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Another Update on Retired Wizard Defense

I know some of you have been curious about this one. The good news is, the game is close to done right now. The bad (or less good in the short-term, anyway) news is that it’s been integrated into a larger project so it will not be released for awhile. On an unrelated note, what’s the weather like with you guys? It’s raining goblins over here:

Friday Comic! (And Even More Gaming Glory!)

This week, we re-visit our good friend, That Kid from the Other Comic!

(Also, the blog is still under construction)

Under Construction!

We are doing some massive fixes here to update, clean up, fix, and neat-ify the blog.  Right now it’s messed up… we’re working on it!

“Deleted” Comments on the Blog

Hey guys, I’ve noticed that people have been mentioning their comments being deleted. Especially long comments. Well, the reason for this is that long comments are sometimes marked as spam by WordPress. This is why they don’t show up. Additionally, if you get a lot of comments marked as spam it can make it harder for your other comments to get through – even if you change your name and email. WordPress tracks your IP to prevent people from switching names, spamming, and switching back. So, if you’re writing a super long comment, I’d recommend saving it in a notepad or word file in case this happens. Since I know some of you leave very epic comments. :)

Entering a new name will also cause your comment to need approval before it shows up. So typing your name in wrong or changing the spelling will prevent your comment from showing up right away.

Blog Haxx0red

As most of you know we’ve had some issues with our blog this past weekend.  It appears somehow it was compromised and was redirecting users to a site urging them to install software to “scan for malware or viruses” (you can assume that means “install malware and viruses”).  We are still looking into the matter, but it may have been a bad advertisement that got through.  At any rate, it SHOULD be working good for everyone now.  If you are still having issues, I would suggest clearing your browser cache and giving it another go.  Although, if you’re reading this, you probably don’t have issues. :)

We always try to jump on that kind of stuff as fast as possible, but admittedly we are not always able to tackle it immediately on the weekends.  But if you still have issues, please let us know.  And thank you to everyone who sent us an email informing us of the problem!

Friday Comic (And That Drink Is Ruined)

This week, we see another casualty of our Nerf battles – open drinks. Since Nerf darts cannot be casually handed back to the owner, nor placed gently on a desk, we are forced to toss them across the office to return them to their proper owner. And sometimes this happens:

Bi-Weekly Poll: What are you excited about in BT3?

Time for another poll! We know you’re all excited about Bubble Tanks 3, but what are you MOST excited about? Let us know! :D

What are you most excited about in Bubble Tanks 3?

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Friday Comic! (And Careful Testing)

It’s Friday again! This week, Jared and Eric do some careful testing of Bubble Tanks weaponry.

BT3 Screenshots!

BT3 is still coming together awesomely, so we thought we’d show you one of the new interface features- the mini-map! Similar to the map in BT2, but now you don’t have to pause to pull it up!

You can also enlarge it to see even more of your progress. While still playing, I might add!

Pretty sweet, eh? :D

Friday Comic! (And the Glory of Gaming)

F-F-F-Friday! This week, we take a break from wacky office escapades and take a look at the (hypothetical) adventures of one of our (imaginary) fans!

Bubble Tanks 3 – Update #1

Well folks, Bubble Tanks 3 is well under way and in full blown development and has been for a bit now.  It’s not just announced, we are actually working on it and making progress every day.  We’ve been getting a TON of “When is BT3 coming out?!” comments; so before you ask- let me tell you that we don’t have a release date yet.  So sit tight. :)

As we are going through the game and working on it, a lot of details are coming together so I can start sharing with you all a little bit about the game and some of the features.  Here are just a few of the things you have to look forward to:

  • Classic gameplay in the style of Bubble Tanks 2- It’s blue again, we’ll start there.  Also, you’ll be able to move freely from Bubblefield to Bubblefield as before and exploration will be a big part again.  Bubblefields will finally come in different sizes.  And again, if you’re looking for a harder game you can race outwards, those looking for an easier relaxing experience can spiral around the start point.
  • The improved Tank Editor and system- We’ve taken a lot of feedback from BTA and are keeping it in mind moving forward with BT3.  Bubble Points will be out and replaced with a new Complexity Meter (think Spore).  Larger classed tanks will have more Gun Points available for trashing enemies.  A lot more will be considered when determining tank size too, 4 small bubbles spread out to the corners will still remain a Class 1 rather than 6 as it was in BTA.  Enemy tanks also now degrade and shrink as you hit them.
  • PARTS-  Lots of ‘em.  BTA had no new weapons.  BT3 will have so many new parts it will make your face melt. Not only that, but it will have new part types!
  • Interface Parts- Some parts won’t be weapons at all, some will give you other advantages.  For example, a type of scanner part may show little arrows around the edge of the screen pointing to enemies.  Better parts will give you more information about enemies.
  • Behavior Parts- Units with computer controlled AI can now be equipped with Behavior Parts!  Rather than just having enemies wander around randomly, new behavior parts can be equipped to direct them.  An Aggressive part will cause an enemy to get up in your face while a Cautious part will have the enemy try to keep it’s distance from you.  Other behaviors such as Healer will allow enemies to aid each other.
  • Allies- Yes, you’ll finally be able to get some allies in your battle against all.  Allies will come in all shapes and sizes from the Fighter Swarm in BT2 to some really heavy guys that break off your main tank.

That’s not even the best of the features!  Stay tuned to the blog as we reveal much more on the upcoming Bubble Tanks 3!

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