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BT2 Shield Ability

Here’s an example of the Bubble Tanks 2 shield ability in use- notice how you can use it in bursts.  Pretty neato if you ask me…


New Bubble Tanks 2 Video!

Well, although the demo still isn’t ready quite yet, I do have a new video for all of you to enjoy.  It shows a few tank states, the upgrade process, and some of the slick interface stuff.  Notice how the interface slides into view as you need it, then out of view when not needed- that’s one of my favorite features.

Afterwards, it shows 2 new enemy units that will be in the game.

Although the demo still isn’t ready, I do have to say that we are getting very close to having the demo done and ready.


Bubble Tanks 2 Demo Delayed

Despite all the great excitement by people leaving comments, I regret saying that we’re going to be delaying the release of the demo.  The simple fact is that the demo just isn’t ready for you guys yet, it’s just not good enough.

Don’t worry, it’s not getting pushed back months or anything.  Although we have this delay, we have made some pretty good headway and have completed a lot of the major features.  By next week, I should have a video showing some of them off.

I only expect this delay to last a week or two.  I’m not going to throw out dates again, but we are working on the game every day to get it ready for you guys.

April Fools!

Yes everyone, the post yesterday was an April Fools joke.  It only went to show that you are all much too clever to be fooled, I think you all caught on right away.  Still though, I found it funny :)

Bubble Tanks 2 is definitely still in production, I should have a screenshot of the new minimap system this week for you guys!

Bubble Tanks 2 Cancelled, Replaced by New Line of Games Aimed at Toddlers

Well, I’ve got some bad news and some good news.  The bad news is that Bubble Tanks 2 has been CANCELLED completely for good.  It’s just been taking too long and Hero Interactive is beginning to change direction.

The good news is that we’ll be turning our attention instead toward the toddler market, specifically games geared for children at about 3 years old.   We feel that the Toddler market has been massively ignored and left untouched, and that’s why we’ll be filling the need for toddler games.  In addition, research has shown that toddlers frequently smash the keyboard with their palm when met with animated website ads, accidentally clicking on links and generating more revenue.

New games targeted towards the children will be based on learning colors and numbers.   More updates as they come!

Bubble Tanks 2

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