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BT2 Updates and Screenshot

Alright all you loyal and devoted fans of Bubble Tanks – here’s another update.  Bubble Tanks 2 is still a couple weeks away from completion.  Jared is currently working on finishing the enemies, fixing bugs, and a few other last minute touches that will make it look really polished.  ALL of the tank states and avatar weapons are completed and the music is finished. Jared really is working hard around the clock to get this game into your hands.  Keep in mind that the fourth of July is coming up and we’re going to need a small break to consume various treats and watch fireworks.  Trust me, we want this thing out there just as much as you do. Hang in there! From what I’ve seen it’s going to rock your dang socks off!

BFT carrier

This is the BFT Carrier.  All those little guys swarming around you are your allies.   They will follow your mouse and attack whatever you’re pointing at.  It’s pretty incredible.

Stay cool!  Discuss!

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We are very excited about the Hero Interactive forums.  They’ve been growing in users and popularity and are a terrific place to talk about Hero Interactive, our games, and our community.  Game discussion, tips, and ways to spread the word about HI are only a few of the topics frequently covered in the forums.  Check it out!  You’ll like it, I promise!

Stay tuned, some cool stuff is about to go down in the next few weeks here at HI!

Spore Creature Editor

For those of you who are not in the know (ie. dead people) or have not been reading the recent HI blog comments (ie. dead people), today was the release date of the Spore Creature Editor by Maxis, published by EA (Electronic Arts).  We’re absolutely stoked about this game and especially about getting to play with the creature editor before the game’s full release in September.  It’s kind of like the really fun part of an MMORPG such as World of Warcraft- you know, the 5 minutes at the beginning where you make your character.  This editor is just like that, but it’s the whole game!

I don’t know how much Steph will be playing, but I’ve already made a few creatures and am still having fun.  The only problem is, we need a place to share them all.  To solve this, I’m asking anyone who’d like to share their game with the HI community to add the following tag to their shared creations in Spore- “herointeractivecommunity”.

Adding the tag “herointeractivecommunity” to your shared creation will make it easily searched and found by us as seen below!

Check out games made by the HI community – that’s you!

Here’s one of my first creations- the Hornedclops.  Enjoy!

Hornedclops in Spore

Bubble Tanks Birthday Cake

As I’m sure you all know (I made it very clear) Jared had a birthday recently. He requested a Bubble Tanks cake, and this is what I was able to come up with. Keep in mind that I’m not a professional, just a domesticated housewife, hahaha!


Real Quick…

Happy Father’s Day, from everyone at Hero Interactive!

Hope all you daddy’s have a magical day.


That’s all.  Happy Birthday, Jared!

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As Promised…

 The Bubble Tanks 2 video is here!  Jared JUST finished a few minutes ago.  Quick!  Watch it!  Oh, and you might want to move away from any easily stained materials, because this will probably blow your mind!!!


You Should Be Excited

Oh my gosh, I just saw two new tank states that Jared made today.  They are SOOOO sweet.  The Ghost Sniper is amazing – it flies apart into a whole bunch of little bubbles so nothing can touch you and then reassembles to shoot the  snot out of bad guys.   I’m really excited about it and you guys should be, too.  He’s got to finish a few more tank states he says before he puts out a video.  Hang in there!

Happy Birthday!

Saturday, June 14th is Jared’s birthday!  Everybody send him a happy message!

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This is something new that I want to try since the polls are so dang sweet!

Here it is!

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