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Happy Birthday toooooo ME!

Today is my birthday.  That’s all!

Happy Harvest Time!

To those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving!!!  To those of you who don’t, happy Autumny Harvest time. Hope everybody is safe and warm and full of good food.


So someone speculated that we were busy and that’s why I haven’t posted in a while.  Well, you’re right!  I have been really busy lately and I just wasn’t doing my job.  I apologize!  Hopefully I can get back on track now.

In the past week the guys have started working a lot on both Pirate Defense and StormWinds TLC (Bubble Tanks Arenas will be coming out after those games) and I can tell you for sure that Pirate Defense will be a very cool new game for HI and StormWinds is in for some seriously incredible changes.  All that I can tell you right now is that all of the title screens are finished and that we’ll be getting a screen shot up really soon.  Be looking for some cool surprises!

Other than that, Thanksgiving is keeping us busy and everybody is on vacation around here so things are pretty slow business-wise.  More later, I promise!

Stay cool, play hard!

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Can you solve this puzzle?

Factory Balls 2

I really liked this game a LOT!  Check it out and see if you can beat all the levels.  I did, but it took me a while…

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All New: Weekly StarShine 2 Challenge


Every week we’re going to have challenge levels from StarShine 2.  We’ll be making these levels specifically for the weekly challenge, but you can still share them with your friends and family.  Just for fun!

Can you solve this puzzle?

Introducing HI’s Next Game (3): Bubble Tanks Arenas


That’s right, all you Bubble Tanks fans!  Hero Interactive is back again with an all new Bubble Tanks game.  This isn’t the Bubble Tanks 3 that some people have been looking for, but instead, it’s a slight variation on the Bubble Tanks series.  Rather than searching through an endless field of bubbles for enemies, you will be able to choose from a series of Arenas – Arenas are sequences of bubblefields, but in order to move into the next field you will have to clear the one that you’re in of all enemies.

So for example, you may have to clear out 10 progressively  more difficult bubblefields to complete an arena.  Once you do, you get a score based on how far you got ’till you died, your time to complete, and so forth.  Scores are submitted to high score boards and can earn you bubble tokens!

A very exciting feature of BTArenas is that players will be able to design their very own Bubble Tank!  Using Bubble Tokens, you can purchase bubbles and better parts and then use your tank to fight in the arenas.  We are also toying with the idea of designing your own enemies to submit to our server so millions of other people can fight them in the arenas.

We have gotten a TON of BT feedback from players on LOTS of sites and we are trying to take a lot of that into account to make yet another AWESOME Bubble Tanks game.

So those are Hero Interactive’s next three games!  Are you excited?!  We are…

Introducing HI’s Next Game (2): StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns


StormWinds: The Lost Campaigns takes place after the events of StormWinds 1.5.  The StormWinds story will be greatly developed, so get ready to understand as you’ve never understood before.  The Lost Campaigns will feature mostly the same gameplay of SW1.5 but will introduce five all new, long lost campaigns with all new enemies.  TLC will also have a few new weapons, and all extra content will be free on (this includes all 8 EC weapons from SW1.5).

So get ready to venture back into the steampunk world of StormWinds and discover what you missed the first time around.

Introducing HI’s Next Game (1): Pirate Defense


Hero Interactive’s all new original game, Pirate Defense, is a tower defense game with a big twist!  You are a pirate who has discovered a rather nice booty.  However, being the greedy sillies that they are, other pirates are also after your prize.  So you’ve set up camp on a steep hill where you can keep an eye on them.  Instead of shooting from your towers you’ll set up attack towers, also known as traps, to damage, move, capture, or kill those pesky pirates.

Towers are divided into two categories: triggers and traps.  A trigger does no actual damage to your enemies, but sets off a trap.  Here’s a good example:

A pirate enemy is walking up the hill.  He comes across a busty wench doll (that’s tied to a rope) – she is the trigger.  When our lusty pirate friend gets too close, the trigger is set.  Up the hill, a log trap is linked to our trigger, and so it goes off and the logs are released.  Linked to the log trap, but directly down hill from it is a bee trap (a swarm of bees are released).  Linked also to the log trap is a pit with a tiger in it, which is opened up.  So the logs roll down the hill, knock our pirate through the swarm of bees into the tiger pit.

Traps can be simple, or far more complicated than this.  The bigger the traps, the bigger the bonus!

Pirate Defense will be a delightful and VERY fun addition to the HI game family and we’re very excited to be creating it. Tune in for more tomorrow!

StarShine 2 on Newgrounds

StarShine 2 has been released on  Check it out!  If you like the game (and feel that it deserves it) remember to rate it a 5/5.

Stay cool, peoples!

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