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Hero Interactive Mini Arcade

Many people have been wondering what’s up with the new Hero Interactive Mini Arcade logo that popped up before our recent game That Hero Guy From Our Logo: The Game (Play It!).  Because of this, I thought now would be as good a time as ever to announce our new program!

The Hero Interactive Mini Arcade is a brand spankin’ new brand, a whole new division at Hero Interactive.  This program aims to provide a large number of small and quick games to fill in the gaps between our larger titles.  In the future you can expect a large number of these short games in between titles such as BTA and BTTD.  Although only one Mini Arcade game has been released to date, we have many more planned.

Mini Arcade titles can be developed quickly.  In addition, Hero Interactive will be partnering with many other developers to come up with these games, freeing our other staff for the big fancy titles HI fans have come to expect from us.

Finally, for sites interested in licensing Flash games, the Mini Arcade titles will be offered at a large discount making them a great option for new portals looking to bump up their game listings.

Be on the lookout for more Mini Arcade games!

Hero Interactive Mini Arcade

Announcement: Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense

Hero Interactive is proud to announce our newest title in development: Bubble Tanks Tower Defense!  Although a part of the Bubble Tanks universe, BTTD will instead be a “Tower Defense” game unlike any other.

The name of the game is upgrade.  By killing enemies you collect bubbles that will be used to upgrade your towers from a basic shooter to massive tower bubble tanks with all new abilities and bullet types.  With all new tower and enemy types along with a diverse amount of maps and stages to play, Bubble tanks tower defense will have you blowing up and upgrading bubbles for hours and hours.


  • Place only 1 type of tower, but watch your towers evolve into specialized weapons.  There will be many levels 0f upgrades for towers to evolve into, and towers can branch into different types.
  • You can place towers anywhere, enemies do not follow a set path.
  • If you have 4 towers in a square formation side by side, that are all evolved at max level, you can actually MERGE all of them into one super tower.  There will be several different super towers that you can create based on which ones you merge.  You can even merge 4 super towers into one all powerful mega tower that is as wide as 4 normal towers!
  • There will be a large number of abilities and enemy types.
  • BTTD will feature a stage select system with a broad range of maps to play with varying difficulties.
  • and more…

Bubble Tanks Tower Defense is already in the works and is starting to look fantastic-  this game will be an excellent edition to the increasing Hero Interactive game library.  Watch the blog for updates on this new game!

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Pixel Released (And On Time!)


Our latest game, Pixel has just been released on!  Play it now!

Pixel is a very addictive and VERY aesthetically pleasing game.  Destroy your enemies to unleash a beautiful display of pixels, then race around collecting them.  Between the dazzling fireworks-like effects and the impressive new music, you’re sure to enjoy Pixel!


Play Pixel!

New Game: Paint the Fence!


We’ve been very productive lately at Hero Interactive.  We’ve been working lots on BTA, but have also managed to use all of our new manpower to develop lots of new games!  First it was Vector Boom, then THG, now Pixel, and so…we need to come up with fresh new ideas!

And now, the announcement of our next all original game:

3! 2! 1!  Paint The Fence!!!

Paint The Fence will challenge your mental capacity with all the fence painting your cranium can handle.  With tools like the paint brush, the paint roller, and a paint ball gun you will be thrown into a world of virtual fence painting.  You will become a boy (or girl?) hardened by a summer of splinters and paint getting in your eyes mixed with all the fun and excitement of barking dogs and volcanoes (of course!).  Watch out! Painting things like cats and houses will hurt your score.  With a plethora of worlds to choose from the entertainment value of this game will only continue to increase the more times you play it.  Unlock-able bonus levels and secret items you can paint will help increase your score and unlock further bonuses.  By the time you finish this game, you will truly be a master of all things paint(that involves fences of course).

Keep an eye out – this game is already in development!

Everybody Wish a Happy Birthday to…

JIMMY!  We just finished eating quite a bit of birthday cake here.

Happy Birthday!

That Hero Guy From Our Logo: The Game RELEASED!


Hooray for us!  The game is complete, awesome, and released when we said it would be!  Check out our latest game on ArmorGames!


Another Release Date? Could It Be?

One of the games that we’ve been working on for the last few weeks, Pixel, is finally ready to be scheduled for release!

Pixel is a very addictive game that is as pleasing aesthetically as it is fun to play.  Navigate your way through waves of enemies and try to destroy them by shooting pixels.  Sound easy?  There’s a catch!  Once an enemy is destroyed it releases a dazzling display of colored pixels which you can collect for additional points.  Try to make one enemy’s pixels destroy adjacent enemies for combo bonuses!

With unlock-able avatars, modes, and achievements, Pixel is sure to keep you coming back for more.  Look for Pixel to be released on July 24th, 2009!


Just another quick warning

Starting today, I’m going to delete all completely off topic comments.  I’m sorry!  We’ve asked nicely, though…(at the risk of sounding like your moms)…this includes any comments with extremely long strings of characters that confuse and mess up our blog.  I’m tired of shortening them so they’ll fit.

In short, please keep your comments on topic…even just a LITTLE on topic.  We’re workin’ hard here to keep the blog neat and clean.  Thanks for your help!

THG Release Date

Our heroic new game, That Hero Guy From Our Logo: The Game, finally has a tentative release date!

That Hero Guy From Our Logo: The Game (or THGFOL:TG or THG for short) is our newest game, but That Hero Guy’s game premiere!  After an unfortunate series of events, a defenseless city has become the target of a terrible meteor storm.  It’s our Hero Guy’s duty – NO! Responsibility! – to protect the city and save the day.  Zoom around in the sky and, using your super hero powers, push away, blow up, and otherwise obliterate those nasty meteors before they can reach the ground.

 Be looking for our hero as early as tomorrow! 


The End of an Era

The Hero Interactive box fort has been officially dismantled and recycled.  We were sad to see it go, but we now have more room for getting actual work done.

So long…<sniff>…box fort!



Blog Rules and Such

1) In case you haven’t noticed, we aren’t answering anyone’s questions about release dates regarding ANY of our games.  We’ll let you know when we’re ready.  Please respect this.

2) No profanity, please.  Some of you may also have noticed that if you post a comment using swear words, they are either edited or deleted.  Trust me, I don’t like censoring things but we’ve mentioned many times that Hero Interactive is family-friendly.  We don’t want anyone coming to the site and being driven away by something as silly as poor language.

3) In the same vein, please don’t make violent comments.  Even if it’s a joke, saying that you’re going to kill somebody or blow something up or anything of that nature will also earn you a deleted comment.

4) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!  USE PROPER ENGLISH (to the best of your ability)!  If English isn’t your first language or if you aren’t particularly good at spelling we’ll let things slide.  However, using 3′s for your E’s or “u” for “you” will also result in a deleted comment.  This rule may seem silly to some, but we really do have a reason!  We are all intelligent human beings with a sophisticated language (no matter which one(s) you speak).   We don’t believe in dumbing things down in order to seem cool (or whatever reason people do it).  We like to promote positive values including intelligence…using your brains!  You have the smarts (we know you do!) so use them.

That’s it.  Periodically we feel the need to reiterate these rules so that new blog-commenters can see them and, of course, to remind those of you who have been around for a while.  Thank you to those of you who have been following the rules.  This message isn’t for you.

Now go out there and play games, and have fun, and use your smarts!  Oh, and be nice!  I’ll turn this blog right around if I have to…..  ;)

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