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Friend or Foe?

This is you.  That’s right.  This is a tank state that YOU will be able to control.  It’s your tank in the “Heavy #3″ state.  Check the dual cannons!

BT2 Screenshot

Another One

Hey guys!  It’s Steph again…of course, I don’t think I’ll have to keep saying that.  Anyway!

Thanks for the awesome feedback on the last blog-post.  I really enjoyed reading about your favorite games.  Some of them were similar to the ones I like and some were completely new to me, so thanks for all the awesome ideas and information.  Hero Interactive is really dedicated to making sure its supporters have the most fun and interesting games possible so your feedback is incredibly valuable.  As always, if you have anything – good or bad – to say, let us know (in a respectful manner, of course, but so far I haven’t seen any problems with that…you guys are awesome!).

Bubble Tanks II is really progressing nicely.  Jared’s working hard on it every day to make sure all the bugs and kinks are worked out.  I think you’re going to be really pleased with the outcome.  I know you’ve been waiting a long time for it, but trust me, it’ll be worth the wait!

In the meantime, I have another question for you.  As you know, Bubble Tanks II and Microbe Kombat are the next games that we’re putting out.  What we want to know is: What should Hero Interactive’s next game be?  You can give us a simple idea (“A shooter”) or something much more complex.  The key here is to be creative.  Keep in mind that this is completely hypothetical, I just have a lot of fun doodling out ideas and thinking of games that might be entertaining and thought I would see what you all were thinking, too!

Whoever gives me the best post will be getting some HI merch.  I’ll talk to Jared about what it will be exactly, but we have a few cool things here in the office.

Think about it.  Play hard, be cool, keep in touch.

We Want to Hear From You!

Hey there, Steph here!

Jared and I were just talking about our favorite games.  He prefers games with lots of action and typically plays PC games.  I like games with lots of art and cutsies that aren’t too hard (haha!) and typically play on my Nintendo DS.  He really likes God of War and a sweet PC game called Evil Genius, and I really like Cooking Mama and Yoshi’s Island.

So!  The question to you guys is:
What is/are your favorite game(s) and why?  What makes a good game?  What do you look for as far as graphics, game play, concepts, etc?

Let us know!  We really want to hear what the Hero Interactivers have to say!

P.S. I LOVE Super Mario Galaxy for Wii…oh it blows my mind!  (Transfoooooooooooorm!)

New BT2 Screenshots!

Steph here, again!

This is a tank called the Sniper Tank. Jared says he’s already posted a bit about the available tanks, but I thought this one was fantastic. Its ammo not only damages the enemy that you’ve targeted, but it will then pass through and hit any enemies unfortunate enough to be in its way. Also, it TELEPORTS to wherever you click your mouse! The halo shows where the tank was before teleporting. Sniper Tank

The First of Many

Hello there, Steph here!

I’m just checking in to say hello for the first time. As Jared mentioned in our last post, I am the latest (and greatest) member of the Hero Interactive team as well as Jared’s wife (which means that fetching of Starbucks will NOT be part of my involvement with the company).

I am very excited to start working more intensively with the blog, newsletter, and forums so that I can keep all the awesome supporters of Hero Interactive in the loop about its many goings-on. I’ve heard lots of good things about the people that make all of this possible, so I’m even more thrilled to be working so closely with you!

As always, play hard, keep in touch, and I’ll be back for more soon!

New Hero Interactive Team Member!

Well I am happy to announce that Hero Interactive is now taking on a new team member- my wife Steph!

Steph will be coming on to help us with this blog, the forums, the newsletter, and other super glamorous aspects of a game studio (accounting and Starbucks fetching).  Essentially, she’ll be making sure you all are not left wanting and thirsty  for news on games, because she’ll be posting much more regularly than I have had time for.

So give her a warm welcome, and expect her first post soon!

In addition, in a few weeks some more big Hero Interactive news concerning the company itself, so stay tuned!

