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StormWinds 1.5 Gun Details Interface

So here’s a screenshot of the gun details interface in StormWinds 1.5.  This is what comes up when you click the “More” button for a given turret.  You can see information on where it gets it’s damage, health, and reload time values, what the available upgrades are (as well as perform upgrades), and get some overall info on the gun.  A lot is still changing with this screen.

It’s got a time gun selected right now with some wrong information.  First of all, there are more upgrades than 2.  Second of all, the gun will now ALWAYS freeze enemies, not just slow them down like the info says.

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StormWinds 1.5 Screenshot 4

StormWinds 1.5 Overworld Screenshot

Below is a screenshot of what the overworld campaign select screen looks like.  To refresh everyone’s memory, there will be a total of 7 campaigns: 4 standard and 3 extra content.  Each has about 15 levels with it’s own fortress and a subset of the weapons and enemies.  Some campaigns will be pretty unique, for example, one of them will have land vehicles such as tanks!  Anyways, thought you all might enjoy seeing what the world map looks like.

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StormWinds 1.5 Screenshot 3

Hero Interactive Forums?

So I’ve been thinking about adding some forums to the Hero Interactive site, especially now that we’re getting more people active on the blog.  I don’t know if it’s quite enough yet to make it more than just a few empty posts.  What do you all think?  Forums or no?

The First StormWinds 1.5 Screenshots

Alright, well, a lot of progress has been made- and there’s still a lot to go yet. I’m sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time, things have been crazy here, and I didn’t want to post without something worthwhile of SW 1.5 to show you guys!

Well here it is, the first two StormWinds 1.5 screenshots. In the first you can get a small glimpse of the new turret management system. Already implemented is the feature to click that “More” button to bring up a host of information and available upgrades for a turret. You can also see the Dual Machine Gun which wasn’t on the gun list, but I added anyways because it is sweet- not only is it like two machine guns at once, it can rotate a full 360 degrees!

The second screenshot shows the snow campaign fortress with the Dual Gun shooting on some drones. Right to the left and above is a Radio Plasmid Cannon.

A LOT more will be coming next week as new weapons are created and implemented now that the major engine changes have been made!


StormWinds 1.5 Screenshot 1

StormWinds 1.5 Screenshot 2

StormWinds 1.5 Weapon Concepts

Below are some concepts for the new StormWinds 1.5 weapons. Some will be used, some won’t, but you may enjoy the concepts of all. If you are unsure what each weapon does, just check below for some details. These are thumbnails that link to the big files. If you have a hard time viewing, try right clicking the image and saving them to your computer first, or maybe try printing them. Enjoy!

StormWinds 1.5 Concept Art 4

StormWinds 1.5 Concept Art 3

My Past School Projects: Part III

Continuing my series on past school projects of mine of years long ago, I’ve got another treat for you. I dug this little gem up from my school folders. It’s not a game! It’s a spoof of the old 1930′s radio programs. It’s long too, 9 min 30 sec exactly, so don’t start unless you can finish. It’s a little slow starting out, but it picks up.

Featuring more twists than a game of twister and more bad puns than a game of… well… I guess a game of puns, this radio show will have you on the edge of your seat till the very end!

A Darker Peace

Bubble Tanks 2 Beta Test with StormWinds Extra Content Purchase!

After thinking, discussion, and more pondering, I’m happy to announce that anyone who purchased the extra content for StormWinds or who purchases for StormWinds 1.5 will ALSO be invited to beta test Bubble Tanks 2!

This won’t be till some time after StormWinds 1.5 when the beta is ready of course, but well in advance of the actual game release. Players will be invited by the email addresses they submit(ted) to paypal and will be able to enter in their keycode for an early chance at the game and a great opportunity to be part of the development process!

Thanks to B Markus for a great idea!

The New Weapons of StormWinds!

Here’s a brief rundown on some of the weapons that are planned on being developed for StormWinds 1.5. What do you think?

