre-built tanks for you to play as.  That’s exciting.  What is more, before each game you can select where you want enemy tanks to come from- you can say you only want to download Hero made tanks, or include your designs as well, or include top rated user enemies.  In BTA, it was fun seeing all the new tanks and while some user tanks were AWESOME, let’s face it, a lot of them were not fun to play.  Using this simple tool you will be able to control the quality of content and make sure you get only the best made tanks.

2) Bubble Tanks 3 will support purchasable parts packs!

This is awesome because what it means is that every month, a brand new BT3 Parts Pack will be available for purchase.   These Parts Packs will include many new weapons for your tanks, your allies, as well as a lot of new enemy parts that will affect behaviors and abilities.  As you get packs each month, you’ll notice many new enemies that you’ve never seen before using weapons you’ve never encountered.  New tanks with new features will be available to you.   The money generated from the sales of the parts packs will help us generate tons of new content such as parts and creating new enemies for you to encounter every single day!

Also included in the Parts Packs will be some consumable items.  For instance, you might receive an ability unlockable from the pause menu that lets you go to max tank size immediately or that temporarily raises your max Gun Point level.

We are still discussing pricing on the parts packs but we are looking at about $4.99 USD per pack, one new pack to be released each month.  For those who can’t afford the parts packs, will be using the income generated to also create 1-3 new parts that are FREE each month.  We also are looking into having sales or discounts (buy 2 packs, get 1 free, etc…).   All in all, these two features will make it so that will be able to keep coming back and playing Bubble Tanks 3 and always find something new and exciting.

BT3 is going to come built in standard with a ton of new features not mention about 25 new tank parts (on top of what was already in BTA) including some heavy hitters such as the Apocalypse Cannon.   In fact all the features we’ve discussed or shown you already are all included in the standard game- allies, interface parts, enemy behaviors, and so on!

At any rate, I’m excited.  Here’s a short video just showing off a few of the new abilities that will be included in the game.  What do you think? Reviews StormWinds: The Mary Reed Chronicles

StormWinds: The Mary Reed Chronicles

Check it out! ->

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