Bubble Tanks 2 Demo RELEASED!

Well, we finally have the demo released, which you can find from the front page of the main site, or by clicking HERE.  It’s been a long road, but we now have the core features of the game completed, and in 3-4 weeks we should have the completed game out.

Remember, the demo requires a StormWinds 1/1.5 keycode to play.   If you don’t have one, you can purchase one here.

Thanks everyone for your patience as we have been working very hard to push this out.  I appreciate everyone’s support, and I’d love to get your feedback (there is a link inside the game to leave feedback)!


Bubble Tanks 2

Bubble Tanks 2 Extra Content Will Be FREE!

In a surprise turn of events, the Extra Content for Bubble Tanks 2 will no longer be available for purchase at $5 as it was in the StormWinds games.  Instead, this content will still be developed and made available FOR FREE (only) on

Armor Games has  made the decision to purchase a license to make the extra content available for all of it’s players.  We are excited, as is Armor Games, to be able to provide this content at no charge to the players so that everyone can enjoy it.

Bubble Tanks 2 Demo Screenshot #1
^ You’ll be seeing this enemy in the demo!

Armor Games Logo

BT2 Map Screenshot

Here’s a screenshot showing off the map feature of Bubble Tanks 2. You can only view the map through the interface that comes up when the game is paused, it doesn’t display while you’re dispatching enemy tanks. This way, it’s out of your way.

But it’s there when you need it. :)

BT2 Map Screenshot

New Blog Rules

To help keep discussion on the blog constructive and in general, meaningful, I’ve decided to set some new blog rules and guidelines for everyone to follow here.  Overall, most of the comments on here have been awesome and the general discussion I think has been great- but I want to make sure we keep it that way.

We plan on doing a lot more with the Hero Interactive community- posting on the blog much more frequently, being more active with the forums, and sending out the newsletter,well, more regularly.  Because of this, we hope that  there will be MUCH more discussion, and positive discussion at that.

So without further ado, the general guidelines:

  1. Please keep blog comments respectful.  No bashing other players/commenter’s for their views or name calling.  You can disagree and criticize, but do it in a respectful matter.
  2. It’s OK to say “Hero Interactive has been taking far too long on Bubble Tanks 2!” or “I really don’t think   the Extra Content for StormWinds is worth it.  For example, blah blah blah …”.  As long as you’re respectful about it, you run no risk of your comment getting deleted or going unmoderated.  Discussion is key, share your thoughts!
  3. No foul language.  If I see the f-bomb or comparable, insta- delete!  Anyone who knows me in person knows that I swear like sailor, but we have some younger people on the site, so keep it clean.
  4. Please use proper grammatical structure.  Not everyone here speaks English natively, so there is leeway here, but “if u talk lik dis dun bother”.  I’d like to keep messages with substance and have comments that are worth reading.
  5. Finally, please do not list your name as “???????”, “Anonymous”, etc…  Feel free to use your first name, or if you really want, use an alias- but use it consistently.   My name is Jared, I take accountability for myself and my words, so should you all.  I’m not asking for your birth date or social security number, just stand behind what you say.

Comments that don’t follow the guidelines will go unmoderated or get deleted, so please take note!  Overall though, I think we’ll all benefit from these guidelines!

So… thoughts?

First Hero Forum Moderators Announced!

MalaMan and Valkavin have been selected as the first 2 Hero Interactive forum moderators.  Congratulations guys!  They’ll be helping to keep the forums respectful and spam free, and I think we’ll all appreciate that.

I expect, once we really start putting out more and more games, that the forums will eventually start growing.  As they grow and more and more people start joining, I’ll be selecting more people to help moderate and keep things orderly!  The most active forum users will of course get a bump as I look for candidates.

Thanks again to everyone who is being active on the forums and providing ideas and helping to answer other player’s questions!  You all are the beginnings of a growing Hero Interactive community, without you we’d be nothing!

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