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Vector Boom Release Date!


Vector Boom only has a few days left in production before we start doing last minute testing and then it’ll be released!  We’re looking at next week for the game’s release.

It’s looking VERY cool so get ready to have lots of fun!

How many hours does it take to create a Flash game?

In our latest biweekly poll we asked you how many hours you thought it took to create a Flash game.  The number one most guessed answer was 2,000 hours.  Let’s break that down.

We work eight hour days, five days per week.  That’s 40 hours per week and about 180 hours per month.
2,000 total hours/180 hours per month = about 11 months.
Now, some games that are developed in Flash CAN take this amount of time to create so if you guessed this answer you’re not completely wrong.

However, as some people mentioned, the real question should have been (my bad) “How long on average does it take Hero Interactive to create a Flash game?”  Keep in mind that some games have taken us a couple of weeks to make, and some have taken us up to six months so we’re looking at an average here.

If you guessed 300 hours, you are CORRECT!

300 total hours/180 hours per month = approx. 1 2/3 months

An average game for Hero Interactive takes around one and two-thirds months to create, sometimes averaging closer to two months.

SO!  The whole point of this post was to get you thinking about how much we’re actually doing here at the office.  We’re in the midst of creating an all new game (that we’re VERY excited about), Vector Boom.  We’re moving rather slowly (so DON’T expect the two month average here) on BTA.  And on top of that, we’re brainstorming, travelling, expanding, giving and attending lectures, AND providing you with an up-to-date blog and newsletter.  Not to mention regular office maintenance and eating and sleeping somewhere in there.  There’s LOTS to be done so you might be able to see now why BTA isn’t going to come out tomorrow.

Thanks for thinking and guessing and for your continued interest.  Hopefully we’ll have some new cool stuff for you to look at soon!

BT2 has 5,000,000 plays on ArmorGames!

That is all.

Real quick

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  It’s Memorial Day weekend and we’re all relaxing and taking our days off.

See you soon!

Uh ohhhh….

The hard drive of our main computer has officially crashed, losing us LOTS of data.

Before you freak out though (like we did), we’ve been able to recover a lot of important things including most of the data for Bubble Tanks Arenas.  Vector Boom is fine, BTA is fine, we’re fine.

Whew.  That was scary.

Biweekly Poll

Alright this poll is actually less of a poll and more of a quiz.  Have fun trying to guess!

How long (in hours) do you think an average Flash game takes to create? (Answer to follow)

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Vector Boom Demo Video

The guys have really made fast progress on Vector Boom and there’s even a video to watch now!  From what I’ve heard the game is “seriously fun!”  Check it out!


HI Presents: Office Games!

A few days ago I introduced to you one of Hero Interactive’s favorite office games, “Knock-The-Guy-Off-The-Wall.”  Now, it’s time for you to meet an even longer-standing game.  One that’s been played in the Hero Interactive office for almost a year.  My friends, meet SPIDERBALL!


Spiderball is essentially a very small version of basketball played with a Spiderman hoop and ball (it’s the only one the store had).  However, Jared, Eric, and Jim have, over time, developed MANY crazy versions of the game including Ulimate Spiderball (a game of follow-the-leader insanity) and PIG.  But you don’t just get to throw the ball into the hoop.  You have to get it in while it ricochets off the wall, ceiling, floor, and inanimate objects.  You have to do it with your eyes closed, over your shoulder, behind your back, bouncing off your head.  This game has provided many an hour of challenging fun and over time, has become an indespensible friend to us.

HI Lands 2 Games in Top 101 of ’09 on!


Our little company has really been making a lot of noise lately from the Mochi award we won to landing the front page of our local newspaper.  We’ve been working very hard to keep our games on top and with your help we keep getting noticed!  Our latest nod came from who placed not one, but TWO of our games in their annual 101 Free Games of 2009.  StormWinds 1.5 and Pirate Defense are making a name for themselves on the list in the defense category proving that Hero Interactive, once again, is putting out “the best games money can’t buy.”

Thank you everyone, and a HUGE thanks to!

More Office Fun

We still haven’t properly disposed of the massive boxes that our office furniture came in.  So what else could we do with them?  If you said “Make a box fort, of course!” then you were 100% correct!

Presenting: The Hero Interactive Box Fort!

Above: The box fort is huge.  Jared, Eric, Jim, and myself can all fit (standing) inside.  Below: This is the view with the “front door” open.  You can see Jared climbing the ladder which leads to a small sky-light-type opening.img_2088.JPG

HI Presents: Office Games!

Here at Hero Interactive we work hard and we play hard.  When we take breaks, man, we really take breaks.  Freeing up our minds really helps us to return to work refreshed.  However, we haven’t gotten a Wii or PS3 or anything for our office yet so, we’ve invented a couple of office games.

The first is “Knock-The-Guy-Off-The-Wall.”  The key is to use a small ball to knock the little army guys off the wall.  The trick is that we have to stand really far away.  It’s MUCH harder than it looks.


P.S. You can see our nice new couch in the background there!  It took me hours to fully clean it and cover it with that nice brown couch-cover.

BTA Update

Alright everybody.  It has been brought to our attention multiple times that we may have said out loud (shame on us!) that Bubble Tanks Arenas would hopefully (THAT being the key word here) be out within two months of…whenever we posted that.  This has led lots of people to believe that the game will be coming out in about a month.  Well I am here to tell you…

I’m sorry.  The game is NOT coming out in a month.

We are still as much in the dark about a release date as you are.  We are still working on the game, but it’s slow going so far.  The game is very important to us so we’re taking the time to make sure we like every last aspect and it’s going to take us much longer than a month to complete.  To answer some of your other questions:

NO!: there are no screenshots yet; there is no beta and there won’t be for some time; we can’t contact each and every one of you personally when there’s new information (that’s why we have this blog); and we can’t use every idea that’s suggested.  Sorry.  We wish we could, but this game wouldn’t be Bubble Tanks anymore if we did – it’d be a completely different game and that’s not what we want.

In conclusion, thank you SO much for your continued interest and support, but I’m afraid you’ll just have to hang in there and wait like we are.  Thanks for letting me rant for a moment!

Enjoy your week!

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