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Announcing Bubble Tanks 3!

Many of you have already heard us mention that a Bubble Tanks 3 is in the works, but we’ve never officially announced it until now.  Scheduled to be released in Fall 2010, Bubble Tanks 3 will continue the main line of Bubble Tanks games.  I really wanted to announce this before the release of BTA for two reasons:

1) There’s a lot of confusion around Bubble Tanks Arenas – many people mistakenly think that BT Arenas IS Bubble Tanks 3… it is not.  BT Arenas was always meant to be a branch off of the traditional Bubble Tanks fare… we tried to make that obvious with changing the theme to a red color.  Bubble Tanks 3 is the next full game in the same style.  In conclusion BTA is not BT3 and we want everyone to know that.

2) Some of you out there who were looking for a game just like BT2 may be a little disappointed.   In BTA you can only fight in Arenas which limit where you can go and you can’t run away.  That wouldn’t be so bad, but the game IS harder than the standard Bubble Tanks game.   Also, BTA has a LOT of features which is a lot to take in and learn.  Bubble Tanks 3 will return to the standard Bubble Tanks world, you’ll be able to move anywhere freely.

Here is some additional information about Bubble Tanks 3 that we can share right now:

  • It will be blue again.  :)   See the banner above.
  • Whereas BTA doesn’t really have any new weapons, Bubble Tanks 3 will have TONS of new weapons and parts for you to play with.
  • You’ll still be able to design your own tank or use a pre-built tank if you’d like.
  • BT3 will support cool new features such as Allies and many others.
  • The enemies in BT3 will automatically download from our server, so you’ll always see something new every time you play!

More news will come out in a few months.  But rest assured for now that a Bubble Tanks 3 is in the works.

Bubble Tanks Arenas Release Date!


After a very long time I am very excited to share with you that the BTA release date will be next Tuesday, June 1st, 2010!

“That’s not in May!” I can hear you saying now.  No it is not.  Sorry.  :(   On the good side, you only have about 5 days to wait and then it will be available!  Although the game is pretty much completed at this point, we don’t want to release on Friday-Monday as we will be out of the office (Monday is a Holiday here in the U.S.).  If we release on a Friday and something breaks or the servers go down, we want to be around to fix it as soon as possible, not out of town on holiday.  That would be very bad.  It won’t be long till it’s out though!

I’m very excited for the release of Bubble Tanks Arenas.  This game has been in development for a very long time and incorporates some really cool features long in the making such as tank creation and sharing.

Stay tuned… Tomorrow I will be announcing another new Hero Interactive game in development!  Also, we will be putting up a few more blog posts of some upcoming stuff.

New Interns: Day One!

Some of you may remember our previous intern, Brent. Well he’s back and ready for more abuse…uh…fun and excitement! And joining him is a newcomer to Hero Interactive, Lisa! I’ll have to get a little information about them so you can get to know them better, but I just wanted to say, “Welcome Brent and Lisa! We hope you learn lots and enjoy your time with us here at HI!”

Biweekly Poll… Part 2

This is a continuation of our past few Biweekly Polls- we are interested to see what all of you think about each of these scenarios.  Again, none of these things are going to happen, we’re just interested to see what the thoughts are about these business models.

For a game like Bubble Tanks, we see the possibility of doing something like parts packs that are developed and released each month.  Despite what you may have heard, developing these games is very expensive and costs us a lot of money, we are a company after all and have expenses such as building rent, utilities, payroll, etc…  So parts packs couldn’t possibly be developed and made for free… sorry.  But what if the money from monthly parts packs helped to pay us to make some additional parts each month that were free for everyone?  Sure, if you couldn’t afford the parts pack you’d miss out on some new Bubble Tanks parts, but at least through the parts being available you’d have a few new parts each month made available for free.  So….

If the options were between JUST the two (no other options existed) would you rather:

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“The Joystiq Indie Pitch: Armor Games”

Go check out this cool article about our good friends at Armor Games! It covers things like how the company got started and where the company might be going from here! It’s a fun read so go! Go now! Check it out!

New Bubble Tanks Arena Video!


Here’s the brand new video preview of Bubble Tanks Arenas as promised!  It shows off quite a few of the features in game.  Enjoy!


Coming Soon: New BTA Video!


Expect a new video showing the editors, arena select screen, gameplay and more to come out either this Friday or the coming Monday!

Biweekly Poll

I think there may have been a bit of misunderstanding the last time we asked about this topic…maybe it was worded poorly. So lets try again. We’re trying to see how many people would be even the slightest bit interested. Please keep in mind that this is purely hypothetical and that BTA will NOT have parts packs so no worries.

If the choice regarding extra parts packs for a game such as Bubble Tanks was limited between just to the two, would you rather:

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