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Brand New StormWinds 1.5 Campaign in Development!

Sorry everyone for yet another long pause, I’ve been out of town the last few days.

That said, good news!  I’m proud to announce that we’ll be releasing a completely solid new campaign for StormWinds 1.5 to be released on and

This campaign will be for everyone, not just Extra Content purchasers (although if you haven’t purchased the EC, I hope you’ll still consider it).  It will be at least 10 full levels, and besides including a whole new fortress and background, it will also include a minimum of 2 new enemies and a new boss!  The campaign will be set in a desert landscape and will be marked at a “Hard” difficulty.

Keep an eye out for it within the next 2 weeks!

Bluep is Released!

Yay! Bluep is finally released and we can all play it now!  My top score is 17,000 something, see if you can beat it!

Play it HERE!!!

Reads the description:

One morning when returning to the office, Eric and I were dismayed to find Bubble Tanks and Triangles making out on the floor… About 9 months later we had a little Bluep!

Not only must you take on the other little bubble enemies around the edge of the screen, you must also simultaneously jump over lasers. Why? Why not?!


StormWinds 1.5 Wins 2nd Place of the Month on!

First off, sorry I haven’t been posting more on the blog here.  It’s been freaking busy, but I’ll be getting on here much more soon, I’ve got loads of stuff to cover.

Secondly, I just found this out recently, StormWinds 1.5 was the second top game of January on!

Check it out!

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