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Announcing BTTD 1.5!

BTTD 1.5 Banner

I know it’s been so long in between posts here, so I decided to make this one count:  I’m pleased to announce Bubble Tanks Tower Defense 1.5!

Not only is BTTD 1.5 in development, it’s near completion!  Set for an early to mid July release, it won’t be long before you’ll be able to test your BTTD skills further and challenge some tough new enemies and maps.

New features include:

  • 4 New Tower Types: Beam, Poison, Self-Destruct, and Confusion.  Each of these towers can be included to make Mega Towers, including a new Mega Beam Tower (see screenshot below)!
  • 4 New Enemy Types: EMP, Stealth, Swarm, and Cursed!
  • 15 New Maps!
  • All the original ~50 maps have been updated to include the new enemy types!
  • A new Dark Mode (think FML mode) where you can only see a small area around the mouse!

I personally have been enjoying the new maps a lot, the EMP units in particular are a real challenge.  Upon death, they emit a small shockwave that incapacitates nearby towers for a second.  Should be fun!

BTTD 1.5 Screenshot 1

BTTD 1.5 Screenshot 2

BTA Cheat Code


Alright everyone, I know we’ve really brought out the FAIL on this blog / newsletter thing.  The truth is, we are massively busy, and some crazy internal re-organizing with the staff here is only making this a bit more confusing.  We’re working on sorting everything out and getting back to providing a lot more information- so please bear with us and be patient.

To make things a little right, I’ve decided to release the Bubble Tanks Arenas Cheat Code right here and now!  Check it out:

On the main title menu of BTA hosted on, type “~hero”.

You won’t see anything while typing, but once completed a window will pop up with check boxes you can click on to cheat (I click them all :) ).  If the window doesn’t come up the first time, typing “~hero” again slowly will sometimes fix that.

You can’t submit tanks to the server with some cheats, and beating Arenas while cheating will not unlock parts or affect your saved profile.

I realize a lot of you who have signed up for the newsletter to get this information might be disappointed.  Don’t fret- We are still committed to making the next newsletter the biggest, most awesome one ever. I’m hoping to announce several new games in development and boatloads of other huge announcements we’ve been piling up here.  In conclusion, the newsletter is still going to be huge, so sign up.  Hopefully we’ll be able to release it within 2 weeks (I want to get as much info in there as possible).


Big Newsletter Up Ahead

It’s been a long time (a few months) since we’ve sent out a newsletter so we’ve got an extra big one on the way.  On it we will announce another new game in the works, as well as the built in cheat code for Bubble Tanks Arenas.  It should come out this week or the next at the latest, so sign up if you haven’t already!

Happy Birthday To…

Our fearless leader, our attractive company creator, our imaginative daddy-pants, our hard-working buddy, and the man who makes sure we all get paid…

Jared is having a birthday today! Lets all celebrate! Woooo!

A Lot More is on the Way!

Now that Bubble Tanks Arenas is out the door we are beginning to shift more of our attention to wrapping up a great number of other titles that have been in development for a while.  StormWinds: The Mary Reed Chronicles is getting into the tail end of development as well as a few other small unannounced titles.  Hopefully next week we should be announcing one or two new games in development.

Stay in touch, more information is on the way.  :)

Check out a new screenshot of StormWinds: The Mary Reed Chronicles below:

More BTA Fan Art!

Over the past few days we’ve been getting a steady flow of BTA fan art. We’re so excited that you’re all excited! Check out some of the latest pieces we’ve received.

Above: Art by Metamence

Above: Art by Eeli7

Above: Art by segaahearn

Above: Art by jojo

BTA Update! Version 1.04 Just Released!


Alright everyone, despite the fact that there has been some rampant impatient whining going on this blog, we DO still love you guys.  And although we’ve been extremely busy here and haven’t been able to respond to many of the 1500+ comments finding their way to us, we have been taking in all the feedback positive and negative.  Everyone has gave us a lot of very good feedback- I don’t agree with all of it, but it’s been pretty constructive and useful.

With that said, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve just updated the game up to Version 1.04 over at!

Version 1.04 includes a lot of changes:

  • Added an “Efficiency Mode” button under the “Settings” menu (from either in game or the main menu).  Although we can’t guarantee anything, if you are experiencing heavy lag this new fancy button might just clear that up.  It adjusts the settings, effects, and frame rate and in our experience has really boosted the game speed on slower computers.
  • The Sticky Enemies in the second arena “The Goober” has had it’s life dropped from 18 to 10.
  • A new part for avatar tanks has been created: the “Mega Cannon”.  Essentially all it is is a glorified Heavy Cannon but for large class 4 or larger tanks with slow movement speed.  It deals 1 more damage than a Heavy Cannon but costs 1 GP less.  This combined with Auto Cannons, Massive Cannons, Bullet Busters, and Shields can give your large class tank a fighting chance and some really massive damage dealing capabilities (use Bullet Buster and Shield for defense).  If you complete the built in Arena “The Surprise” you can unlock it.  If you already beaten that Arena, it should automatically unlock for you.
  • Each enemy Mine Layer can only drop a maximum of 8 mines.  So if you have an enemy with 2 Mine Layers it can do 16, etc…  If it creates more than 8 mines out, it’ll pop the oldest one.
  • If an enemy is composed of only a Seeker Carrier and then you pop that, the Enemy automatically dies now.
  • We’ve looked into the intro loader audio problem.  Not 100% sure  it is fixed, we’ll find out…
  • If you try to edit an enemy with over 12 GP, you can now.
  • Cheat Code now has an option to get up to 50 GP (you cannot save tanks with over 12).
  • We’ve also made a significant number of miscellaneous security/bug fixes.

Also, if you’re worried about content quality, be sure to RATE stuff.   We are constantly going through and marking tanks to be featured.  We are also personally creating some new Arenas ourselves and are going to be stepping up the amount of content created by Hero.  To see what is Featured or made by Hero Interactive, simply check out the “Search” menus!

Additionally, currently, Bubble Tanks Arenas is only available (if it is legit) on  This is good despite what you may think- if we find problems (and we always do) this is the file that we upload and patch with fixes.  Beginning July 1st, the game will be available everywhere (Newgrounds, Kongregate, and so on).

We will have a lot more news on projects coming out sometime soon.  Enjoy!

More and More and MORE BTA Fan Art!

This one is by Guus and is of a Demolisher!


More BTA Fan Art!

Check out this cool piece of BTA fan art by Pengujack9!


More BTA Fan Art!

Our second piece is from PTK7!


More BTA Fan Art!

The other day we got quite a few pieces of very cool fan art! So in honor of BTA’s release we’re gonna put some up here and there for you to see! The first piece is by Lino…enjoy!


BTA Released!


Bubble Tanks Arenas was JUST released exclusively on Armor Games! Go! Go now! Go play it!

Be one of the first to play HI’s most highly anticipated game!

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