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Another PTF Screen Shot!

I’m getting pretty excited about this game.  I’ve been hearing the music, seeing the new additions, and hearing the guys’ endless chuckling on the other side of the office.  This is going to be an AWESOME and quite enjoyable game.  Every day it’s getting closer and closer to completion.  Check out this new screen shot…when you do well you get prizes and stickers for your sticker book!  Look and see what you got!


Not game related but…

Jared and I officially have our first nephew and a new person to shower with Hero Interactive-y goodness!  He was just born last night!

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Guess what today is!

Blimey!  September 19th of every year be International Talk Like a Pirate Day!  So get ye out thar and spread the word, me hearties!


Your First Look at BTTD

As most of you know, Bubble Tanks Tower Defense is one of the three games that we’re working on at Hero Interactive right now.

Like in our last TD game, Pirate Defense, enemies can go anywhere on the screen and thus, towers can go anywhere.  The “creeps” don’t follow a specific path.

In BTTD you can only place one type of tower.  However, being made of bubbles they can split and form new types of towers.  Here you can see the initial tower type (the highlighted blue tank) – in the left column you can see all the different towers that that one can upgrade into.  We’re making lots of progress on this game and all of the different enemy types are now working!  Here it is!  Your first look at BTTD!



As promised, here are some updates on some things going on at Hero Interactive!

Paint the Fence – Originally we told you that PTF would be coming out in mid September, which is…now.  However, after doing some testing on the game we’ve changed our minds in a few places and decided to add some new content and ideas.  So I’ve been instructed to tell you that the game will be delayed approximately a week or two.  Nothing huge, just enough to fix things and improve the game overall.

In the meantime here’s another screen shot from the game.  Paint as much as you can as fast as you can ’cause if you don’t get enough of the fence painted you’ll see this sad message!  In addition to collecting stickers and unlocking bonuses you can now change paint colors, too!


Art – This is pretty lame, but I’m still not done with the art I promised the guys at the office.  It’s coming along though and I’ll hopefully have some photos to show soon.

New additions! – This is not game related at all but Jared’s sister is currently in labor with Hero Interactive’s latest little honorary programmer!   Hopefully we’ll get to meet him soon!


Okay, one more time everybody, since apparently lots of people are skipping these notices.  If you swear in your comments, they will be deleted.  If “u talk lik dis” your comment will be deleted.  If your comment is completely irrelevant (e.g. “I like bananas!”) your comment will be deleted.

We’re trying to keep this a fun and interesting site for everybody hence the ‘no swearing’ rule.  Also, if I can’t read your post (due to improper grammar or weird lingo) I may assume it’s not relevant – which is not acceptable as our blog is already full of silly ramblings that have nothing to do with our games.  We’re not trying to stifle you.  We’re trying to encourage intelligent, friendly, polite discussion about our games and/or games in general.

We really are working on BTA and BTTD EVERY day.  However, we’re not ready to give you any release dates right now.  Maybe sometime soon…MAYBE!!…but not yet.  I’m sorry.  Thank you to those of you who are being extra patient despite your crazy desires to play these games.   Those of you who are being senselessly rude and vile…get a hobby (or some help as clearly some of you have anger issues).  And I will update when I’m ready to – when I feel that there is something worth updating you about.  Bullying us through the blog really isn’t helping at all.

And for the many who are questioning our motives as a company, we are professionals.  We’re doing things as fast and as WELL as we can.  We’ll tell you more about things when we can.  Also, to address growing speculation, we don’t complete games and then sit on them until we’re good and ready to release them.  Usually we release games within days (or even hours) of their completion.  In those cases, the delay is due to transferring files, talking to sponsors, uploading the games, etc.  The business side of things takes just a little while, but we don’t hold onto completed games just to torture you.

Whew!  Okay.  I just needed to get that off my chest…again.  Please don’t think I’m a mean old lady…I like you guys!  You’re probably the coolest blog-reader-people I know of.  You’re very dedicated and (usually) kind.  And as it happens I DO have a bit of an update on a few things for you – I just needed to rant a bit first.  Check back later today for some updates regarding our games that are in progress!

PTF Sticker Book: Collect Them All!

Remember when I said that I played Paint the Fence but didn’t fill up my whole book?  Well really I didn’t even get close.  Here’s what I got.  Can YOU collect them all?


New PTF Screen Shot

Alright, so I just sat down and played Paint the Fence and let me tell you, it is a world of wonderful ridiculousness.  It’s neat artistically and addictive as far as the gameplay goes.  The more you play the more things you unlock and the more stickers (which are very much like trophies for success) you add to your sticker book!  I was only sad that I didn’t fill up my whole book.

Check out this new screen shot that shows the player frantically painting the fence while trying to avoid “the dude.”  Getting even a little paint on that guy spells disaster!  But trust me, if you fail once, you’ll want to keep on trying until you get that darn fence painted – if nothing else, to get that sticker!


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