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The Offices of Hero Interactive…

Are officially moving into a REAL office!  Hooray!  Callooh!  Callay!  We’ll have pictures of the new place up soon!

Bubble Tanks Arenas: Your Questions- Now With Answers!


Hi everyone, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted on this blog myself!  But rest assured that I’m always on here and I read each and every comment (true story).  Since I’ve seen hundreds of comments in response to our upcoming game, Bubble Tanks Arenas, I thought I’d step in and try to address a number of those.

Q. When is BTA going to be released?  Hurry up already!

A. Right now we don’t have a release date set and we’re too far out to give one.  We’ve recently moved from the design and pre-production stage and into full blown development.  During this time you’ll start to get more information such as screenshots, videos, etc…  We joke that the release date will be in 2012 just to make SURE we’ll have the game released before when we promise, but realistically I think we’re looking at about 2 months yet before the game is out.  Making these games is hard work!

Q. What’s with the “time permitting” comments in the feature specs?  You should spend as long as you need to to make the game the best ever!

A. While we agree that we definitely want to make BTA the best possible game it can be, we also like to have food on our table and a roof to sleep under.  Hero Interactive is a business, this is our only job, we do it all day every day.  Many players assume all flash game developers create the games as a hobby in their spare time, but for us it’s our job.  If we don’t get a game out, we don’t get paid.

The truth is, if we spent as much time as we wanted putting in every single feature we ever thought of and liked, we’d never release the game at all- we’re always coming up with new and better features we’d love to put in there.

Bubble Tanks 2 had somewhere around 30 weapons (including the secondary special abilities).  That’s a lot, and we hope to get many of those into BTA.  If we have enough time, we’d like to add a few new ones as well.  If adding new weapons means we’re going to add another month to our schedule, we’d rather get the game out sooner.  And of course, there’s always the possibility of a BT3… :)

Q. Will you be able to change the colors of your tank?  Will the game be a different color than blue?

A. BTA will be colored in a red/purplish theme, differing from our traditional blue.  While we have considered allowing players to change the colors of their tanks or background, we’ve decided against this feature as a) we’re worried about an inconsistent mish-mash of colors that would result and hurt our eyes and b) because adding this feature would greatly lengthen the amount of time to develop the game.  So the tank/background colors will be different than blue this time around, but you won’t be able to custom color anything.

Q. You should make the tank editor allow you to purchase upgrades for your tank or use my awesome ___ idea!

A. We want to make tank creation as easy as possible.  You drag bubbles onto the creator screen and drop them where you’d like.  Making your tank bigger will make it slower, but it will give you extra armor and open up heavier weapons.  Keeping your tank smaller will give you less armor, but you’ll be much faster and agile.  To place weapons, simply select them from our list and drag and drop them onto your tank.  Worried about keeping your tank looking symmetric?  Just check a box and placing a bubble on one side of the tank will also place one on the other side to keep it looking even. It’s that simple.

Q. Will we be able to design our own weapons?

A. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to create your own weapons.  First of all, outside of the art, the programming for game weapons is very complicated.  Creating this feature would take a very long time and the end result would be too complicated for most casual players to enjoy.  Also, in order to keep the game balanced we need to assign costs to weapons so that you’re amply rewarded for your bubble blasting skills!

I hope that answers some of the biggest questions out there!

StormWinds: TLC Screen Shot Contest Winner!

Last month I announced another small contest just for those of you cool enough to be regulars on the Hero Interactive blog: the StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns Screen Shot Contest.  Participants were supposed to play through the game and take a screen shot of anything crazy that they happened to see and send it to us!  That’s it!

Well we have a winner!
The winner of a Hero Interactive prize package (including a t-shirt, magnets, stickers, and other goodies) is Captain George Zappy!  Congratulations George!  We’ll be contacting you about your prize package.  Check out his crazy screen shot!


Flash Gaming Summit Photo Series: Day 4

 For our final day of the photo series here are some slightly more random (but still fun!) pictures.


Far left: A close-up of Bubble Tanks 2′s winning Mochi!  Middle left: Steph and Jared…um…admiring the size of a redwood at Muir Park.  Middle right: Alcatraz.  Far right: Eric and our friend John enjoying the License To Play after party hosted by none other than Mochi Media!

Flash Gaming Summit Photo Series: Day 3

Sunday was the day of the summit and when we arrived the place was humming with excitement.  There were LOTS of awesome people to meet and talk to including the co-founder of Mochi Media, speakers from gimme5games, AddictingGames, and Kongregate, and even the guy that made Fantastic Contraption!  Throughout the course of the day we heard lots of incredible panels and Q&A sessions, won a Mochi Award (!!!), and Jared even got a private tour of the Kongregate office with co-founder Emily Greer!


Far left: Jared and Eric outside the Kongregate office.  See the banner?  Middle left: Jared with Emily Greer of Kongregate!  Middle right: Jared accepting the Mochi Award for Best Shooter of 2008 (Bubble Tanks 2!).  Far right: Steph, Jared, and Eric with the Mochi Award.

Flash Gaming Summit Photo Series: Day 2

The night before the summit Armor Games held a little get-together for us all to meet and get to know each other.  There was awesome food and music and, of course, a poker tournament!  Haha!  When it got down to the final four, Hero Interactive and Armor Games were the two companies left standing and in the end, somehow Jared and Eric ended up in 1st and 2nd place!  We had a great time.


Far left: Jared, Joey (Armor Games), Eric, and Dan (Armor Games) duking it out for the win in the poker tourny!  Middle left: Jared and Eric with their first and second place prizes.  Middle right: Jared and Eric posing with some of the guys from Armor Games.  Far right: That’s Jared with Jay from JayIsGames!

Flash Gaming Summit Photo Series: Day 1

As most of you know Jared, Eric, and I spent four days in the San Fransisco area for the 1st annual Flash Gaming Summit sponsored by Mochi Media.  We spent the weekend with some mutual friends who also showed us some of the incredible sights in the area.  Since we did so much cool stuff and took so many pictures, I thought for the remainder of the week I’d post a few photos a day and let you check them all out.


(click for bigger versions of the pictures)
Far left: Eric, Steph, and Jared standing on the roots of an enormous redwood tree at Muir Woods Park.  Middle left: The most of a redwood that we could fit into a photo…they’re one of the largest living organisms on Earth! Middle right: Jared and Eric from Dan McKneely from Armor Games.  Far right: the Golden Gate bridge…we were VERY close.

We made it

We’re back in Michigan and resting up so that we can get back to work.  Thanks for checkin’ in over the weekend!  We’re still so excited about our win!!  I’ll put up some photos from the trip tomorrow…well, really, later today once I wake up again.   :-)

We won!!!

Hero Interactive was just awarded the Mochi Award for best shooter game of 2008!!! We are so excited we can hardly stand it!Thank you so much to the judges at the Flash Gaming Summit!

What we’re doing in California!

Today our friends took us to see some very cool sights – we went to Muir Woods park and saw some enormous redwoods.  After drying off a bit (it rained on us) we went to the pre-conference get-together hosted by Armor Games where we saw and met a lot of VERY cool people from the industry (Kongregate and Armor Games just to name a couple).

There was a poker tournament that we all participated in and Jared and Eric both made it into the top three!  I didn’t (:() but I got to be proud and take pictures of them, haha!  I’ll post pictures when we get back.

Tomorrow is the Summit and the awards ceremony where they’ll announce the winners of the Mochi Awards.  Wish us luck!

At the Flash Gaming Summit!

We’re here!  Keep checking back for updates on the conference, the Mochis, and anything random I wanna tell you!

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