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StarShine 2 Will Be Released….

MONDAY!  Hang in there for a few more days and you’ll be able to get down with your starry selves.  I can’t wait!  I’ve seen Puzzle Master and it looks like SO much fun…

Eric Fired!!! New Employee Blows HI Away!


Just kidding!  That actually IS Eric!  That’s his Halloween costume – a younger version of himself.  You can tell it’s him by the HI t-shirt and the computer games on in front of him.  Happy Halloween to everyone!

Fan Art Contest Winners!

Wow.  We had some seriously cool fan art submitted for our latest contest.  The entire HI team had a blast looking through them and choosing the winners.  Thank you all very much for participating.  And now…your winners!!!

First place goes to EvilFunnyBunny!  Many congratulations to him.  He’s picking up an HI t-shirt, magnets, stickers, and a special feature here in the blog as well as in the monthly HI newsletter.  Here is his winning artwork!


Second place is awarded to Kremer!  He’s taking home HI magnets, stickers, and mentions here and in the HI newsletter.  Click here to see his fan art.Congrats, Kremer!

Third place goes to Dustin T!  Originally third place was not plugged to receive any prizes, but we were so pleased with the art, that we decided we had to award something, so Dustin T is getting some HI magnets, too.  Click here to see his art work.  Congratulations!

For this contest we had so much awesome art to choose from that we decided to award an honorable mention to a fourth individual.  This honorable mention goes to Erik M.  You can see his art here.

We are SO happy with the outcome of this contest.  Thank you all for participating – we hope to see even more turn out for our future contests.  Stay awesome until next time!

End of FanArt Contest

Well, our second awesomely cool contest has met its deadline.  In the next few days we’ll figure out the winners, so keep checking back to see who gets the cool prize packages!  And stay tuned for some StarShine 2 news!

Hero Interactive’s Second Birthday!

Today (well technically a few days ago) Hero Interactive turns TWO YEARS OLD!  Wow.  Time really flies, and we can hardly believe that we’ve already accomplished so much.  Of course, we never could have done it without you!  :)

We’re celebrating today with an anniversary party for our friends and family which actually starts really soon so I have to go clean!  But real quick, I wanted to share with you  a couple pictures of the jack-o-lantern that I carved last night!



You Have Until Tomorrow…

Tomorrow night at midnight is the deadline for our contest.  Just as a reminder, there are some sweet prizes in store including an HI t-shirt!  Get those entries in!  Thanks everybody!

BT2 Has 2,000,000 Plays on ArmorGames!

Check it out!

Thanks to everyone!

Fantastic Contraption

If you haven’t played this game yet, you should try it out.  The object is to get a little pink block (of sorts) into the goal by making…you guessed it, a contraption.  It starts out easy enough but after a while things get totally insane!  This is a contraption that I made that just happened to work after a long time, haha!  Check it out!

New StarShine 2 Screenshot and News

Hello everybody!  It has been a little while since we’ve updated you about the progress being made on StarShine 2.  Well first of all, these guys have been working VERY hard every day not only to get the game done, but to make it awesomely sweet.  It looks fantastic and I’m super excited for you all to play it!  First things first, this our latest screenshot.  You can see a few updates from the last screenshot: the background is a bit more sophisticated and there is one of our big and bad black holes in there.  You’ll want to watch out for those because they can either skew your stars WAY off course or just gobble them up all together.


Now for an extra piece of news.  This is a very VERY loose comment and things could change, but StarShine 2 COULD be out as early as next week!  Hopefully you’re all as excited as I am!

Lastly, I’m not sure how long it takes for mail to be received from all of your locations, but if you are going to enter our fan art contest you’ll want to have your entry/entries in the mail today or tomorrow.  Remember that the contest ends this Saturday at midnight and you must be 13 or older to enter.

Play hard, stay awesome!  More soon.

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Fan Art Contest Update

Just as a reminder to everyone who wanted to enter our fan art contest, the deadline is October 25th, which is about nine days away.  So get those babies in the mail or shoot ‘em to me via e-mail ASAP.  We’ve gotten a few entries so far and we’re really excited to see what else we get!  You guys are awesome artists thus far.

Meaningful Play Conference 2008

This year’s Meaningful Play Conference was held on Michigan State University’s campus in East Lansing, Michigan.  Since Jared and I both went to MSU we were already very excited to attend the conference when Jared was invited to be a speaker!  Now that was both a surprise and an honor.  Straight away he began writing his hour-long speech called “The Emerging Flash Game Industry and the Opportunities for Meaningful Play.”  Soon enough it was perfected and Jared, Eric and I were off to East Lansing.

The trip was very fun and nostalgic for Jared and I as we got to return to our Alma Mater and visit our favorite stores, restaurants, etc.  Once there we met up with Jim Lester and even an old HI intern (do you remember Will?).  The guys spent two and a half days attending speeches, lectures, and presentations, learning more about the Flash Game Industry and meaningful play.  I believe that’s where we first heard of World of Goo!

Jared’s speech/presentation went VERY well.  Around 100 people showed up to hear what he had to say…we should all be very proud of him!  In addition to speaking, Jared (and Eric and Jim) met a lot of new people in the industry as well as old friends.  Adam Schroeder from has been a contact and friend of HI for quite some time now.  As we work over the internet, though, we hadn’t met Adam face-to-face until the conference which was really terrific.

Overall the trip and the conference were really beneficial and worth while for all of us here at Hero Interactive.   Without the help and support of all of our HI fans and friends it’s very likely that this would not have been possible, so thanks to all of you!



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