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A Long Awaited BTA Screen Shot!

Check it out! Our developers are making CRAZY progress on Bubble Tanks Arenas and have created a couple of tanks for you to see battling it out IN an arena! Thank you, Hero guys!


Awesome! HI in a Mochi Media Video!

Check out this new video from Mochi Media that features several big game makers including Hero Interactive!  We’re so cool.

Watch the video!

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HI’s Trip to San Francisco: Part 3 (and 4)

Day three of the San Francisco trip…the Flash Gaming Summit!  It’s finally here!

After rising bright and early the team found their way to the summit where they were welcomed very warmly…even in the keynote address!  They were asked stand as one of the leading game development companies there!  That was an incredible honor and an incredible moment.  Throughout the day they listened and learned at the summit and Jared was even a speaker/moderator for one of the afternoon panels about sponsorship and licensing.   They didn’t come home with this year’s Mochi award but they were still incredibly excited to be nominated and to have BTTD shown among the other nominees.

Later that night they went to an after-party where they talked with TONS of awesome game developers and company owners including ArmorGames, Ninja Kiwi, the creators of the Several Journeys of Remus, AND MORE THAT I NEED TO FIND OUT!  It was another amazing night leaving the team happy and exhausted.

The next day was a bit of a challenge as they had to pull themselves out of bed to catch a flight out of the warm weather and fun.  They made it back to Michigan late in the evening and slept like babies once their heads hit their pillows.  It was another incredible year at the Flash Gaming Summit and we’re already looking forward to next year’s trip!


(Above: BTTD is honored as a nominee for a Mochi Award in the Best Strategy Game category! Below: Jared (far right) speaks as a moderator to a panel of biz professionals.)



(Above: The HI guys with Con of ConArtist productions (Last Stand 2) and their friend Brian. Below: Jared and Eric with  Mike/Tasslefoot with Armor Games. (He helped with This is the Only Level 2.)


(Above: Jared and Eric try to stay awake in the airport on the way home.)

HI’s Trip to San Francisco: Part 2 (finally…)

Sorry it took me so long to get part 2 of the series up and running!  Pete mentioned in one of the blog comments areas that he took around 2,000 photos during their recent trip to San Francisco and it took us quite a while to narrow them down.  Without further ado, here they are!

On the second day of the FGS trip, the Hero Interactive team (including Jared, Eric, Jimmy, K.C., and Pete…it’s been a while so I thought I should remind you) got to do a little sight-seeing in the morning but then Jared and Eric went to see the Mochi Media offices and have a meeting with the company’s big-wigs!  After the excitement the entire team readied themselves for Armor Games’s annual pre-summit party.  They had food and drinks before heading off for a bowling tournament in which our very own Jared scored in the top five!  By the end of the night I was told that everybody was extremely tired and their feet were sore, and they couldn’t have been MORE excited about the Flash Gaming Summit the next day.



(Above: 1) Pete catches a nice action shot of Jimmy bowling; 2) Eric looks triumphant! He must be doing well.)
(Below: The Hero Interactive team with the Armor Games team! What an awesome night.)


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Ugh!  I keep missing these holidays!  I’m sorry if you’re Irish and didn’t get the recognition you deserve!

Video of the Flash Gaming Summit Now Available!

Again I would like to apologize for putting up the wrong link for the live streaming video of the Flash Gaming Summit last weekend.  By the time I received the accurate link the summit was more than half over.  However, after-the-fact I happen to have at my disposal TONS of video footage/coverage of the entire summit!

So if you’d like to have a front row seat at this years summit click here!

Just a quick update: we were honored this year by being nominated for a Best Strategy Mochi Award for our game Bubble Tanks Tower Defense.  We didn’t come home with the award but are still so thrilled by the nomination.  You can check out a video of the nominees here!  And the winners are here!

HI’s Trip to San Francisco: Part 1

Saturday morning at around 5:00 a.m. Jared, Eric, Jimmy, K.C., and Pete all grouped and drove to the airport to take off for San Francisco, California for the 2nd annual Flash Gaming Summit!  A long flight later and they were checked into their hotel, enjoying much warmer weather, and gearing up for a fun weekend with old and new friends.

(Above: Jared, Jimmy, and Eric wait around at the airport.)

Day 1: The guys met up with some Californian friends for food, drinks, and fun on the town!  Hope they got lots of r&r!

(Above – L to R: Jimmy, Eric, Pete, and Jared enjoy themselves in a cool garden! Below: Jared frolics in the warm weather!)

Want to go to the Flash Gaming Summit?

Well you can’t.  Sorry, but it’s just too late.  However, you can feel like you’re at the summit by watching the streaming video here!

You should be able to catch Jared as the moderator for the panel on licensing, and you never know!  You might just catch some of the rest of the team, too.

The 2010 Flash Gaming Summit runs all day Monday – check it out!

[UPDATE:] Unfortunately the link for the live streaming of the summit was changed this morning and I didn’t notice in time to post the new link.  I apologize.  However, you should still be able to view the panels and the Mochi Award ceremony later on.

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The HI Team Takes Off for the Flash Gaming Summit!


Early this morning Jared, Eric, Jimmy, K.C., and Pete drove to the airport and took off for San Francisco, California for the second annual Flash Gaming Summit.  As we’ve mentioned before our newest game, Bubble Tanks Tower Defense, has been nominated for a Best Strategy Game Mochi Award.  Last year we came home with the Mochi for Best Shooter for Bubble Tanks 2 so we’re crossing our fingers for a repeat.  In addition to this Jared has been selected to be a moderator for a panel in the summit!

So there’s lots of really great things happening this weekend!  I’ll do my very best to keep you updated and show you pictures of all the awesome fun they’re having.  Stay tuned!

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