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Casual Game Informer Interviews Hero Interactive!


Earlier this month Casual Game Informer and Hero Interactive sat down for a little Q&A.  Well, just a few days ago the article came out and let me tell you, there’s a lot of cool information in there!  They discussed everything from our latest release, Pirate Defense, to the game production process, and even Jared’s favorite beer!  There might even be a few details about Bubble Tanks Arenas in there…

This was a really cool article and a very cool experience for the company.  Check out the article here!

Forums Back Up And Running

As some of you may know, not too long ago our forums were attacked by spammers and we had a LOT of unnecessary and inappropriate content added.  It became a HUGE nuisance and I couldn’t delete them faster than they were adding more junk.  So we completely shut off the ability to join the forums.

As of TODAY the forums are back up and running and available for you to discuss HI’s games, staff, contests, whatever.  So go add yourself and start talking!

Please keep in the mind that before you can officially join a moderator will have to approve you to make sure you’re not going to spam the poop out of us again.  That won’t take too long, though!

Have fun!

Hero Interactive’s New Game: Vector Boom!


Get ready for bursts of fun with Hero Interactive’s new action game!  In Vector Boom you need to protect your base – a space station – from a coming onslaught of space ships with you in their sights.

Use your mouse to click and drag forming circles around the enemy spaceships, letting your space station know where to attack.  Think you’ll just be shooting at them with pitiful little guns?  Think again!  Once the circle is drawn your station sends out a massive missile annihilating anything in your chosen area.

Different kinds of space ships have different strengths and weaknesses so be alert, upgrade your space station as much as you can, and get ready for some HUGE explosions!

This game will be created on the side.  We’ll be using our increased staff-power to work on it WHILE we’re working on Bubble Tanks Arenas, so production on BTA will NOT slow down.  Thank you!

More information about Vector Boom will become available in the following weeks, so stay tuned!

Hooray for Interns!

As of the first week in May, Jim is going to take his game testing one step further and work as an intern for Hero Interactive!  We’re very excited to have him on board and in the office!

Everybody welcome Jim!

How Jared Beat PD: 101 Mode

Here is a screen shot of Jared’s configuration of triggers and traps in Pirate Defense’s 101 mode (with NO lives lost!).  Looks pretty impressive to me.  Perhaps being the creator of the game helps…:)



Hero Interactive’s first tower defense game, Pirate Defense, has JUST been released on  Check it out!


You Must See This Game

When we went to the Flash Gaming Summit we were part of an awards show (as you already know!) in which we won Best Shooter of 2008.  There were around 7,000 games nominated all together for these awards and the other games that won awards were spectacular.  This one in particular: Questionaut by Amanita Design.  The game won for Best Game Art and for good reason.  Seriously, play through the game – you won’t be disappointed.questionaut.jpg



It’s official!  Pirate Defense will be released THIS week!

I can’t wait.  There are some cool surprises in store including a sweet opening menu and even a pirate song!

Haven’t Had One of These in a While…


I suppose it’s not really a weekly challenge if we don’t put them up weekly, but we were sort of missing our fun StarShine 2 puzzles.  Here’s a brand new one made just for you, by Jared!  Click here to play.

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Tour the HI Office!

As I mentioned about a week ago, Hero Interactive is now officially working out of its very own office space!  We’re located just about 500 feet from Lake Michigan which provides beautiful sites and sounds (mostly the sounds of traffic).  We have lots of space for us to work and play.  Sooo…

Here’s your very first look!  Keep in mind that since these photos were taken, we have spruced the place up a bit with posters and plants, and we’re still working on making it the awesome place that it will someday be (Jared and Eric are planning a couch and video game center as well as a Lego table…).


Above: Eric says, “Check out my sweet desk space!”  Below: That little back room is where the potential “game center” will go and maybe even a conference table!  Nowhere: Original art by Steph.  Someday this place is gonna be swimming in my personal fan art!


P.S. Check out this month’s newsletter for more office pictures!

Pirate Defense Update


Our latest game, Pirate Defense, is in the final stages of development right now.  In fact, Jared has told me that the game will be coming out VERY soon.  Of course, there’s still no exact release date but it seems like we can expect it any time.

Start thinking of some cool trigger/trap combinations ’cause the more complicated they are the more points (gold) you get!

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