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BT2 Contest!

Hello everybody!

Now that you’ve had some time to look over the official Bubble Tanks story, we’re going to need some unofficial ones.

Here’s what you need to know:

1) Give us your best Bubble Tanks back-story within 1,000 words.
2) The best story (judged by a poll in the HI forums) wins first place. First place prizes include a Hero Interactive t-shirt, refrigerator magnets, and your BT story being published on the blog. Runner up gets refrigerator magnets.
3) You must be 13 or older to participate.
4) Have fun, be creative, and let your imagination be your guide!

You have 2 weeks to submit, post your stories as a response to the below forum thread:

Good luck!

BT2 Has 1,000,000 Plays!

Bubble Tanks 2 has officially crossed the 1,000,000 (one million) plays mark on!


It has joined the ranks of only a few awesome games on the site with over a million plays AND a rating of 9.3/10 or higher.  Congratulations and thank you to EVERYONE!

Really, we couldn’t have done it without you.  Keep up the awesomeness!

He’s Here!

Hero Interactive’s latest addition, Eric, has moved to town and joined us here in the office!  Everybody welcome Eric!

The “Official” Bubble Tanks Story

Jared and I have heard quite a few complaints/comments that Bubble Tanks would be far more enjoyable if it had some back-story.  Well, boys and girls, gather around for a story of bubbly proportions!

“Once upon a time there was a great city of bubble people within a large puddle on the side of I-80.  The city was called Bubblopolis and was as beautiful and peaceful as any bubble city in the history of bubble cities within I-80 puddles.  Bubblopolis was presided over by kind-hearted King Jeffe who dedicated his every waking moment to happiness and harmony.  However, unbeknownst to King Jeffe, the city was under the watch of the evil Worm King of Wormicenter, a large nearby city.

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Poll Of The Week

Would you be dissappointed if HI had a biweekly poll rather than a weekly poll?

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We Need Your Help!

Alright those of you who call yourself Hero Interactive Fans. or those who don’t but still visit this site anyways, we need your help!

Currently on, Bubble Tanks 2 is only a tiny stretch away from getting first place in the monthly contests!  We’ve been neck and neck with Amorphous+ for the past few weeks, and going back and forth between 1st and 2nd place for the month.  Now that the month is almost over, we need everyone’s help to get back up there to win 1st place, as the prize is $1500!  That money allows us to make better games for you- we can spend more time on a game’s development, hire more help, purchase additional code or audio libraries, etc…

So if you want to support us and you think Bubble Tanks 2 is the better game, go over Kong and give us your 5!  Then get your friends to give us a 5!  Then get your family’s pet dog an account, and train him to give us a 5!  You get the idea…

Kong Monthly Contest for August

Microbe Kombat Screenshot

Here’s another one that Jared just sent me.  It’s looking SO cool!mk_screenshot_2.jpg

Clearly, these are a bunch of microbes that have been doing quite a bit of splitting.

Microbe Kombat News!


Hey everybody!  Jared and Eric are working really hard on Hero Interactive’s latest game, Microbe Kombat.  I know most of you have heard OF the game since we’ve talked about it a lot in the past, but now we thought we should let you in on some of the details.

In the game, you start out as a microbe.  You run (swim?) around eating other proteins and growing in size.  As you eat proteins, you are given action icons that allow you to perform abilities such as splitting to form allies.  Another ability allows you to click on an ally to make them explode, damaging nearby enemies.  There will be 6 different abilities.  Enemies can also grow and split to form new enemies.  In addition, cells can eat one another provided they are large enough.

Here’s a sneak peek…


The game looks AMAZING right now, but it’s definately still in development.  Jared is telling me that it could be ready within a few weeks but there’s no solid release date yet.

I hope you’re all as excited as I am!

Stay cool, peoples!

Poll Of The Week

Which of Steph's top 10 web games is your favorite?

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Steph’s Top 10 Web Games

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been so far and in between as far as posts go. We just had a week-long visit from my sisters and I’ve been feeling a little *ugh*. But I’ve also been playing my butt off online. Games games games, hahaha! I’m proud to say that I checked out almost every single game that you all suggested as well as a bunch that I found on and through just searching around on

I know that you have been wondering why I asked for so many game suggestions. Well, there’s quite a bit that goes into it. Shortly after I joined Jared at Hero Interactive I began to wonder just how many other women were making it to the site – to the blog actually. I assumed that there were not as many as there were fine gentlemen on the site, but I was really surprised when I got the results.


While I’m sure most of you will not need a pie graph to understand the numbers, I thought it was a cool way to visualize it. A few weeks back I asked which best describes you and then listed four options for males and four (the same) options for females. The final numbers were 150 male votes and 3 female votes, one being my own. I could hardly take the rest of the information into account with such a poor representation of the female gamer’s voice.

So! As it turns out, we have drastically more men visiting Hero Interactive long enough to visit the blog and vote in a poll. Well then I got interested in how many women consider themselves gamers throughout the world. According to an interesting article sent to me by one of our users women make up approximately 40% of all gamers. Still the minority but a much better representation.

Now this lead me to wonder, “Why does Hero Interactive appeal more to men than to women?” Is the games? Is it the way we market them to the public? Now I don’t consider myself necessarily to be a girly girl, but I certainly have particular (and occasionally girly) tastes especially when it comes to the games I play. I happen to find all of Hero Interactive’s games to be fun and multi-sex-friendly. However, assuming that perhaps not all women do, I decided to play as many online games as I could stand and compile a list of fantastic games that can be enjoyed by all sexes, genders, etc.

So, without further ado, DUN DUNDUN DUUUUUUUN!!!

