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Pirate Defense Flow Chart

Here’s a little flow chart that I doodled out for Pirate Defense last week.  It includes all of the (TENATIVE) triggers and traps as well as types of piratey people.  Different pirates will want different things and will fall prey to certain triggers more easily.  Remember, triggers are things that will set off the traps they’re attached to.  For example, a “Rum” lure trigger may be a bottle of rum that a pirate would like to drink up, but when he grabs for it he sets off a “Log Roller” trap that flattens him.  The more things you can link together the more bonus points you’ll recieve!


(Please keep in mind that the triggers, traps, and pirate types on this flow chart are NOT final.  That is, they are subject to change.)


Weekly Challenge

I know we haven’t had one of these in a while so calling it a weekly challenge is a little messed up, but….yeah.  So here’s another weekly challenge!


Click here to try it out! 

Biweekly Poll

Regarding Bubble Tanks Arenas, how important do you think the ability to customize the color of bubbles in your tanks is?

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New Pirate Defense Screen Shot!

Alright this one might make a little more sense.  Before towers were represented by “T”s.  Here you can see some “Spear Towers” set up.  Basically they shoot the little pirates with spears!  Yup.  There are also some very cute pirates running around.  Check it out!


New HI Contest

Welp, we’re still working on sifting through the StarShine 2: Puzzle Master puzzles to find our winners…there were a lot of really cool ones submitted.  In the meantime, though, we thought we’d run another small contest just for our lovely blog readers!  Announcing (duh duhduh DUHHHHH!):

The StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns Screen Shot Contest!!!

Have you encountered anything super awesome or crazily mind-blowing in StormWinds: TLC?  Take a quick screen shot and e-mail it to us.

Here are the rules:

1) You must be 13 or older to enter.
2) All submissions must be received by 11:59 p.m. Eastern time zone on March 18th, 2009.  Submissions can be e-mailed to Steph at

First prize is an HI t-shirt and second prize is HI magnets and goodies.  Based on the number of submissions we get we’ll select a few winners.

(A good example of an entry: Jim sent us a screen shot of an incredible amount of balloon mines floating around and filling up the entire screen.)

Good luck!  We look forward to seeing what you send us!

For those of you who care…

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Spread the love.

Preliminary Pirate Defense Screen Shot!

I’ve been watching this game grow over the last few weeks and it is starting to really come together!  It’s going to be a very stylized and fun defense game.  So far the guys can place towers and create maps.  They produced our first screen shot for the game and thought that you should see it.

“T” stands for tower.  A tower is anything that you, the player, place around your plot.  It can be a trap, a trigger, or just a plain ol’ tower.   In case you need a quick refresher about the game, you’ll be able to place traps and triggers around the island in order to catch, mame, or kill other pirates who may be trying to steal your booty!  A trigger (clearly?) triggers a trap to go off and a chain reaction as complicated as you choose to make it will begin.  Click here for a better run-down of the game. 

Here’s what we have so far!


P.S. If you’re the superstitious type, happy Friday the 13th!

StormWinds Awesomeness!

Hey everybody!  Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  After StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns came out we go very busy working on a bunch of new material…and not just games!

We’re very excited about the progress that the StormWinds universe is making.  However, we’ve received lots of questions and concerns about the back story of the game.  We have been working for some time now on further developing the story and have decided to take StormWinds to the next level – into other game genres and potentially other media formats as well.

So what does that mean, exactly?  It means that we’ve begun a huge undertaking – a huge project – that includes lots of new art, new concepts, the development of specific characters and character histories, and SO much more.  In short, whether it be games or other media types, you StormWinds fans are definitely in for more awesomeness.

Stay tuned…I’ll be releasing more information as it becomes available.


(This art was developed for StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns.  It tells an interesting part of our story and is just a fraction of the incredible stuff we’ve been developing!)

Biweekly Poll

Before voting, please check out the following games:

1) Brute Wars 2
2) Mytheria
3) Kongai

Would you be interested in a Hero Interactive made card-based Flash game similar to these?

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SWTLC Updated on ArmorGames – Now with Achievements!

This is just a friendly heads up to everyone that we’ve finally released the update to StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns over on  This update includes the long awaited Achievements feature we’ve been promising.  Meeting Achievement goals grants you the ability to activate powerful cheats to play around with.  Good luck unlocking them all!

We’ve also just released the game on  Next week we’ll really be spreading the game to a number of sites.

Contest Information

As you may already know, our StarShine 2: Puzzle Master contest for the coolest puzzle ended on Sunday, February 1st (two days ago).  For those of you who entered, hang in there.  We’re going to start plowing through the puzzles and picking winners next week!  We can’t wait to play all the new puzzles and see who wins!

Also, we’re planning on doing another small-scale HI contest later this month, so stay tuned for details.

Hope everybody is enjoying blowing up enemies in SW:TLC.

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