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New Pixel Screen Shot

Just another screen shot of Pixel which is really coming along nicely.  Here you can get a good view of how your enemies blow apart creating fireworks-like effects.  The bar at the bottom shows you your progress through the game (those white bars are save points).


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THG Screen Shot

That Hero Guy From Our Logo: The Game is making lots of progress and we’re already ready to show you a screen shot!  In this shot you can see That Hero Guy deflecting giant meteors away from the defenseless city below.  It’s VERY addictive!


BTA Update (2)


This is just a quick note to let you all know that next week we’re planning to have screen shots available so you can get a look at the tank editor.  Stay tuned!

New Game: That Hero Guy From Our Logo: The Game

Have you ever taken a good look at the guy from our logo and thought, “That guy is SO awesome he should have his own game!”  Well, now your wishes and dreams have come true! Introducing:


That Hero Guy From Our Logo: The Game (or THGFOL:TG or THG for short) is being created by our new intern Jason.  It’s quick little game, but don’t let that fool you…it’s VERY fun and addictive!

In the game, you get to take on the role of That Hero Guy From Our Logo which means you get lots of super powers including super speed and super strength.  You’ll need to use these powers to protect the unsuspecting city below from a destructive meteor storm.  Fly around over the city and simply push the meteors out of the way, crush through them with your “bullet speed”, or blow them to smithereens with your eye lasers!  No matter which method you choose, you’ll be a hero!

While there is still no concrete release date for THG you can expect to see it relatively soon as Jason is making great progress by the day.

Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddy’s out there!  If you’re NOT a dad and you can, go tell your dad you love him.  He’s an important guy!

New Game: Pixel


For those of you who read the post about how our game-making process works, we at Hero Interactive have further broken down into singles to create some quick, fun, new games!  Most of the work on these new games is being done by our interns, Jimmy and Jason.

The next game that we’re going to release is called Pixel!

Combos! Combos! Combos!  Pixel is a easy game to learn but is deceptively strategic.  In the game you can choose between 3 playable avatars (as well as a few unlock-able ones) as you take on the forces of evil.  Each enemy (as hard as they try to hit you) can explode into a dazzling display of colored pixels which in turn can make more enemies explode adding massive chains of combos, increasing your score and health as you scurry about the screen collecting the pixels.

With unlock-able modes and achievements you can easily get wrapped up in the fun and beauty of the game.  Loads of enemies and effects make this game as visually pleasing as it is fun to play.  Look for the game to be completed in just a FEW WEEKS!


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Completely Random

1) I finally started on the art for the office.  Right now I’m working on a huge (4ftx6ft) abstract-ish painting of Bubble Tanks.  I’ll post pictures when it’s done, but I have no idea when that will be.

2) It has been POURING here!  We can see the lake from the office and it’s rising, like, by the day!

That is all for now.

BTA: How Our Game-Making Process Works

Over the course of the last few months we’ve been getting lots of similar questions regarding the same topic: Bubble Tanks Arenas.  You’ve all been wondering about when the game is coming out and why it hasn’t been released yet.  In addition to this, you’ve been wondering why other games have come out and BTA is still being kept under wraps.

We’ve had many hypotheses including: “You’re liars.” “You’re lazy.” And the ever popular, “You’ve forgotten all about your fans.”  Well we’re here to address these issues and hypotheses!

First of all, please believe me when I say that the people here at Hero Interactive have in NO way forgotten about you or taken you for granted.  We have an amazing base of very loyal fans and we appreciate every single visit that you make to our website and every single time you play one of our games.

Now, I’d like to explain how our game-making process works.  Here it goes!  Are you paying attention?!  Okay.

Here at Hero Interactive we currently have four game developers.  At any given time only TWO can work on a game at time whether that game be Vector Boom, Microbe Kombat, or BTA.  This means that we have TWO extra people to work on other games at the same time!  Only two people can work on a game at a time because we have lots of files.  If, say, four people were all working on one game at a time and saving the files to different places and in different ways, the consistency gets all messed up and then we have to spend extra hours straightening it all out.  So we try to limit workers (and confusion) to two.

Creating games is what we do for a living.  We work full time (40 hours per week ALL year) making games and we have to continue putting products out so that we can have all those important things like food, clothes, and places to live (remember, those things all cost a LOT of money).  So why not have those extra two people create some new games – games like Vector Boom and Pirate Defense  As we’ve said MANY times before, these side projects do not in any way subtract time and/or manpower from BTA as those other two people were never working on the game to begin with.

Another important thing to note: Not all games have the same time frame.  This was addressed not too long ago with a Biweekly Poll.  Most of the people who voted on this site guessed that an average Flash game from HI takes around 2,000 hours to create.  And yet, these are the same people who seemingly expected BTA to come out the day we announced it.  In reality, the average game for HI takes us around 300 hours or about 1.5 months to create.  However!  BTA is in no way average.  It, as well as its predecessor, BT2, takes FAR longer than 300 hours.  It has taken us a long time thus far and will take us a lot more time to complete.

And unfortunately for some who thought this was the case, we did NOT start production on BTA the day we announced it.  It’s production rate started out slow for a little while before work really commenced on it.  So even though we announced it a long time ago, we haven’t been working on it for quite that long.

Hopefully this post explains things a little better for you.  Here’s an image (forgive the crudeness of it) that illustrates my point here:


In conclusion, please continue to be patient.  We’re working on the game and we promise it’ll be worth the wait.
By the way, just because Vector Boom and three other games are shown on the diagram does NOT mean that we’ll create three more games and then BTA will be done.  This is a rough drawing to show how our two extra people can create games together or on their own to maximize productivity (and money for food).  HOWEVER!  We are going to be creating some new games for your enjoyment!  Keep checking out the blog to find out more about them!

Happy Birthday Jared!!!

The owner, founder, creator, etc. of Hero Interactive is having a birthday today!  Happy Birthday, Jared! jaredisindy.jpg

(Jared as Indiana Jones last Halloween)

Vector Boom Reviewed by Jayisgames


Many of our games have been previewed and reviewed by and Vector Boom is no exception!

Check out their review here to see what they had to say about our latest game!

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