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StarShine 2 Screenshot


Hey everybody!  I really love how StarShine 2 is coming along.  It’s looking incredibly cool and thought you might like to see how the puzzle creator for Puzzle Master is looking.  I can’t wait to make my own starry puzzles.

What do you think so far?

I need some ideas…

I had a lot of fun with our last contest and I’d really like to continue to do them.  However, I’m running pathetically short on good contest ideas.  Do you have any thoughts?

Microbe Kombat on Newgrounds and Kongregate!

Yeah, that’s pretty much it, haha!  Microbe Kombat was released on Newgrounds and Kongregate today so go check it out!

Also, from what I hear StarShine 2 is really coming along.  We shouldn’t have to wait TOO long to play it.  :)   Of course, there’s no release date yet, I’m just betting it’ll be released sooner than later!

StarShine 2 and HI Updates

Hey everybody!  I just have a couple of StarShine 2 and Hero Interactive updates.

First, StarShine 2 is really coming along.  Eric just showed me what he’s been working on and it looks really cool!  Right now they’re trying to finish up the Puzzle Master editor so that you can make your own puzzles which I’m so excited about.  I think it’s such a cool idea especially since LOTS of people could potentially play your puzzles (or mine, for that matter!).  It’s like being a game developer without having to know how to code!  Hahaha!  That’s mostly a good thing for me.

Second, Microbe Kombat is still doing awesome.  After tomorrow (Thursday) it will NOT be exclusive to Armor Games any more.  It’s going up on a bunch of other popular sites.  Keep your eyes open!

Third, for those of you signed up for our newsletter, yesterday we sent out our first one since January of this year!  We’re really happy to have that back up on its feet and it’s looking fantastic.  For those of you who aren’t signed up and are interested in getting news and updates about HI and our games every month, you can sign up VERY easily on our main site.

And lastly, Jared and Eric would like me to mention that yesterday they beat Wii Tanks, not once, but twice after work.  All twenty levels!  They have been playing that game for about a year and have only beaten it three times so that was quite an exciting accomplishment for them.  Awesome job to them!

Hey leave us some messages!  We always love hearing from you and talking with you.
Stay cool everyone!

Fish’s Winning Bubble Tanks Story

Franklin asked me today, “Scott, are you sure you want to do this?” At this point I couldn’t stop, I had to continue with the experiment.

Today was the day that we began to use the water-metamorphosis solution on various mediums of water. We tested the liquid, gaseous, and solid forms. But, only the liquid seemed to get any movement. It made slight trembles, but nothing quite interesting yet.

Pursuing the experiment further, Franklin and I are looking at different ways to manipulate the liquid water in order to find any ways to make the water-metamorphosis effect more powerful. Lately we’ve noticed that the water is just too heavy. My associate Franklin is considering things like bubbles being better, but that’s ridiculous, they are far too fragile and don’t have a long lifetime before popping in the air.

I can’t believe it. Today Franklin brought a bottle of bubble solution and after dropping some of our water-metamorphosis solution, he blew into the circle on the stick and bubbles came out. But I noticed strange behaviors in the bubbles. First, they seemed almost magnetic to one-another, some grouping up. Secondly, the bubble masses began moving side to side regardless of any wind in the lab. After a few seconds they began popping of course, but this is a very large step in our water-metamorphosis experiment.

After the bubble experiment, Franklin and I have begun to investigate further, trying to make smaller and longer-lasting bubbles. So far, it seems the smaller they are, the faster they group. Late today, I tried making bubbles within a pool of water and the results were startling. For starters, it appears all the water needs is just air within the water in large groups to begin water-metamorphosis. Also, the bubbles created within the water lasted until they reached the top. Franklin went home already, I’m still at the lab working…

Things are gaining momentum fast. So far Franklin and I have begun trapping bubble under a glass bowl under the water, but what we need now is to make the bubbles even smaller. I have requested for a small can of compressed air. I’m planning on using the smallest nozzle I can think of.

I came back to the lab this morning to find several beakers destroyed. I know it couldn’t have been Franklin, since he was home sick all day. Throughout the day I had two more beakers break, seemingly randomly. I don’t understand, but I will continue to watch the bubbles under my microscope.

The water-metamorphosis is having a much more powerful effect than I thought. It seems to almost give the bubbles a mind of their own. Not only that, but these bubble masses almost look like they’re competing for any bubbles coming out of the small can of compressed air. Today I witnessed one mass completely ram into a second, generating enough kinetic energy to make the second mass fall apart immediately. Swarms of bubbles came to the area, looking for leftover bubbles. I do not fully understand, but I will continue researching.

I found out what’s causing these beakers to break. Early today I found a mass of bubbles that could propel a single bubble, almost like a missile. Some of these bubble missiles are going at extremely high speeds, high enough to crack, and break beakers within range. I am considering abandoning the project, since the water-metamorphosis is beginning to create what I believe might be a sign of man-made intelligence.

