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Load a Tank, Play a Tank


Hey everyone.  We’re making great progress on BTA, and I dare say that we can finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.  We’re not sure yet, but we are stoked about a May release!

We may release another video before the game comes out, I’m not sure.  At any rate, we have some more screenshots for you all to enjoy.  The first one shows the tank viewer/loader screen.  The second is a gameplay shot.


BTA Screenshot #4

BTA Screenshot #5

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Estimate for BTA Release


Note: This is an ESTIMATE! Which means it could be right and it could be a little off. PLEASE keep that in mind when I tell you this very exciting, important news!

Bubble Tanks Arenas will be released NO LATER THAN next month (May)!

Nobody knows this yet except our dear and loyal blog readers!

New BTA Screen Shot!

First of all, I have to apologize for letting the blog go unattended for so long. I got a good “sinuses on fire” kind of cold and basically did nothing for about a week. Jared got a touch of it, too, but we’re both feeling a bit better and everybody at the office has still been working good and hard. Speaking of which… :)

Check out this new screen shot from Bubble Tanks Arenas! As we’ve said before, in BTA you’ll be battling it out with enemies in arenas which are groups of bubblefields (the giant bubbles you fight inside of). This screen shot shows one bubblefield within an arena. You can see the “good guy” in the middle shooting the snot out of surrounding enemies.


Happy Easter!

For those of you who celebrate the holiday, we at Hero Interactive wish you a very happy holiday! And to everybody else, we wish you an awesome weekend!

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ACK! ANOTHER Hard Drive Crash!!!

You guys I don’t entirely know how to tell you this…but we had another hard drive crash last night…..and lost everything. And I do mean EVERYTHING from BTA. *pulls hair out!*

Did you bite?

Are you on the line?

‘Cause if you are…

APRIL FOOL’S DAY! *Rolls eyes* Gee I bet you didn’t see that one coming. :) Have fun today!

Note: This post was not real. We have not lost any information and after our last crash we developed a nice little system for regularly backing EVERYTHING up so that’s not likely to happen again. We’re continuing to work on BTA so please don’t hurt us…

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