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Bi-Weekly Poll: Comics!

For this bi-weekly poll, we’re hoping to get some feedback on our Friday comics. So we’ve put up two polls on the matter. Let us know what you think!

What do you think of the weekly comics?

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Friday Comic! (And Sound Effects)

Wow, this week went by fast, and it’s time for another comic! This week, Jared uses a complex yet concise method to explain his latest game concept.

BTTD 1.5 Wide Release!

BTTD 1.5 is now available on Kongregate and Newgrounds! It’s also available to anyone else that would like to host it. For info on hosting it, check out our Release Packages page!

Mary Reed Update: Introducing Stella!

Today we’ve decided to introduce you to another character in the Mary Reed Chronicles. Stella! We don’t want to give too much of her back story away, but let’s just say she’s Mary’s ally. But only in the alternate ending! Meaning you’ll have to collect all the letter drops to see her.  She’s pretty hardcore in her own right, too. You’ll see what we mean, but trust me, she’s awesome!

Here she is, in all her steampunk glory:

Things I’ve Learned – Part 2

As promised, today I’ll be sharing a bit more about my internship here. The last entry was about the last arc of the development process, so today I’ll talk about the process of getting started. It’s not as easy as you think, but it is one of the more fun parts of the development. For me, at least.

Planning It’s important to have a pretty solid idea of what the game will be like before you start coding. Sure, you will need to change some features, but you should still have a clear idea of the game going in. You need to set up the code with most of your features in mind, otherwise adding features could mean rewriting a bunch of code. You’ll also want to have a good idea of how you’ll set up the code, which means knowing what variables and functions you need, and what classes they’ll need to be in.

Time Depending on your situation, this might not be an issue. If you’re in it for fun, you’ve all the time you want. If you’re trying to make a profit, either as a freelance developer or as part of a company, time is very much an issue. It doesn’t matter how great your idea is if you can’t afford to finish it.

Skill This also affects your time constraints, so it’s important to go in with realistic expectations of yourself. Get some practice on smaller projects before attempting something huge.

Is it fun? When brainstorming a game it’s easy to get caught up in the thought of trying to be innovative and unique.  But the game should be fun too. Always try to make a unique game, but remember the players come for the fun!

Friday Comic! (And Eric Doesn’t Go to Lunch)

Iiiiit’s FRIDAY! This week, we invite Eric to lunch and he politely declines.

Also, these comics now have their own category within the blog!

Post Your BT3 Ideas!

I know the Bubble Tanks 3 post has gotten a lot of item suggestions on it. So, give us your best ones! We’re looking to have a LOT of items in BT3 and we’d like to hear what you guys want.

Comments on this post are ONLY for BT3 ideas! Off-topic comments will be deleted! This’ll make it a lot easier for us to go through and just look at your ideas. Thanks for understanding. :)

Friday Comic! (And Jared Rests)

Another Friday, another comic! This week, Jared finds a way to rest while still being an ever watchful boss. :D

Bi-Weekly Poll: Bubble Tanks

Bubble Tanks is one of our most widespread and popular series. So which one’s your favorite?

What is your favorite game in the Bubble Tanks franchise?

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Things I’ve Learned – Part 1

As promised, I’ll be sharing some of what I learned here. Today focuses mostly on the play testing/ wrap up phase.

Always Almost Done  I was surprised how long games can be in the “almost done” or polishing phase. You can add a couple features, do some tweaking, and of course, squishing the dreaded bugs.

Playtest, playtest, playtest!  It’s not just for noticing bugs. Feedback from someone who hasn’t been watching the game throughout the development process is very valuable. For one thing, you get to see how someone who doesn’t know all the little tricks and techniques of the game will react. Things that could have been apparent to the designers are not always apparent to the player.

 Knowing When to Listen  Player feedback is valuable, but you can’t please everyone. Sometimes playtesters won’t be in your main target demographic, and sometimes they might not realize what your vision for the game is. On the other hand, something you meant as a challenge might just be too frustrating for most players.

More in later entries. :)

Internship Available!

Hero Interactive is looking for interns for the Fall 2010, Spring 2011 semesters!

Flash Game Designer/Developer Intern     St. Joseph, MI   (unpaid)

Internship Position

We’re looking for an intern who loves to make games and has experience with Adobe Flash / ActionScript 3 (PHP and MySQL knowledge are a plus).  The internship is all hands-on and the intern will get a solid 30-35 hours of experience each week.  The intern will take an active role in the development of games and participate in the whole process from design to game release.  Depending on their interest, we can also work with them on the business side of flash games.  We will work hard to make sure interns benefit and learn as much as possible during their time with us.  In fact, over 70% of our interns are offered some sort of employment upon the completion of their internships.

That said, this is primarily an unpaid internship.  The intern will be responsible for setting up their living in St. Joseph, Michigan for the semester (no remote internships), however, we would be happy to help with the process.  We will also work with your school program, if desired, to get you school credit for the internship.  You must be a United States citizen to be eligible for our internship program.  Additionally, you must have completed a minimum of 1 year of post-high school education.

About Hero Interactive

Hero Interactive is one of the top flash game developers in the online community, creating such popular titles as Bubble Tanks, StormWinds, StarShine, Pixel, and more. Our focus has always been on game innovation, quality, and fun. With our hearts set on these goals we’ve created and released over 25 of our own IP projects- each a success that we take much pride in. With the help of our valued partners these games have spread out across the world, are hosted on thousands of sites, and have been played millions of times. Most recently, Hero Interactive won the Mochi Award for best shooter game of 2008 at the Flash Gaming Summit 2009 and was a finalist for the best strategy game at the summit in 2010.

To Apply

Send your resume to  Applicants with an online portfolio of past work get bonus points. :)

Hero at Computer

Friday Comic! (And Swords)

Awhile back, (Jared’s birthday) our office had a wonderful gift bestowed upon it. A pair of Nerf swords. With Jared having been on the MSU fencing team, sword fights have become a daily occurrence here. The most vicious of these being between Jared and Brent. Welts have appeared, bruises have lasted weeks, and blood has been drawn. Sometimes Brent wins. Sometimes Jared wins. And sometimes this happens:

Which makes for a perfect segue to my next point…

We’ve decided to do weekly comics for your viewing pleasure! These will be quick comics drawn by KC. Some will be jokes about our games, others will depict (with GREAT accuracy) aspects of our daily lives here at HI. 

And, for comparison, here they are sword fighting in real life. (With Nerf swords.)

As you can see, it gets intense. I’m not going to lie- We’ve had some casualties.

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