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Hero Interactive Forums are Up!

Yup, I did it. I made the forums.

I’ll be adding links and stuff all over the site linking to them at some point today. Also, as I just installed the forums and am new to the phpbb, don’t be surprised if we run into a few little hiccups as we get going. I’ll be fixing stuff as we go along though.

So get on there, get posting, get friends to get posting, and we’ll all have a fun time. In a month or two I’ll be looking for some moderators, so the most active users will likely get first consideration!

SW Challenge Missions – Give Us Your Ideas!

Well, it looks like our 3rd update will be pushed back to next week, they take so much time to make and I’ll never get much work done if I keep making them endlessly.

However, more updates ARE on their way and I’d like to see what ideas you all have for new Challenge Missions!  Have some ideas? Send them our way by posting them here!  This is your chance to get some ideas in the game!

Rules for missions:

* Assume you have only the existing enemies and turrets to work with.  If your idea requires a new turret, it’s unlikely to be made.

* You can include extra content material, but then that challenge mission would clearly only be for extra content purchasers.  That’s ok because we need both extra and unlocked challenge missions.

* Any background set that currently exists is possible, with the above item still applying.

* Challenge missions don’t need to be just one level long. They can be more.

* I can place down turrets at the beginning of the level so they are free, I can also start them off with upgrades.  So you could say, start me with a heavy cannon at slot 1 with 5 damage upgrades.

* I can also choose how much upgrade points each gun starts with when you purchase it, as well as your starting money.

* I can not change enemy unit stats.

I think that’s the most of it!  What can you come up with?

The HI Newsletter – Back in Action!

Yup, I haven’t sent out the HI newsletter in many a month.  But that period of darkness is over, and I’m working on a new one now, to be sent out later this afternoon.  If you aren’t signed up for the newsletter, go do so now through the form on the right hand menu on the main page:

Add yourself to the “Monthly Newsletter” list.

Then, God willing, later today you should see that newsletter in your inbox!

StormWinds 1.5 Service Pack 2 is Released!

Yay, the second update is out!  This one includes:

* A Restart Campaign button has been added
* Campaigns 1 and 2 are slightly easier
* Fixes a few bugs that have been discovered
* Adds 1 new challenge mission open to everyone
* Adds 2 new challenge missions for those who purchased the extra content
* Adds a whole new turret, the Artillery Tower, for those who purchased the EC
* Includes a few minor interface adjustments

Here’s a demo video of the artillery tower in action!


I know I haven’t posted on here lately, I’m freakishly busy.  I promise I’ll get more posts on here soon!

StormWinds 1.5 Service Pack 1 is Released!

Whelp, the first update to StormWinds 1.5 was just released on ArmorGames. This update includes quite a bit of stuff:

* Fixes a few bugs that have been discovered
* Adds 1 new challenge mission open to everyone
* Adds 3 new challenge missions for those who purchased the extra content
* Adds a whole new turret, the Acid Cannon, for those who purchased the EC
* Includes a few minor interface adjustments

Note: If you’ve played the game already on ArmorGames, you may need to clear your cache and refresh in order to get the most recent version.

I think you will all be happy with the first of many updates. Clearly, I’m going to give priority in adding content to the Extra Content purchasers, but there will be some new stuff coming out for everyone as well. In this last update, the Acid Cannon was added. No, Fish, it doesn’t let the acid catch on fire like I originally wanted, but it’s still pretty neat. Below is a video of the new weapon in action:


Funny ArmorGames Ad

For those of you unfortunate souls who haven’t seen the awesome new ad produced by Mega64, I’ve got a special treat for you… the very ad itself!

Enjoy, Share, Discuss!


StormWinds 1.5 Cheat Codes – Here They Are!

Ok, so I’ve recently realized that although I’ve announced StormWinds 1.5 has cheats, I haven’t really posted them anywhere, so pretty much everyone has no idea what they are.  Well, no more! Below is everything you wanted to know about the StormWinds 1.5 cheats!

Cheat Codes:

Note: Cheats are only available to extra content purchasers. Don’t go wasting your time trying if you don’t have the extra content activated, because it won’t work you silly heads.  Instead, go buy the extra content and then try! (See how I did that sales pitch thing?)

Step 1) First, on the title screen, you must get all the title buttons to have their meters pointing downward. Just hover over the button till the meter points down, then go to the next button until all are pointing down. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but close. Combined with the extra content unlocked, this will make all cheat codes available.

Title Cheats

Step 2) Now, from the break screen inbetween waves, you can use the below codes:

Ctrl + Shift + C = All guns now cost only 100g
Ctrl + Shift + L = All guns are available regardless of what campaign you are in (may need to exit campaign and come right back in).
Ctrl + Shift + U = All your guns on the screen get 2 upgrade points
Ctrl + Shift + S = Skip a level.
Ctrl + Shift + M = Mark a campaign as completed. (must beat a level to save or this won’t stick).

Other notes: If you use cheats, no scores or other information will be submitted to sites that have high score boards, badges, etc… Once you enable cheats and then go into a game and that game is saved, you can never disable the flag- so it won’t help to use a cheat, restart the game and load it up and now play again- that’s still flagged as cheats enabled.

Cheats also won’t work on challenge missions.  But this means you can always submit those scores!

If you have questions or comments, leave below!

Digg StormWinds 1.5

Well, the game has been officially released for a few hours now, and it’s doing amazingly well!  So far, it’s got a 9.2 out of 10 rating. W00t!

If you all could, please digg the game if you enjoyed it!  It helps Hero Interactive immensely if we can get on the front page.  Thanks!

StormWinds 1.5 Released!

You can find the game at:

Ok, so there’s been some expressed confusion in the comments in the below post.    Eklei left a great comment and nailed it right on the head what was going on, so go read his comment if you’re interested.  Essentially, for a week the game is locked to, but while the IP still hadn’t resolved it wouldn’t even play on there.  Now that the IP HAS resolved and everyone can go check out the new,  you can find the game under the shooting section and actually play it.

Someone asked, “Why isn’t it on the front page?” Well, that’s because it was unplayable at the moment.  Right now people are sleeping, but once we get up and going this morning I’m sure Dan will front page it and whatnot, being that we were holding the game release JUST to coincide with the release of the new ArmorGames.

Give me your 10′s please! I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of my life on this game…

StormWinds 1.5 Extra Content Demo

Ok, so some of you are wondering to yourselves: “It’s the 8th, and the game is supposed to be out now, so where is it?”  To that I say, “it’s on its way!”  Essentially, it is being released on ArmorGames.  And ArmorGames is releasing it’s brand spanking new redesign, which requires the domain to point towards to the new site.  This can take a few hours as the domain propegates, so while we’re waiting for everything to be released, here’s a demo video of some of the StormWinds 1.5 extra content!


HI Interview with!

We’ve been interviewed recently by with the said interview just being released before the arrival of StormWinds 1.5! In the interview, we cover topics ranging on the startup of HI, StormWinds 1.5, the deluxe content system, Bubble Tanks 2, and more!

Go check it out now!


FreeGamesNews HI Banner

JayIsGames Best of 2007: HI Nominated Twice!

Best of 2007




Hero Interactive has been nominated in two categories this year for the fourth annual awards on JayIsGames! Bubble Tanks was nominated in the “Action or Arcade” category, and StormWinds in the “Tactical or Strategy” category! There were a lot of awesome games out this past year by a lot of talented developers, and we’re proud just to get a mention in such an amazing group.

We’d still love to get your support though! If you enjoy our games then don’t be afraid to share it with the world and give us your vote!

You can view the full story on JayIsGames!

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