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Some Sad News


Well it’s the end of the summer and our interns Jason and Brent (I’ve mentioned Brent before, haven’t I?) are going back to college and leaving us.  Jimmy has decided to stay with us and continue helping with all of our projects so that’s the upside of this sad news.

But we’ve really enjoyed working with Jason and Brent (and Jimmy, of course), enjoyed getting to know them, and really appreciated all of their work and help over the summer.  We wish you guys the very best luck in your final years of school.

So, everybody, wipe away your tears and give them a fond farewell.  Thanks again you guys!  Here’s a quick look at some of the things our interns have worked on over the past few months.

ptf_banner_500×100.jpg bta_banner.jpg thg_banner_500×100.png

tank_jason.jpg Hero Interactive Mini Arcade Vector Boom

day_screenshot.jpg pixel_500_2.jpg boxfort.jpg

Paint The Fence Screen Shot!

Hey everybody!  Here’s your first look at our new original game, Paint The Fence!  This is the title screen – the art is really coming along thanks to Jason and Jimmy and I was just told that the game will be released sometime in mid-September!

Paint The Fence is a ridiculous and yet, awesome game.  Within a limited amount of time you must use all your fence-painting know-how to cover as much of the fence as you can.  But you may not always be presented with a simple picket fence and you may need to use a paint ball gun (or one of our other paint “weapons”) instead of a brush.  Careful not to paint non-fence items like houses, cats, and other unfortunately placed things (people?) as this will bring down your score and waste time.  So get ready for some action-packed down-home fence paintin’ fun!


Biweekly Poll

In light of viewing the awesome new Tank Editor…

Which kind of tank to you most want to create when BTA is released?

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BTA Tank Editor VIDEO!

Here you can see some tanks being created in our all new tank editor; some are small and agile and some are VERY large.  You’ll have to play for a while to get the ability to create the largest tanks, though.  Enjoy!


A few things

WHOA!  It’s been entirely too long since I’ve posted anything on the blog!  I’m sorry!  I had an incredibly busy weekend and then a day off and did a bad job of checking in.  So!  Here are a few things.

1) THE MUSIC FOR PIXEL is not available for download anywhere yet.  It was created especially for the game as is the case with almost all of our game music.  Maybe someday it’ll all be available but not right now.

2) We’ve been receiving lots of fan art lately…and we LOVE IT!  Here’s one of the latest – another take on the Bubble Tanks series – created by noobdude22.

3) Hero Interactive has nearly 200 followers on Twitter!  Are you following us yet?  Check it out!

Coming Soon to the HI Blog!

Please stop asking for a progress bar, percentages, pie charts, estimations, and anything else regarding how completed BTA is.  We’re not going to tell you.  HOWEVER!  Next week we’ll be posting video of the BTA Tank Editor so that you can really get a feel for how it works.  Get excited!  It looks really great.

And the winner is…

After about a week of voting for the coolest tank (among those created by the guys in the office) a clear winner has emerged.  By a margin of 52 votes tanks number TWO is the winner!  Tank number two happens to belong to Eric, so congrats Eric!  You win the pat on the back!

After Eric’s tank were Jason’s, Jared’s, and then Jimmy’s.  Awesome job you guys!

Here’s Eric’s winning tank again.

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Bubble Tanks Fan Art

Check out this awesome fan art created by 12vegeta12!


If you have anything like this keep it coming.  We love stuff like this.

Another BT2 Accomplishment

You may or may not have noticed, but Bubble Tanks 2 has now garnered over 5.5 millions plays on ArmorGames alone!

*Sniff!* We’re so proud of our little baby!




We’ve been getting lots of questions regarding Bubble Tanks Arenas lately – although we’ve given you a TON of information already, we thought it might be nice to address a few of these questions.  Here we go!

Q: Will your old tank designs be lost when you want to create a new one?
A: Nope!  Just remember the names that you give your tanks (and their IDs).  They’ll be submitted to our server so that every one of your tanks will be saved so create away!

Q: Why are you creating so many side-games?  Why don’t you just concentrate on getting BTA out?
A: This is a question that requires lots of information.  For more details check out this blog post.  In short, we have five people on our team, four who do actual programming, art, etc.  Any given game can only have a maximum of two people working on it at a time – otherwise file saving gets messed up, continuity is compromised, and the people get in each others way causing the process to go even slower.  SO!  BTA usually only has one or two people working on it at a time leaving our other Heroes doing nothing.  So why not make some new smaller games that we can enjoy and profit from? Also, BTA is taking a long time to create because it’s incredibly intricate.  Lots of important details must be seen to.  Plus there’s a LOT of pressure on us to get this game right, so we’re not going to rush it.

Q: Why don’t you give the tanks the ability to carry around items like nails, or shoot fire?!
A: While we’ll be the first to admit that the Bubble Tanks series isn’t completely based on reality, we don’t want to get totally unrealistic here.  We also don’t want to change the overall feel and aesthetic that BT fans have come to know and enjoy.  We promise there will definitely be cool things for you to play with but they probably won’t include nails and fire.

Q: Why haven’t you posted anything about BTA in over a month!?!?!?!?!?!
A: With one or two people working on the game at once, things are moving slowly.  But they ARE moving!  The problem is that we don’t have a whole lot of new information at this point.  We’re working very steadily toward giving you some new screen shots, info., and possibly videos in the future but we’re just not ready yet.  Hang in there!

Q: When is BTA going to be released?
A: We’ve said it once, we’ve said it twice, we’ve said it a million times:  We don’t know yet.  There is NO release date planned at this point.  We have a very private, very approximate calendar that we’re following but there’s really no telling right now.  Please don’t ask us to share it with you, because we won’t.

Q: Do you start working on new games right when you announce them?
A: No, not always.  We have to get to a good stopping point with other games before beginning new ones.  When we announce new games we’re mostly telling you what’s on our agenda for the future.  We’re letting you know first because you’re our loyal, awesome, wonderful blog visitors.  So when we said we were making BTA we didn’t start on it RIGHT that second.  You get the picture.

Thanks for sticking it out with us, as usual!  We hope you’ll continue to enjoy the great games that we’re creating in the meantime.  Oh yeah, and just because we don’t answer every question doesn’t mean that we didn’t see it (we did!) or that we don’t care (we do!).  We just can’t answer every single question and sometimes, we’re busy!  Thanks gamey people!

BTA: Which Tank Is Your Favorite?

Jared, Eric, Jimmy, and Jason all took the liberty of using our new-fangled tank editor to create their own tanks!  Lets all take a vote now…which is your favorite?





Which tank is your favorite?

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