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SW:TLC Released!


Great news! StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns has just been released on!

I know many of you have been waiting for a long time and we appreciate your patience and support as we strove to push this out! You can play the game at:

We are still wrapping up achievements.  This feature along with additional bug fixes will be released early next week.


SWTLC Screenshot 7


Alright everyone, good news and bad news…

Bad news: Yes, the game is delayed.
Good news: It’s only a very small delay. We could have the game released as soon as tomorrow. It will be released any day now.

We’re still dealing with some bugs and issues that just have to be resolved before we can release this thing. We also decided to include a much much more totally awesome final boss. Like I said, we’re almost there, but we won’t release a game that’s anything less than our best!

Apologies for making you wait! Expect news of the release

Weekly Challenge


This one can be filed under the “hard” category.  Good luck!

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Contest Reminder

This is just a reminder for all of you who intend(ed) to enter our StarShine 2: Puzzle Master contest:

The deadline for your StarShine 2: Puzzle Master puzzle submissions is February 1st, 2009 before midnight (That’s 11:59 p.m. U.S. Eastern time or sooner.).

When submitting your puzzles be sure to name them “contest [your ArmorGames ID name]”
Ex. Our puzzle would be submitted as such: “contest HeroInteractive”
Remember the lower case “c”, the space, and your ArmorGames ID name.  You don’t need the quotes…just thought I’d throw that in.

You can win a PS3, an iPod Touch, or one of three iPod Nanos!

Click here for rules and information.

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Click here if you need a reminder of what each weapon does.

Get Ready For the Awesome…

Ladies and gentlemen, as promised, the StormWinds: the Lost Campaigns video!


Click here to see a higher resolution version of the video.

Weekly Challenge


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StormWinds: TLC and HI News

I would just like to take a moment to thank you all again for your patience and for being such good sports about the delay on StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns.  As promised, the game is only going to be better and cooler as a result of the extra time spent on it.  In fact, here is another screen shot from the game!


Jared would like me to let you know that later this week he intends to create a video with footage from the game, so that’s something to look foward to.

Also, just a couple of reminders:
1) About a week ago I told you that Bubble Tanks 2 was nominated in the Action or Arcade category in the Best of 2008 Awards held by  We just wanted to remind you that, if you are so inclined, you can vote once per day – every single day!  So if you’re a fan of Bubble Tanks 2 we would, of course, appreciate your vote.

2) Our Puzzle Master contest is still running!  We’re cooperating with who are sponsoring some really amazing prizes for this contest including a PS3, an iPod Touch, and 3 iPod Nanos.  And all you have to do to win is make a puzzle that catches our fancy, submit it using the name “contest [your ArmorGames ID name]“, and rate others’ puzzles.  If you haven’t participated yet, it’s fun, easy, and a good way to get your hands some nice loot.  You can enter the contest here!

That’s all for now!  We’re really looking forward to the SW:TLC release and the continued work on Pirate Defense and Bubble Tanks Arenas.

Stay cool, play hard!

StormWinds: TLC Delay

Hey everybody!

StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns is really coming along.  The guys are getting VERY close to finishing it.  However, at the last minute they’ve decided to add a new feature and some other surprises to the game.  So the game won’t be released on January 20th like I previously said.

StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns will now be released on January 27th.

Just thought you should know so you weren’t waiting around on the 20th, looking for it.  We appreciate your patience…but I promise, it’ll be worth it!

Weekly Challenge


Hey, it’s on time this week!

Try this one without hints…

Vote For Hero Interactive!!!


Bubble Tanks 2 has been nominated for a Best of 2008 award in the Action or Arcade category on!
According to a great percentage of you, Bubble Tanks 2 was Hero Interactive’s best game of 2008.  Here is your chance to let it be known!  Click here to vote for Bubble Tanks 2!  We’re up against some very good games so we really appreciate your vote.

In addition to this,  nominations are being accepted for The Mochis awards.  We would be more than flattered if anyone would like to nominate a Hero Interactive game.  If you’re at all interested in nominating an HI game, click here for more information.  

Thank you to everybody again for all of your support throughout 2008.  We couldn’t do it without you!

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