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And We’re Back

Jared and I are back!  We’ve officially made the move and now that our internet is hooked back up we can get back to business.  The move was successful but we did lose a couple of things to breakage.  *cries*

Now you all have to give me a chance to catch up with all those game suggestions, hahaha!  I promise to get to work tonight and I’ll keep you posted on which ones I’ve checked out.  Thanks for all your help!

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Just as a reminder…

BT2 Tech Tree

Hero Interactive News

Whew! That was quite a rush we got with the release of Bubble Tanks 2. Thanks again for hanging in there with us and for all of your support. That was a huge game for us – now that it’s out we hardly know what to do with ourselves, haha! I’m not sure if anyone noticed in all the excitement but I said I would update you on some big Hero Interactive news soon. Well people, soon is now!

Hero Interactive is completely relocating. The office and our apartment are FULL of boxes and we’ve been working for the last couple of weeks not only to release our biggest game (probably) ever, but also to pack up our life and business. Anyway, we’re leaving the greater Lansing area behind and heading toward St. Joseph, Michigan – a small town right on Lake Michigan. It’s a beautiful place with lots of sand and sun and we couldn’t be more excited.

My joining the company was part of the all-around changes being made to the company. Also, we’re planning to add another person to the growing HI staff in August. He’s finishing up a few things for his degree and then you’ll be hearing another person’s name being thrown around on the blog! :)

Right after the move we’ll be waiting a few days for our cable and internet to be hooked back up so there might be a dry patch in there where we’ll be gone and you’ll be very likely to miss us TONS!

In the meantime I have a favor to ask.  I need some good suggestions for Flash games to play.  I am still relatively new to the gaming world and haven’t really gotten out there too much.  Any really fun games you would like to suggest I will play!  I’ll also be using them for some research that I’ll explain more later.  Just throw out any games that you like so I can check them out!

Stay cool, play hard, keep in touch, don’t fret. We’ll be back soon!


Bubble Tanks 2 is HERE!!!


I know that you’ve all been waiting for a very long time for this and Jared and I would like you all to know how much we appreciate your patience.  We’ve worked really hard to make this an awesome game and would NEVER put anything out that was less than our very best.  SO!  That being said…


You can play Bubble Tanks 2 at  It will be exclusive at this site for the next two weeks.

Make sure to give the game a 10!!!

Thank you all again for your support.  Stay tuned for more big Hero Interactive news later in the week.



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Final BT2 Update

Alright guys.

It’s 4:00 a.m. here and Jared has been working on the final boss since this (technically yesterday) afternoon.  You know the bubble fields that you fight enemies in?  This guy is bigger than that.  YEAH!  I can’t give you a screen shot since it would totally ruin the fun, but trust me it’s amazing.

After this guy is done there are literally two or three more things on the checklist and then BT2 WILL be released.  Don’t be disappointed if it comes out on Saturday after I say this, but I’m hoping it’ll be out today (Friday).  We’ll see!

Stay tuned, ’cause this game is coming out VERY soon!


This is just for fun, but I thought we could set up a pool for what day BT2 actually comes out this week.  Honestly, I don’t know ’cause the day keeps changing, so I pick Wednesday.  Anybody else care to venture a guess?

The winners will get our respect.  Haha!

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If you selected “Microbe Kombat?  What’s that?” please check out Hero Interactive’s main website for more details.

Stay cool, stay in touch!

Bubble Tanks 2 Is Coming Out…

NEXT WEEK!  Hang in there everybody!  We’re almost there!


We’re Baaaaaaack…

That’s all, really.  Jared and I are back from our little vacation.  We had an awesome time and did a lot of really fun stuff like skeet shooting, meandering around the Milwaukee zoo, and eating guacamole under the fireworks.

We’re back to work so we can have BT2 out really soon.  In the meantime, what did you do over the weekend?

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We might be going biweekly on these polls…

Happy Holidays

I just wanted to drop a quick line to let you all know that up until now Jared has been slaving away on Bubble Tanks 2.  However, I’m stealing him away from you for a few days to hang out with my family in Milwaukee over the 4th of July.  When we get back it’ll be right back to the grind, I swear!  Haha!

Hope you all grill some mean foods and see some awesome fireworks and have an all-around terrific weekend.

Happy Independence Day (a little early)!

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