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StormWinds 1.5 Release Date Set!

Happy New Years!  May this next year bring many more new and awesome games!  I think it shall.

I thought I should finally mention when StormWinds 1.5 is being released.  So, without further ado, be sure to mark your calendars for rockage on January 8th!

The game is pretty much done, but I’m still adding tweaks here and there, polishing out levels, and working some more on the challenge campaign system.

Here’s another screenshot, taken from one of the extra content campaigns.

Click to ENLARGE!

StormWinds 1.5 Screenshot 9

We’ve Been Interviewed… Again!

Check it out, another interview on our favorite Kongregate fan site, called COCAK (Come One, Come All, Kongregate!).  It’s a pretty lengthy interview with a lot of information on all of our upcoming games, so it’s definitely worth a read if you’re interested.  Games mentioned are StormWinds 1.5, Microbe Kombat, Bluep, and Bubble Tanks 2!

Go see it for yourself!

New Game Profile Layout

First off, happy holidays everyone!

Just thought I’d let you all know about the possible new game profile layout.   Essentially, right now if you go to any of the games through the main site, it’s just a black page, kind of boring like. But now, check out the StormWinds page, it’s been made consistent with the front one!

It’ll make it easier down the road too if I want to add more than just a “More games by us” section below the game, such as tutorials, etc…  Which is all very likely starting with StormWinds 1.5.

Check out the old layout:

And the new layout!

What do you think?

HI Land Update!

So wow, HI Land is doing pretty well, we’re up to 52 population after just one day!  Looks like now we need some industry in our little town.  To build industry, go to:

If you still want to build population, go here instead:

Below is a screenshot of what the city is looking like right now.  Everyone else, remember to post your cities in the post below this one, so they are all together.  That way we can go right down the list and build up all of them!

My Mini City After 1 Day

Visit HI Land!

In something totally unrelated to anything productive (hence this post has been marked as “digression”), I’d like you all to visit my mini city – HI Land!

Go here -> 

Each day you visit this link, I believe HI Land will get a new resident, we’ll look cooler, and you’ll be supporting viral advertising!  You may feel dirty after clicking the link, but you may soon after find yourself making your own mini city as well. Leave us a comment on our profile when you stop by!

If you create a mini city yourself, leave a comment here so we can all visit it!

My Mini City

The Warzone…

Yup, it just got real…

Click to ENLARGE!

StormWinds 1.5 Screenshot 8

Announcing… Bluep!

Yes everyone, another game… seemingly out of nowhere!  Bluep is a new title we will be releasing in January.  My teammate Eric Otatti is heading the development, so don’t you worry about the other games getting pushed back, this won’t affect their deadlines.

Bluep is a fun and sporty little game similar to bubble tanks.   Moving your little avatar around an arena, you must shoot at the enemies around the edge.  The true challenge though, lies in jumping over lasers passing below you.  Can you handle both at once?

So far, it’s looking pretty sharp, I think you will all enjoy this little gem.


Um, Died Again…

Yeah, I think this level needs tweaking too.  Here are those big shell guys we all love, but notice those two massive shields… They really make it hard to kill the things shooting at me.

Click to ENLARGE

StormWinds 1.5 Screenshot

Me Getting Tore Up

So I’m doing the gameplay balancing right now (which is taking forever).  Here’s a picture of me getting pwned by a whole lot of guys…

Click to ENLARGE

StormWinds 1.5 Screenshot 7

StormWinds 1.5 EC Will Include Cheats!

Another announcement as we draw closer to the release of StormWinds 1.5:

In order to make the game more marketable, StormWinds 1.5 will include hidden “cheat codes” that will only be available to players who purchase the extra content.  Using cheats will prohibit you from sending in scores and all that jazz on some sites, but will still be allowed.

There will  be cheats for:

  • Skipping levels
  • Unlocking all guns for all campaigns
  • Getting unlimited upgrade points
  • Making all guns cost just 100 gold
  • Skipping entire campaigns (you can skip campaigns anyways, but this will mark campaigns as completed giving you the bonus in Upgrade Points and Gold)

Remote Missile Mayhem!

My friend Adam was playing around with a test version of StormWinds 1.5, and had a good time with the remote missiles.  Honestly, I think he was having too much fun, you be the judge.  This is the screenshot he sent me:

Click to ENLARGE!

StormWinds 1.5 Screenshot 6

So… No News lately…

Hey, so I know you are all wondering where I am, or what the latest news is on StormWinds 1.5.  Well, here’s the thing: my internet keeps going down.  That’s a big impediment to me posting stuff online.  How am I writing this you ask? Library computer is my answer.

StormWinds 1.5 is getting better and really coming together now.  I’m trying to get it ready for a release sometime next week on  Some of the core things left is adding a few more enemies and bosses, restructuring the levels, adding sounds, and then a whole lot of balancing and bug fixes.

Maybe if I get my internet back, I can post a video up here sometime soon.

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