Name of Gun Description
Existing Guns
Heavy Cannon
Machine Gun New Upgrade includes a sight.
Sniper Cannon
Flak Cannon Bursts into more bullets.
Flame Turret
Lightning Gun
Meteor Gun
Health Buffer
Damage Buffer
Fire Rate Buffer
New Guns
Time Gun Slows down the enemy units.  Upgrade to actually stop time altogether.
Decoy Drones Are released, fly around and take damage.  Eventually you can upgrade to give them a gun
Acid Cannon Fires canisters that release acid as they fly.  Acid rains down and damages on contact.  Upgrade makes the acid flamable.
Gravity Gun You can toggle to push objects away or pull towards. Can also be used to speed up bullets.  Upgrades add armor and increase power of the field.
Orbital Mines A spire sits in the air with mines floating around it that respawn.  Mines seek out enemies when in close proximity.  Upgrade to get more mines and increase damage.
Mine Factory Lets you place mines floating in mid air.  Mines can be hit by bullets, and you can link them up for chain reactions!
Apocolypse Cannon A giant wave of energy destroys all flying units on screen, friendly or otherwise
Controllable Unit This is vague right now, but the idea is you have a landing pad and you can fly your unit around the screen (it’ll follow your mouse) and use it to fire on the enemy.  Deselecting it will cause it to return back to landing pad.
Shield Gun This turret can fire a shield that protects another turret.  The protected turret will only take 50% damage.  Upgrade allows it to be protected so that the enemy focuses on other turrets completely instead.
Spread Gun Fires multiple bullets in a spread
Minigun Fires a storm of bullets, like a super machine gun, although bullets are unfocused.  Can deal lots of damage.
Explosive Cannon Fires shells that explode in the air and cause damage in an area.
Napalm Cannon When shells hit the ground (only in ground campaign), creates a line of fire that continues burning
Artillery Tower Allows you to select a location on the screen. When you give the call, tower coordinates an artillery barrage comes in from behind your lines, and pummels target area.
Auto-Turret This is still up in the air, but it’s a gun that will fire on it’s own once instructed.
Sun Cannon Sunlight from the sky is reflected, magnified, and focused towards the target for considerable damage.
Sun Support Structure Can channel sunlight towards a sun cannon for significantly increased damage.  3 of them also lets you set things on fire.
Homing Missile Launcher Missiles seek out nearest enemies and turn towards them.
Rocket Cannon Lets loose a barrage of 20 or so rockets in all directions.  Will tear down large enemies very fast.
Radio Plasmid Cannon When the plasmid cannon fires, so do all other radio plasmid cannons, they are always linked up.  Plasmid does less damage than heavy shells, but more than machine gun, has decent fire rate.  Plasmid also slightly slows down an enemy unit
Remote Controlled Missile You can control a mini nuke missile that will follow your mouse.  Does a lot of damage, and can be used to hit hard to hit places
Radiation Gun Deals damage in an area emitting from a gun, based on angle from the the gun.  In other words, might deal damage to any enemy within 15 to 30 degrees of the gun to a max distance of 100 px.
Implosion Cannon Creates a mini black hole that sucks units towards it, shrinks them, and causes massive explosions.  The more enemies, the larger the explosions.

My Past School Projects: Part II

Continuing my series on past school projects of years past, here’s a tiny little game where all you do is try to race through a tunnel without hitting the walls or obstacles.  The cool part of this is that it was in full 3D and still runs fast in your browser!

Click Here to Play Time Racers! 

Time Racers

My Past School Projects: Part I

So, I’ve got a ton of old school projects sitting on my computer, and they’ve never gotten the love that my games present, professional, Hero Interactive games have… and it makes me sad.

A lot of people have asked me how I got started, what my first game was, so on and so forth.  Well my friends, the truth is I’ve made a lot of crap in my life, you just haven’t seen it!  I’ve also made lots of so-so projects here and there, and you’ve missed out on those as well.

Fortunately, this is my blog, so I can throw up whatever I want.   I’ve decided I’d take a few posts and show you guys some old school projects and practice stuff- the good, the bad, and the ugly.   Take it as you will, I think it’ll be a fun way to fill some posts in between the new game stuff.

To start out with, we’ve got Fish Bait, my very first game!  It actually IS on a site, Kongregate in fact.  Go check it out-> Click Here!

Shark Bait Thumb

StormWinds 1.5 Concept Art

Here’s some of the first concept art to come out of brainstorming sessions for StormWinds 1.5.  This was created by an artist named Stephanie Herrera.  Let me tell you, there are a lot of sweet ideas being thrown around, especially for a wide number of turret options.  Anywho, more will come as it develops.

StormWinds 1.5 Concept Art 1

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