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It’s been a very fun and interesting year for us here at Hero Interactive.  It’s hard to believe that 2009 is already on its way out and that we’re about to embrace a whole NEW year!  Wow.

2010 has lots of VERY cool VERY big things in store so please stick around and continue being patient because it’s really going to pay off!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everybody!

P.S. Your fan art contest submissions are due tonight…there aren’t very many so far so you could still win!

P.P.S. What’s your new year’s resolution?

Free HI Wallpaper!

Those of us at Hero Interactive have them, and now you can too!  Wallpapers for your computer and mobile device are now available for free here!  Check it out!


Only TWO more days to enter the fan art contest!

Have you been sitting on your art submission for our cool fan art contest?  You still have two days to e-mail us the final product for a chance to win a sweet package of HI gear!

Remember, the fan art contest can be any medium that you like (I made a cake and carved a pumpkin, but colored pencils, paint, digital art, and obscure things like mud and food are acceptable, too!) as long as it depicts something related to Hero Interactive and a digital version (a scan, picture, whatever) can be e-mailed to us.

If you’re thirteen or over, send us your fan art ( by December 31st at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time!

Nominate BTTD for a Mochi Award! Please?

Hi everyone!  The time of year has come again when we at Hero Interactive start looking forward to the next Flash Gaming Summit in San Francisco.  The Mochi’s, an award show for the best flash games of the year, are a big part of the summit.  If you enjoyed Bubble Tanks Tower Defense and feel it’s deserving of the best strategy flash game of 2009, would you pretty please go to the site and nominate the game?  Your help is crucial to helping us win these awards, and it’s support from our fans that allows us to keep growing and continue pumping out great games.

Click here to nominate games!  ( From the next page just click on the “Nominate Games” button in the middle of the page ).  Thank you!

The Last Poll of 2009!

What was your favorite HI game of 2009? (pick 2)

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Happy Holidays!

In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been pretty scarce for the last few days.  That’s because we’re all out of the office celebrating Christmas with our families.  So!  Merry Christmas to all and happy holidays!  We’ll see you soon.

BTTD Already to 1,000,000 Plays!

That pretty much says it all!  We’re SO excited that Bubble Tanks Tower Defense has already reached one million plays on!  And it has a 9.1 rating!!!  Thank you all SO much for playing.

Top Secret Game Revealed!


The top secret game that we were working on is called Jimmy Bubblegum and is now available to play on!

Jimmy Bubblegum is a quirky little game that was created for the Stride Gum Longest Lasting Game Contest on Kongregate.  It’s an endurance game that also has heart!  Float, as Jimmy, through the skies on a bubble of delicious gum…how high can you go?  But watch out for those pesky floating raccoons!  Or worse!  Ninja raccoons!  Worse yet?!  Wizards who would love nothing more but to send you plummeting to the ground with a zap of magical badness. You CAN fight back, though, with slingshot-like action.

Enjoy the fun enemies, the cool gameplay, and the awesome art style of Jimmy Bubblegum!

PLAY IT HERE!  (And please, if you enjoy yourself, help us out and give us your 5!)

Top Secret!!!


No…this has nothing to do with Bubble Tanks Arenas (which is still making progress, thank you very much!), so don’t get too excited.

The Hero Interactive team has been working on an all new, surprise game for a contest on  Stay tuned for a quick little endurance game by Hero Interactive!  It should be released in the next few days.

Biweekly Poll

(Good idea, ragondarknes!)

Where do you live?

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Two Things to Keep in Mind

1) We’ve recently added even more cool stuff to the store including buttons, mugs, journals, and more.  If you’re looking for a great gift idea for that special HI fan in your life, or if that fan is YOU be sure to check out the store for some cool gifts!  (Don’t be afraid to send your parents to the store…the only merch we have is online.)


2) Our fan art contest comes to a close in three weeks (that’s 21 days ya’ll!)…so if you’d like to win a bunch of cool free stuff from Hero Interactive be sure to submit your art entry (entries?) within that amount of time.  The contest ends on December 31st at 11:59 p.m. (Eastern time zone)!

Winter Wonderland (?)

Well, yesterday it was relatively warm out.  It was incredibly blustery and snowed a little, but nothing terrible.  Then this morning came…snow plows were out at, like, 4 a.m. or something crazy and the world was white. And we were sitting here talking about how awesome it was that we hadn’t had any snow yet! I suppose the joke’s on us.  Welcome, winter…I guess.


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