I chose and ranked these games based on how much I tended to play them/come back to them, how addictive they are, and their overall quality as games. It’s possible that not everybody will agree with me here, but lets keep in mind that I wanted these games to be everybody-friendly which for me means, no shooting zombies, no guts flying around, and (I hate to say it) not too much reading…I get bored really easily. Here we go!

3dlogicthumb.jpg10. 3D Logic – After playing so many online games I came to one conclusion for sure: I love puzzle games. Three of these top ten games are puzzle games and I cut out lots more. 3D Logic is just that: a puzzle game. You have access to all sides of what can only be described as a cube resembling a Rubik’s cube. After examining all sides you must “connect the dots” so to speak. Connect a color to its corresponding color without overlapping any others and you win! But beware, the puzzles can get very challenging.

clickdragtypethumb.jpg9. Click Drag Type 3 – Click Drag Type is also a puzzle game with a unique twist: there are absolutely no instructions. You are left staring at a screen, wondering what to do next. At first this was a little irritating, I’ll be honest. But it gives you the freedom to play around with things and try whatever you want until you figure the puzzles out. Click Drag Type 3 is the best version to play as it includes all of the puzzles from its 2 predecessors as well as some very cool new ones. It’s extremely addictive and the general mechanics (clicking, dragging, and typing) are very simple.

shoresiegethumb.jpg8 . Shore Siege – When Jared suggested this game to me I was certain that I would hate it. However, after just a couple of minutes of play I was hooked. In Shore Siege you’re a stranded pirate trying to fend off adorable (but explosive) enemies while repairing your ship. The game is challenging but very fun. If you like roasting little walking marshmallows or popping balloons this game is for you!

flowthumb.jpg7. Flow – Of course this game has to be on any top 10 list for web games. It is innovative, soothing, and only as challenging as you want it to be. You choose your difficulty level in Flow as you – a little bacterium-like character – swim around eating other bacteria. The more you eat the larger you get. This game is an online sensation and for good reason.

blueprintthumb.jpg6. Blueprint - Yet another puzzle game! In Blueprint you’re trying to get a ball to reach its target using only a few oddly shaped objects found in the same room. There are varying degrees of difficulty, but all of the puzzles are doable. This is a game that I’ve played over and over and over again throughout the years and have never gotten tired of.

lineriderthumb.jpg5. Line Rider – I’m not really sure how to describe this game except that you draw the path and your little skier-person rides on it. Sounds a little boring, huh? That’s because I haven’t done it justice. This game is highly addictive because you can draw anything and everything and as long as your skier doesn’t ski off, they’ll just keep following. You can make them ski in a straight line or get as complicated as intricate pictures and landscapes. Just try it, you’ll see what I mean. (You can also click on the link to see the new Line Rider McDonald’s commercials.)

fancypantsthumb.jpg4. The Fancy Pants Adventure (Worlds 1 and 2) - This action game is initially a bit confusing as the main character is a stick figure. However, once you start moving around you’ll see that The Fancy Pants Adventure would be far less fun if you were anything BUT a stick figure in very fancy pants. Like many popular games (Mario comes to mind) your character must run through levels picking up “good stuff” and avoiding the “bad guys” while trying to get to the end. The controls and the music make it a unique and very fun game. And there are no zombies!

wakeupcallsthumb.jpg3. Wake Up Calls – One of my very favorite web games, Wake Up Calls is just one of the fabulous games on Basically you’re a small hamster in a leaf shooting down butterfly chrysalises. Don’t worry though, when you shoot them down, beautiful butterflies emerge and flutter away. It’s probably the most adorable game ever made and it’s very addictive as you’ll want to make sure you free every last butterfly.

bubbletanks2thumb.jpg2 . Bubble Tanks 2 – I’m not biased, I swear! Haha! Bubble Tanks 2 is a wonderfully creative game in which you’re a bubble tank that floats around fighting off other (usually larger) bubble tanks. As you destroy them they fly into a frenzy of bubbles which you then collect and are your life source. Like Flow, you can choose your own difficulty level and luckily for me, you can never die! The soothing music and beautiful blue bubbily background will have you coming back for more.

mudcraftthumb.jpg1. Mudcraft - This is most likely the best, most fun game that I’ve ever played. Produced by creators at Michigan State University (mine and Jared’s alma mater) Mudcraft is a great game in which you are mud. That’s right, mud. You begin as a mud person who must combine dirt and water resources to make mud, thus creating more mud people. Through creating mud huts and other structures you complete challenges with your muddy people. However, you have to watch out for bad weather and other adversaries that can render you just another pile of dirt. This is another highly addictive and extremely creative game and while it IS cute, it can be enjoyed by everyone. I’ve never seen another game like it! You do have to install it on your computer to play, though I believe the original version is free.


The Falling Sand Game
Music Catcher
Text Twist
Be sure to check out

Well there you have it. Please click on the links to the games above and check them all out if you haven’t already. And if you’re a female please shoot me a message to let me know if you played them, what you thought, and what HI can do in the future to appeal more to all audiences. (Not that I’m counting out the guys, haha! Let me know what you think, too…I always want to hear from you.)

I’ll continue my research and you guys continue playing hard and being cool and looking so good.

Poll Of The Week

Sorry this is a day late.  Apparently I’m off my game a little.  Plus Jared and I were at a friend’s wedding over the weekend.  Forgive me, haha!

What keeps you coming back to

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Kongregate and Newground

Bubble Tanks 2 has been officially uploaded onto both sites and is doing AMAZINGLY well.  Right now it is the number one highest rated game on Kongregate and has won weekly AND daily first place prizes on Newground.  This game is rocking socks thanks to you guys and fans like you.

Play hard, stay awesome!

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