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Happy Halloween!

For those of you who celebrate it, have a very happy and safe Halloween!  For those of you who didn’t see my awesome jack-o-lantern last year…here it is again!


BTTD Video Preview!

This game is looking SO good.


BTA Update!

 I know you’ve all been clamoring for a new update on Bubble Tanks Arenas and I’ve asked you time and time again to be patient.  Well the game IS coming along and looks very nice, but I don’t think they’re going to give too much away yet.  Here are a few words from Jared and the developers.

We’ve been making a lot of progress on BTA although we STILL have a lot of work left.  The game now supports submitting tanks to our server where they can be stored, and we’ve been saving oodles of them.  Despite the large number we’ve uploaded, we’re constantly finding ways to come up with cool and new designs.  We’re also working on the Tank Viewer, a screen that will let you load up tanks you searched for on our server, entered the ID number for, or allow you to manually copy and paste tank code from outside the game.  Coming up we’ll soon have the Arena editor completed and allow you to make your own custom arenas and fill them with your own custom enemies for your friends to fight!  We’ll let you know as more news comes out, for now we’ll leave you with yet another pic of a tank we created!



New Fan Art!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…we at the office really love getting fan art from you guys.  We’ve seen all different styles and depictions of almost all of our games!  The latest one comes from Jem and it cleverly incorporates almost ALL of our games including THG, StormWinds, Microbe Kombat, Vector Boom, Pixel, Bubble Tanks, Pirate Defense, Paint the Fence, and StarShine!



Remember to send us your fan art at

The Big Unveil!

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the project I’ve been working on for months (although cumulatively it didn’t really take that long, I just kept procrastinating), the biggest painting I’ve ever taken on, the COOLEST THING EVER…the Bubble Tanks painting.

<Dramatically removes a huge white cloth to reveal the painting!>


It hangs over the office window and measures 4 feet tall by about a grand total of 7 feet long.  It’s officially a multi-media piece as there is acrylic paint, gold gilding, and <cough> sequins (hey, what can I say, I love sparkles!).  A lot of detail is lost in the picture but you get the general idea.


Five out of five Hero Interactive employees will tell you…it sucks to be sick.  In fact we ALL know first hand as last week all of us came down with (what I am assuming is) the same cold.  We were coughing, tired, and achy for a few days and by Friday NOBODY was left in the office – not even the last man standing, Eric.

Well the worst has passed and now we’re all well enough to function and we’re back in the office.  We just wanted to let you know that due to this pseudo-plague not very much got done last week, but we’re trying our best to crank things out now.

On an unrelated note, my giant Bubble Tanks painting is almost done!  Hopefully you’ll be able to see it this week!

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A Hint:

There are two places on the final boss’s fence that you can paint that the evil bunny won’t erase….

Paint the Fence Released!!!

Hero Interactive’s brand new game, Paint the Fence, has JUST been released on!

We are so proud of this game and are very excited for you to play it!  CLICK HERE TO PLAY PAINT THE FENCE!


Armor Games – Bubblicious Interview!


Hero Interactive recently sat down with our good friends (and sponsor of many of our games) at Armor Games for an interview.

Check it out for the goods on our company’s humble beginnings, to who That Hero Guy was modeled after, to our inspiration for Bubble Tanks.

Click here to read the whole interview!

A big thanks to Armor Games for their continued support and friendship! picture-1.png

BTTD Update

Our newest Bubble Tanks game, as many of you know, is also a Tower Defense game – joining the ranks of games like Desktop Tower Defense and Pirate Defense (also an HI game!).  However, BTTD is a new take on classic tower defense games.  You will only need to place one kind of tower, but they will evolve and split off into new awesome kinds of towers.  Once they grow and upgrade to their maximum states, however, they can re-merge into SUPER towers!  Like in Pirate Defense, the enemies will not follow any one particular path so you’ll be able to place your towers anywhere in the bubble field.

Check out this new screen shot from the game!

Over the past few weeks we’ve been making lots of really great progress on BTTD.  For instance, all weapons and new towers are implemented; there are now some CRAZY level paths to play.  In fact, there are so many options in this game that even if you play it 100 times, you’ll never play the same game twice!

BTTD is looking VERY cool and VERY fun!  It uses all the best features from all the best Tower Defense games, but introduces extra challenges with its multiple levels.

On a side note, the developers would also like you to know that the colors are very pretty!

Keep a look out for updates on the release of this game as it nears completion!

New Team Member!

Not too long ago we lost two of our good friends, Jason and Brent, as they went back to school for the year.  We were sad (and don’t get me wrong, we still miss them!) but now there’s a reason for us to be happy!

Everybody meet the newest addition to the Hero Interactive team, K.C.!

(Above: She made that!  Today!  Really fast!)

K.C. recently started work here at Hero Interactive as our Lead Artist!  She went to school at Kendall Collage of Art and Design in Michigan and graduated with a bachelor of arts in digital illustration.  She also studied a bit of animation!  She’s been enjoying/doing art since she was about six years old when she particularly loved arts and crafts.  Her preferred medium is digital art because traditional paper-and-pencil drawing frustrates her due to the lack of copy-and-paste options.  To quote K.C., “I enjoy drawing cute animals and dudes, lol!”

When she’s not at work she enjoys online gaming on avatar sites like Gaia and Kingdom of Knuffel.  She’s also a big fan of the Kingdom Hearts series.  She owns approximately…too many stuffed animals to count!

You can check out her personal portfolios at and

On a personal note, it’s very refreshing to have another lady working in the office!  We’re excited to be working with her and to start projects with her expertise!  Everyone give a warm welcome to K.C.

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