The project is abandoned. Today Frank and I bagged up everything, and went to a dump to drop off everything. However, we are keeping the water-metamorphosis solution here in the lab, for safety reasons.

The container that had the water-metamorphosis solution was gone this morning. I believe Franklin might have taken it. I asked him, but he won’t say anything today, and acts like he doesn’t know what I’m talking about.

This is very bad, today Franklin admitted to taking the container, but it broke while he was driving down the road. This was probably because the water-metamorphosis solution was able to find some moisture and create masses of bubbles that could shoot a bubble missile out of the glass container. Hopefully, none of the solution found it’s way onto the road and into the storm drains. I have decided I will have to monitor the storm drains and hope nothing has happened.

A specimen of water from the drains I collected had startling attributes. It was filled with tiny bubble masses that were fighting one another, almost like a war. Some were big, some were small, and some had different colored bubbles. I’m going to call these masses “Bubble Tanks” from now on. There must be some weird chemical in the storm drains that’s causing such a quick evolution of the bubble masses.

Franklin and I have come up with a plan to make sure the water-metamorphosis solution doesn’t do any damage to the city. We’re almost done with the preparations, and the real work begins tomorrow.

Our plan has been set into motion now. Since telling the city leaders about the recent experiments and mishaps would likely lead to Franklin’s and myself being fired, we’ve decided that we will have to do this covertly. The basic plan is very much like how a vaccine works, since the bubble masses appear to behave like a pathogen that can’t perform meiosis, this will work very nicely. We’ll try injecting a weaker version of the water-metamorphosis solution into a native fish to the area and hope that it can naturally create a way to fight back the masses of bubbles. A few hours ago, Franklin and I have just finished inserting the weak solution into the fish tanks. In a week from now, we’ll check out the fish and look for any that are still alive.

 Click here to read Corenat Rovarnus’s runner up story!

The Winner of the BT Contest Is……

You may already have guessed by looking at the results of the vote, but our winner for the Bubble Tanks story contest is Fish!  Congratulations, Fish!  His prize package includes a Bubble Tanks t-shirt, Hero Interactive magnets, lots of stickers, an Alien Hominid postcard, a free Stormwinds 1.5 keycode, and his story being posted on the blog later today; all this adds up to about $60 in prizes!  Lets all congratulate Fish on a job well done.

Our runner up was Corenat Rovarnus who wrote a continuation of Fish’s story.  His prize package includes Hero Interactive magnets and stickers.  Both stories were fantastic and deserve congratulations!  We’ll keep you updated on our next contest.


New HI Team Member


Hero Interactive is excited to announce that we have officially brought another member onto our team: Jim Lester is now working with us to help make the best games possible as head of game testing.  He has helped us out a lot in the past with great ideas and vigorous bug searching previously- now he’s finally joining us! Everybody welcome Jim!!  Huzzah!

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For those of you who haven’t voted on our contest winner yet, you can read the Bubble Tanks stories in the forums and then vote here in the blog (just scroll down a couple of posts on the main blog page).  Voting expires on Friday, the 19th so if you’ve got an opinion, let it be heard!  Also, don’t forget to check out Microbe Kombat at   


Jared, Eric, and I are very pleased to announce Hero Interactive’s next game. The guys are already working very hard to bring you:


StarShine 2, the highly anticipated sequel to Hero Interactive’s hit game StarShine, includes 50 new puzzles to decode – points adding up with each one you solve. Can’t figure one out? Use the new “Hint” feature. Be careful, though…use it too many times and you’ll find your points diminished. StarShine 2 also introduces new star types including the dreaded black hole that will gobble up your stars if they get too close.

So what if you don’t feel like playing these pre-made puzzlers? Hero Interactive has an awesome solution. For the first time players can create their very own puzzles! Exclusive to, StarShine 2: Puzzle Master allows you to design every aspect of your very own level. When you’re done making the coolest star puzzle ever just submit it to our server for millions of others to play. Choose to play a random level and you’ll be able to test out the starryness that other players created – don’t forget to rate them for enjoyability and difficulty when you’re done! With new music and incredible new features StarShine 2 promises to be, not only an incredible sequel, but a terrific addition to the Hero Interactive game family. Look for it soon!

Microbe Kombat Released!!


Wow, that was fast! Microbe Kombat is released on and it’s doing really well so far.  Go on over and check it out if you haven’t yet!

Click here to play the game!!!

Microbe Kombat Release Date Is…..

mk_blogbanner.jpgHero Interactive’s latest game, Microbe Kombat, is complete and ready for release.  It has been submitted to and will likely be released sometime in the next 24 hours.  Check back and we’ll let you know the second it’s out! 

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